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Dr Demartini Shares Inspiring Teaching Methods With South African School Principals

Dr Demartini Shares Inspiring Teaching Methods With South African School Principals

(27 August 2013) 150 Principals from the East District of Johannesburg were treated to an inspiring talk by Dr John Demartini at their Principal-Empowerment Conference held in Sandton, Johannesburg.

As a recognised author and specialist in human behaviour, Dr Demartini explained one of the greatest teaching truths. If the teacher is not inspired to teach, the student is not inspired to learn.

He said nobody goes to work for the sake of a job - they go to get their highest values met. (Values meaning the things that are most important or valuable to each individual).  He emphasised how important it is for teachers to be inspired by the curriculum they have chosen to teach. He shared a valuable method that the principals can use to test the level of engagement of their teachers to their curriculums. A method that will ensure that each school has productive, enthused, grateful teachers who are making a profound difference in their student's education and who are truly inspired by the teaching process.

"The educational system is selling a curriculum to the teachers, the teachers are selling a curriculum to the students," Dr Demartini said.  "Just as each teacher wants their highest values met by their job, so too does each student want their values met when learning. So it's important for teachers, at the beginning of each new year, to establish each student's unique set of values to keep them interested, inspired, disciplined and focused in the class room."

Dr Demartini explained the method of linking the students' values to the curriculum stating: "There is a no such thing as a value that can't be linked to another value.  If we ask how specifically what they are about to study can help them fulfil what they would love to master and their personal dreams and the student can link this in their mind, the subject becomes inspiring to learn. The linking process takes a couple of hours but it will be worth it in the long-term."

"If a teacher does not take the time to communicate in a student's highest values (the areas of their lives that the student values most); they may end up unconsciously projecting their own values onto the student. This will result in the student having a level of resistance to the learning process."

"I have not met one human being who does not want to learn. However, they want to learn what is most meaningful to them.  The challenge for teachers is to teach a lot of kids the same curriculum with different values."

Dr Demartini asked:  "How many of you just want to be loved and appreciated for who you really are? All the nods in the conference room acknowledged this. "Well your students also want to be loved and appreciated for who they are and respected for their values.  They don't want to be talked down to by a self-righteous teacher who thinks they are brighter or more knowledgeable. It's wiser to care enough to speak to them as equals and in their values, otherwise you are not valuing their values."

"Recently I went surfing.  At age nearly 59, the young surfers looked at me and I know they were thinking; what the heck is this old grandpa doing out in the waves?  But as I paddled out, in my mind, I was 18 again. We tend to forget our age because inside we always feel like this immortal youthful person - it's just the outside that looks a little crusty.  So it can work both ways. For all you know your young students could be old souls and if they are old souls and you are still a young being, it's wise to reflect and respect them and not superordinate to them."

Dr Demartini briefly touched on labels. "Have you ever wondered why so many students are labelled ADHD? That's because the teacher has not learnt how to communicate in their highest values. We all have attention deficit disorder in our lowest values. Labels like ADHD are incomplete awareness's of a person's hierarchy of values. When a person is doing an activity that fulfills their values - it would be very difficult to imagine they are ADHD."

I frequently get people asking me: "I don't know what I want to dedicate my life to, I don't know what my purpose is. My answer is; everyone in their inner most being or soul and in their heart knows what they are here for but they let fears get in the way. Fears like not being smart enough, the fear of somehow failing, the fear of not making money at it, the fear of rejection, the fear of losing vitality to do it.  Those fears cloud the clarity of the sunny truth that sits in our hearts about what we truly want to do with our lives.  Every single student knows what they want to do and some of them know at incredibly young ages, but we sometimes force them to subordinate to an authority, clouding the clarity of their own truth because the person projecting onto them thinks they know better.  If we care enough to communicate in the student's values what's inspiring to them instead of judging and trying to destroy their values, and waiting for them to reach midlife crisis to finally break free to be themselves, they will be inspired to be the giants and geniuses they already are.  
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