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Dr. John Demartini launches his new Double CD about simple principles and activities that you can do on a daily basis that can empower all seven areas of your life.


Dr. Demartini has become one of the chosen few” invited to join the globally expanding Be Outstanding Project”, an international cooperative that originated with one man in South Africa.


Dr. John Demartini features in Your Second Fifty Documentary


The All4Women team has identified their reader's top 10 most inspiring articles for 2014 and Dr Demartini's article on 'Why we expect too much from our heroes' was amongst them.


As the Johannesburg East District, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your "Teaching Today for Tomorrow Programme for Teachers and Young Adults" that we started at the beginning of 2014.


The brand new 4 Day Demartini Values Training Program just launched in the United States, Australia and South Africa.


Dr. Demartini launches his new CD


This ground breaking documentary is interspersed with interviews and advice from leading health and wellbeing experts from around the globe, including Dr. John Demartini


The Demartini Institute launches the Online Booking System


Dr. Demartini educates teachers in South Africa


Surround yourself with people that inspire and uplift you. People who think big allow you to expand. You cannot put your hand into a pot of glue without some of it sticking and likewise you cannot interact with inspired writings without some of that rubbing off on you.


Dr. Demartini amongst speakers at Success Summit


Dr. Demartini launches a special on the Relationship Bundle containing inspiring CDs, an audio book and a book, to assist one in dealing with relationship challenges.


Dr. Demartini presents his Value Determination Program in Japan.


Nelson Mandela: A Great Being - The ripple effect of your inspired vision and actions will continue to impact humanity for generations to come.


Your innermost dominant thought determines your outermost tangible reality. Download your NEW Demartini Desktop Wallpaper


Dr. Demartini was recently interviewed by Foundr Magazine. We're not here to compare ourselves to other people; we're here to compare ourselves to our own vision.


Renowned Company Amazon rates Dr. Demartini's NEW book 'The Values Factor' towards Bestseller Status. In this article, read what others are saying about this book.


Dr Demartini presented his signature course for young adults, in Johannesburg, South Africa


"The educational system is selling a curriculum to the teachers, the teachers are selling a curriculum to the students." Dr Demartini said. Just as each teacher wants their highest values met by their job, so too does each student want their values met when learning.


THE VALUES FACTOR: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life will show readers how to have all of that and more.


Three cities in Australia hosted Dr. Demartini's presentation on 'The New Science of Achievement'.


Programs presented by Dr. John Demartini in USA and Canada


Dr. John Demartini captivated the attention of 350 Matric students from the stage of the Penelopele High School hall recently. They were from different senior schools across Ivory Park, a township in Johannesburg - South Africa.


The Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity presentation by Dr. John Demartini is inspiring, informative and practical. It is a must for anyone interested in mastering their lives and optimizing their wellbeing and vitality.


Dr. Demartini presented his seminar on 'Where's My Billion' in Johannesburg, South Africa


Dr. John Demartini had the opportunity to present a one day program on 'How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven' to 375 attendees at the Monte Casino Ballroom, Johannesburg, South Africa. hosted by Brian Walsh, the Demartini Institute and Billionaire Africa.


Dr. Demartini will be presenting two Public Talks and his signature seminars; The Breakthrough Experience and the Prophecy I Experience, over the course of the next two weeks in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Dr. John Demartini's book 'You Can Have An Amazing Life in Just 60 Days' has been translated to Japanese.


Dr. Demartini presents his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Seminar for the first time in Botswana to over 200 young adults.


Two, and possibly more top thinkers will collide to discuss the latest ideas in Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing, and how all this may actually affect our lives!


Dr. Demartini shows his teachers how to activate genius in their students


The standing ovation from 4750 delegates signaled the completion of a talk by world's leading human behavioural specialist and author Dr John Demartini at the first South African Success Summit held in Johannesburg on 2 and 3 March 2013.


Teachers from 39 Alex schools converged on the CJC Alexandra Campus auditorium to hear what world renowned teacher, author and human behavioural expert Dr John Demartini had to share.


Dr. John Demartini has arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa where he will be presenting his Public Talks and seminars in addition to being involved in media interviews and consultations.


