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Dr. Demartini Awakens Entrepreneurial Spirits in Botswana

Dr. John Demartini presented his seminar on 'Awakening Entrepreneurial Spirits' for the first time in Botswana.

In this program, Dr. Demartini shared that there is an entrepreneurial spirit deep inside everyone. Sometimes this inspired driving force is released and gives rise to creative visionaries and leaders and sometimes it remains cooled and contained. The difference between those individuals who release this visionary energy, take inspired action and  create amazing accomplishments and those who don't, is that the former are clear about their inspiring purpose, goals and objectives, are congruent with their higher values and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil them, while the latter are living with inertia and buying into one or more of the 7 primary fears of life that  have caused them to give up on what their inner fire is calling them to do.

Dr. Demartini shared insights on how to break through limiting fears and inertia and how to become more clear, inspired and effective in initiating one's most powerful and creative actions. He also shared how by asking a new set of questions, attendees can earn more financial rewards by doing what they love and loving what they do.

"When you know what direction to take and you don't have fear holding you back, you will begin taking focused action steps towards your purpose, goals and objectives and you will begin to more fully live your dreams. Inspired action and perseverance add up to make great achievements. You can be truly rewarded once you access the hidden spirit of your inner entrepreneur," says Dr. Demartini.

Attendees walked away from the program with the following tools:

- Discovering how you can develop your entrepreneurial spirit whether you have a business or not
- Understanding risk taking and how to minimise loss
- The principles of fair exchange and the law of equilibrium
- The 5 S's of leadership
- Discovering your purpose and learning to connect to your entrepreneurial power
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