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Dr. Demartini presents 'The New Science of Achievement' in Australia




Dr. Demartini presents 'The New Science of Achievement' across Australia

Your success in life or lack of it, is a direct result of your daily habits.

Super successful people do simple, little daily things each day... that have a massive impact on their success, prosperity, health and vitality.

This is their 'Success DNA'. And just like scientists can now clone sheep through their DNA....You can now 'clone success' by modelling the habits of inspiring people.

For example, you can jump start your life by modelling...


When Dr Demartini wakes up each morning... he asks himself...

'What am I grateful for?'

Then he lists all the things he's grateful for... until tears of gratitude fall from his eyes.

This puts him in an energised, grateful state of mind for the rest of the day.

However, that's just one of Dr Demartini's daily success habits that ensure his ever increasing wealth and success.

You're also going to discover...

•    How to break free of clutter and distractions in your life. You'll learn exactly how Dr Demartini focuses only on his top 4 highest impact and income activities.

•    What Dr Demartini does 3 minutes before going to give him a blissful night's rest. So he wakes up super-charged and 'ready to go' at dawn the next day. Even if he's only had a 3 or 4 hours sleep.

•    What Demartini eats & drinks for maximum super-charged energy. (Not caffeine or super foods).

•    The 7 questions he asks himself each day... to ensure he gives his highest service and commands his highest income.

•    Better Choices! How to choose which opportunities are right for you... without angst and confusion. Unlock your intuition and discover your inner-most values.

•    What Dr Demartini asks himself before he steps out the door each morning. Learn what makes him feel like a 'million dollars'. Here's a secret - it has nothing to do with what he thinks or says.

•    Dr Demartini's daily habit to make sure his income is ever rising... and his savings are ever growing. It takes 10 minutes to put in place then 'set and forget'.


For more information about seminars and programs by Dr. Demartini, click here. 

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