In this conference, Dr. Demartini will be elaborating on the 5 pillars to turn your highest service into your highest income.


Dr. John Demartini will be presenting at a one day program in Iran; addressing leadership, financial and business empowerment.


The 2013 South African Success Summit is the first event of its kind where you will join world-leading experts Dr. John Demartini and Sir Richard Branson, offering cutting edge systems for achieving immediate success.


Dr. Demartini's Products Now Available As Digital Downloads


O Reader, Lois Wessels says her cathartic session with Dr. Demartini helped her to deal with her grief.


As a behaviour expert and an inspiring teacher himself, Dr. Demartini was enthused to give his time and expertise to present a method of teaching that is rooted intrinsically in the behaviour of all people, to 200 school principals from South Africa.


Dr. John Demartini presented his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program for the first time in Sydney, Australia.


Dr. John Demartini presented his seminar on 'Awakening Entrepreneurial Spirits' for the first time in Botswana.


Dr. Demartini presented his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program to over 75 individuals, in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Dr. Demartini uncovers 10 Relationship Myths and elaborates on The Demartini Value Determination Process, which assists you to discover your hierarchy of values and then align that with the hierarchy of values of your loved ones.


Dr. Demartini presents his teachings for the first time in Bangalore and Mumbai, in India. During this tour Dr. Demartini interacted with the nation's Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Consultants, Practitioners & those pursuing high achieving Careers.


Dr. Michael interviews Dr. Demartini on the topic of diabetes and the mind-body connection in relation to health and disease.


In this audio presentation Dr. John Demartini will guide you through the 6 most important steps to get you started on your path to wealth.


Through real-life examples, exercises, meditations and affirmations, Dr Demartini reveals how love and gratitude activate healing. Those who count their blessings, who are grateful, have more blessings and fulfillment in life. Gratitude is the key to healing, growth and fulfillment.


When you identify the values that a job requires and match the candidate with the corresponding values, productivity soars. Listen as Dr Demartini shares insights and practical exercises to activate productivity in your workplace.


In this audio presentation Dr John Demartini educates business leaders on how to achieve inspiring productivity in the workplace. This CD set is an essential business tool for all business owners and entrepreneurs.


Dr John Demartini's book, Inspired Destiny has been published in Japan. This book originated from the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program, presented by Dr Demartini annually in South Africa.


Do you wonder what you can do to create abundant fortune and wealth in your life? Would you love to discover your hidden wealth building potential and activate it? Then join Dr John Demartini, an internationally published author and sought after leadership and self mastery expert at his brand new one day program, Where's my Billion? where you will learn how to identify your hidden billion and be shown how to unlock and transform it into liquid wealth.


Dr Demartini joins the likes of Robert Kiyosaki on the Jetset Executive Editorial Team as part of his quest and vision to assist people across the globe.


Learn the art of effective communication to transform your relationship so that you feel connected to your partner once again.


This presentation addresses the unlimited healing power of a balanced mind and includes ground breaking information on conquering various forms of addiction.


This audio presentation is geared to guide you through your limitations and activate your true wealth building potential; it contains vital information for all those who aspire to be prosperous.


James Rick Interviews Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini explains that people are only committed to fulfilling their values.


Dr Demartini uses the predator-prey principles from biology and ecology to illustrate that we automatically have support and challenge in our lives and it has been shown biologically that organisms grow most at the border of support and challenge. It is wise to have a balance of both in order to have a natural growth pattern. When you are living according to your highest values, you will embrace both support and challenge in the pursuit of your purpose.


Dr. John Demartini shares the importance of showing gratitude and 5 tips on how to do it.


Dr Demartini discusses the art of communication within a relationship and how to communicate with the people around you to lead a more fulfilling life.


Dr Demartini shares with the people of Christchurch the information and methodologies available to help them move forward, stabilize their emotions and assist them with the opportunity of a brighter and more meaningful future.


Youth Day, this year, was a special day for 130 of South Africa's students who got to attend Dr John Demartini's customized Young Adults Inspired Destiny program (YAID). Read how Dr. John Demartini and local partners are making a difference in the lives of young adults today!


It's not our job as parents to try and fix our children, but rather to observe their values, love them, and communicate within their value system.


