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700 Alex Teachers attend Dr Demartini's 'Teaching Today for Tomorrow' Presentation


(27 February) Teachers from 39 Alex schools converged on the CJC Alexandra Campus auditorium to hear what world renowned teacher, author and human behavioural expert Dr John Demartini had to share. It is the second in a series of educational talks donated by Dr Demartini to the Johannesburg East District of the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE).

GDE East District Director Raymond Martin is facilitating the roll out of these talks across his District which covers 200 township and suburban Government schools.  

After 40 years of study into the behaviour of the human psyche, Dr Demartini has mastered the art of communication between people with different inner geniuses and different perceptions of their outer world. This begs the question, how can one education approach work for all students. His talk titled ‘Teaching Today for Tomorrow' is the unfolding of this principal.  He explains how teachers can effectively communicate a generalised school curriculum to students with varying values and interests.  

He initially drew in his audience by sharing his own story of childhood learning difficulties. "I was told by one of my primary school teachers I would never read, write, go very far or amount to anything in life. Discouraged and frustrated, I eventually dropped out of school at age 14. It wasn't until I was 18 did I learn to read and write. I finished school, achieved a University education and I've spent the last 40 years researching, teaching, consulting and authoring books on leadership and maximising human awareness and potential."

Dr Demartini explained that every individual has a hierarchy of values, a list of priorities they live by. He emphasised how important it is for teachers to teach children in their individual highest values to keep them interested, inspired, disciplined and focused. This led up to the critical message that whatever is highest on their students' values is where their genius resides.

He said if a teacher does not take the time to communicate in a student's highest values (the areas of their lives that the student values most); they may end up unconsciously projecting their own values onto the student. This will result in the student having a level of resistance to the learning process. However, if the teacher is inspired by the curriculum and is caring enough to communicate in terms of each student's highest values, it becomes inspiring for the teacher to teach and the student to learn.

In November last year,Dr Demartini spoke to the Principals of District East at their end-of-year function which accounted for the large turn-out of Alex teachers to this latest talk. His next talk will be Wednesday 6 March to another 650 teachers thereby gradually connecting with teachers across the entire East District before devoting his time to sharing his teachings across other Gauteng Districts.

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