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Dr. Demartini presents his programs in South Africa


Dr. Demartini presents his programs in South Africa


Dr. Demartini will be presenting two Public Talks and his signature seminars; The Breakthrough Experience and the Prophecy I Experience, over the course of the next two weeks in Johannesburg, South Africa. 




Dr Demartini has spent the past 40 years studying over 29 000 books, teaching over 1 million people and coaching global leaders, A-List celebrities, Wall Street Financiers, Top Athletes and Business Influencers.

This lifelong study and practical experience of success means he has more insights into what makes a high achiever and what strategies have proven valuable to the most successful people of the world. More than almost anyone on the planet!

Through this, he’s discovered there are 11 key principles that the world’s top high achievers all share in common. And when you discover, and apply them, you will be inevitably propelled to new, thrilling heights of success.

At this one-time-only event you’re going to discover the 11 key habits to make your life a magnificent masterpiece, an epic journey of contribution, achievement and great wealth.


For more information about this event, please click here. 




A brilliant presentation by Dr. John Demartini addressing your true hidden agendas and unconscious motives relating to your physical body. Dr. Demartini is a renowned human behavioural specialist, a revered chiropractor and an international authority on the mind body connection with a background of over 40 years in-depth study covering over 260 ‘ologies' with a primary focus on health, disease, healing and wellbeing.

In this evening talk Dr. Demartini will be delving into the mechanics of the mind and its connection to health, wellbeing and the reasons behind the things we do or don't do to achieve our health and wellness goals. We have incredible capacity to create profound transformations in our psychology and physiology through the power of our perceptions. When we take command of how we perceive things we change the labels and our misperceptions about our own health and wellbeing. This presentation addresses the unlimited healing power of a balanced mind and includes ground breaking information on conquering various forms of addiction.

If you wish that you could be more driven to exercise, lose the pounds, stay focused on healthy eating, quit smoking, cut back on drinking alcohol, or simply, just be more balanced in your approach to your health, wellness and your physical body; if you wish that you could appreciate your body more and feel less stressed and tense about your health and the way you look or feel; if you would you love to know why and how to change your health and wellbeing strategies? Then join Dr. John Demartini for his presentation Mind Over Body so you learn how to stay focused on your health goals, lead a more balanced, healthy and vital life and most important, learn how to appreciate yourself for who you are regardless of your outer or inner health or disease


For more information about this event, please click here. 


For more information about further programs to be presented by Dr. Demartini, please click here. 


For more information on Dr. John Demartini and upcoming events contact the Demartini Institute: Houston, USA or +1 713 850 1234. Johannesburg, SA or +27 11 011 9093. Website: 

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