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Count Your Blessings book is translated to Spanish

Count Your Blessings
 Count Your Blessings book is translated to Spanish:

Dr John Demartini’s book ‘Count Your blessings’ has been translated to Spanish.
“My mother told me when I was almost four years old, as she was putting me to bed one night, “Son, before you go to sleep tonight make sure you count your blessings.” My parents encouraged me to be grateful for my health, my life and all the world’s wonders. They taught me to count my blessings, and over time it became a part of my everyday life. This simple teaching is so powerful that I wrote about it in detail in my book ‘Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love.’ I can say without a doubt that if you take the time to notice and be grateful for what you have, your life will certainly change.”
-    Dr John Demartini

In this book, Dr Demartini takes readers through 25 principles to heal their minds, bodies and lives:
-    Gratitude and love are the heart of healing
-    Be grateful for your broken heart
-    Do what you love and love what you do
-    As you believe, so you achieve
-    What you sow, you shall reap
-    Every loving wish is possible
-    If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else
-    Your limitations are all in your head
-    The clearer your ultimate purpose, the more effectively you’ll fulfill it
-    You’re never given a problem you can’t solve
-    Inspiration is the secret of vitality
-    A healthy mind maintains a healthy body
-    Overindulge in moderation
-    Money withers when it is hoarded
-    Inspired service attracts abundance and recognition
-    Infatuation leads to resentment
-    Everyone is your mirror
-    Whatever you say to others, you’re saying to yourself
-    Whatever you think you don’t have, you want the most
-    Whatever you run away from, you run into
-    The quality of your life depends on the quality of questions you ask
-    Nothing in life has meaning, except the meaning you give it
-    There is nothing to forgive
-    Your heart and soul have the wisdom of the ages
-    Unconditional love is the key to your heart and soul   

Through real-life examples, exercises, meditations and affirmations, Dr Demartini reveals how love and gratitude activate healing. Each principle and story will assist readers to take another step towards healing and create a foundation for living a healthy and fulfilling life. Those who count their blessings, who are grateful, have more blessings and fulfillment in life. Gratitude is the key to healing, growth and fulfillment.
 “His sage insights will have you up-level your thinking, your life and your insights.”
-    Mark Victor Hansen
“Having what I call an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is one of the most basic tenets of leading a fulfilling life, and Dr John. F. Demartini has captured its essence in his book”
-    Anthony Robbins

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