In this audio presentation, Dr John Demartini will show you how to activate business growth, employ the correct individuals into every position and drive increased productivity.


Dr Demartini discusses how a child's favorite sport, dream career or even their obsession with video games can provide a learning tool for teachers.


Dr Demartini discusses Osama Bin Laden, the conflicting ideologies and how it is wise to see both sides of the situation.


Watch two interviews and read a third interview with Dr Demartini and learn that there is also a 'positive' light to be shed on what could be seen as a country's darkest days.


Dr Demartini releases NEW DVD - Conscious Intention


Dr Demartini releases NEW CD set, Understanding the Family Dynamic


Dr Demartini invited as the key note speaker at the first MOT International Courage2B Conference held at Spier in Stellenbosch on 2 December.


Dr John Demartini presented a talk titled Powerful Business Insights to the Cape Town Fine Women's Business Network.


Dr Demartini showed students from St. Stithians how to be inspired by their curriculums, define what they would love to do with their lives and how to set, stay focused and achieve their learning goals.


Dr John Demartini contributes to This is How Yoodoo it, a collection of sixty articles written by Mike Southon


Dr John Demartini has been interviewed for new book Living Greatness, a compilation of thoughts on success and fulfillment from leaders around the world.


This is truly a unique and privileged opportunity! Spend an extraordinary day with Dr John Demartini and a small, elite group of other pioneering leaders at his luxury residence on The World - the world's largest private yacht. Dr. Demartini will share his life empowering principles and methodologies, exchange dialogue, attend to personal concerns or questions and solve problems for the attending individuals and the collective group.


Dr Demartini visits Christchurch to assist people process their perceptions in the aftermath of the earthquake. Watch this informative interview for anyone facing perceived insurmountable obstacles.


Dr Demartini to become regular contributor to Prestige Magazine


Watch as Dr Demartini discusses finances, savings and the importance of valuing money to keep your money. Also, find out how emotions fit into the financial system; why some people save while others spend money; and how being of service and giving yourself permission to accomplish great things are two important components of wealth building.


Dr John Demartini and The Demartini Institute of South Africa have answered the call of the South African government to rally for the 2010 learners of South Africa during national strikes which brought education to a halt one month before matrics are to write exams.


Listen as Dr Demartini talks to Fox News about living a fulfilling and purposeful life.


The Demartini Institute presented the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program 20 September to a group of 124 young adults in Johannesburg, South Africa. This very inspiring day ended in impromptu songs and poems of gratitude by the learners.

02.09.2010 Latest TV Interview

An business interview with Bronwyn on the business channel CNBC Africa - Captains of Industry.

25.06.2010 Latest TV Interview

Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on Life's a Journey where he shares insights on overcoming fears, unleashing your inner potential and living an inspired life. Click Video Icon to view:

24.06.2010 NEW Book Launch

Dr John Demartini's Latest Book: Inspired Destiny. Launches Globally July 2010. Whether you're a young adult or simply young at heart, it will awaken you to your inspired destiny.


Dr Demartini continued his work with the SAPS in Johannesburg where he addressed how to manage stress and challenges


Dr John Demartini presented talks to both warders and prisoners at Pollsmoor Prison on Thursday 6 May 2010. His talk highlighted the power of our perceptions to change our lives and turn our challenges to opportunities..


A loxion manager is a person who is basically doing nothing with their lives. A common scenario is that after a person has matriculated they find themselves unable to further their education and unable to find a job so they hang around the loxion paralysed in a rut.


The Demartini Institute launches with the Demartini Method Training program in Sydney May 2010.


Whatever you have done or not done, you are worthy of love. That was one of the messages from human behavioural specialist, Dr John Demartini, to over 1 000 prisoners when he spoke at the Krugersdorp Prison.


Dr Demartini's New Releases - Double CD Sets: Activating Genius & Potential, Demartini on Leadership and The Healing Mind


Dr John Demartini has spent over 37 years studying the human body, the mind and all aspects of both natural and modern healing modalities. The Prophecy II Experience, a full 5 day program, is a culmination of all his research in these fields. Dr Demartini will present this amazing program to you in South Africa in September 2010.

Dr Demartini's Daily Update