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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



The Gift - Turn Your Adversity Into Your Gift

 Turn Your Adversity Into Your Gift,by Dr Demartini.Listen here.





Wellnesscouch Radio - Dr John Demartini

Dr Demartini talks about living a purposeful life to conquering food addiction and the psychology behind infertility. Listen here. 

The WellnessCouch - Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini At His Provocative Best On Life & Love, Trump & Weinstein & More. View here.  

ABC Radio Adelaide - The mindset behind athletes who cheat


The mindset behind athletes who cheat, by Dr Demartini.Listen Here.  

The Roger Goode show - Dr John Demartini

 Dr John Demartini spent time with Roger to share some of his decades of learnings and stories.Listen here. 

VoiceAmerica - Are your beliefs empowering or sabotaging your success?

Alma Besserdin talks to Dr. Demartini how to discover your purpose and maximize your success.Listen here. 

The Gift - Against All Odds - Dreaming Bigk

Dr John Demartini explains how you can take the past, and transform into fuel for what is about to come next in your life.Listen Here.

Conscious Business - Dr John Demartini

John Demartini Helps Listeners Break Through to the New Year.Listen here. 

The Good Radio - The Unstoppable Dr John Demartini



Dr John Demartini joins host Frankie Picasso on Mission Unstoppable Radio, part of the Good Radio Network to discuss his life and his work. Listen here.

BBS radio - Shirlene Reeves and Dr John Demartini on WMAX.TV



Shirlene Reeves interviews Dr John Demartini about Finance, Business, Family and Lifestyle. Listen Here.

Future CEOs - Dealing with difficult personalities at work

Dr John Demartini talks about how to deal with difficult personalities at work. Listen here.

Power FM - Human behavior leading to violence and abuse


Human behavior leading to violence and abuse by Dr John Demartini. Listen here.

Cliff Central Future CEOs - Dealing with difficult personalities in the workspace


Dr John Demartini joins Hlubi and Gareth to discuss how to deal with difficult personalities in the workspace. Listen here.

Escape The Rat Race Radio - How To Find Your True Purpose And Live An Inspired And Fulfilling Life



How To Find Your True Purpose And Live An Inspired And Fulfilling Life, by Dr John Demartini. Listen here, Part 1 and Part 2.

Start something creative bizsolutions-Find the Right Mentor and Unlock Your True Potential



Find the Right Mentor and Unlock Your True Potential with Dr. John Demartini.View here.

Amber Hawken - How to not screw up your life(align with your values)


Dr John Demartini talks about how not being aligned can lead to a desired life, addiction, depression and other physical systems trying to get you back on track with a life that is in accordance with your values. Listen here.

John Castagnini - Dr John Demartini

John Castagnini interviews Dr John Demartini. Listen here.

Social Anxiety Solutions - How to Use the Law of Attraction to create a social life that fulfills you


Dr John Demartini reveals how to use the Law of Attraction to create a social life that fulfills you. View here.

The optimized geek

Living Life by your own Values - Dr John Demartini. Listen here.

Connections - Values and Relationships

Dr John Demartini on Connections talking about values and relationships. View here.

Melissa Ambrosini - How to Solve All Your Problems with Dr John Demartini


How to Solve All Your Problems with Dr John Demartini. View Here.

The Vision Board Podcast - Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini in episode 93 of The Vision Board Podcast.View here.

It's a Monkey Podcasts - Dr. John Demartini

Dr John Demartini discusses the importance of getting in touch with one's higher purpose and finding work that is congruent with your value system.View here.

Smile FM - Reconcile the old year and prepare for the New Year


Reconcile the old year and prepare for the New Year, by Dr John Demartini. Listen here. 

Voice of the Cape - What's instore for 2017, and how can you get the most out of your life


Dr John Demartini talks about what's instore for 2017, and how can you get the most out of your life. Listen here · Future CEOs - The High Cost Of Free with Dr John Demartini


The High Cost Of Free with Dr John Demartini. Listen here.

Health Professional Radio – Staying Fit and Healthy

Dr John Demartini talks about the demanding pressures of an ageist society and share some insightful steps to improve health while combat ageing.View here. 

6PR - How to Eliminate Stress

Dr John Demartini talks about how to Eliminate Stress. 

Alex Pirouz - Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini on how he built his global influence. Listen here.

CliffCentral - How to take your life to new heights and take your business from strength to strength.


Dr John Demartini joins Hlubi and Gareth to discuss how to take your life to new heights and how to take your business from strength to strength. Listen here.

Career Solutions Workshop - Seeking a pay raise

Seeking a pay raise with Dr. John Demartini. Listen here. 

Jayson Gaddis - Keys To Mastering Relationships & Life


Whatever you can't say thank you for is baggage. Whatever you can say thank you for is fuel. Listen here.

KOGA 930:Midwest opinions - 5 Secrets to Great Sucess

Dr John Demartini explains the 5 Secrets to Great Success.Listen here.

Homeboyz Radio - Business

Dr John Demartini  gives advice on how to grow your business. Listen here.

Classic FM - Learning Disabilities

Tamara and Dr. John Dermartini talking about learning difficulties. Listen here.

CliffCentral Future CEOs - Public Speaking Lessons


Dr John Demartini joins Hlubi and Gareth to share how to overcome the fear of public speaking and connect with your audience.Listen here.

Tommy Baker Fitness - Awaken your genius and live inspired


Dr John Demartini address how to truly break through your personal barriers, discover your values and live an inspired life on a daily basis, shedding your emotional and personal baggage and being a brilliant source of light, love, passion and your deepest self. Listen here.

House of Wellness - Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini speaks about the benefits of setting goals and practicing gratitude in order to feel happy, and the benefits of happiness for your health.Listen here.

MetroFm Talk - Dr John Demartini

Rams Mabote interviews Dr Demartini on Metro FM talk. Listen here.

The Gareth Cliff Show - Dr John Demartini

Gareth Cliff interviews Dr Demartini on The Gareth Cliff Show. Listen here.

CliffCentral Future CEOs - Success is built on aligned values

Hlubi Mboya and Gareth Armstrong interviews Dr Demartini on CliffCentral Future CEOs. Listen here.

Business Brain Food - Maximising your potential

Dr John Demartini talks about how to optimize your perfomance as a human being to get the best results as possible. Listen here.

2GB 873AM - Love Advice on Valentine's Day

Chris talks with Dr John Demartini about what keeps a relationship alive. View here.

KMET - Reaching Your Financial Goals With an Action Strategy


Dr John Demartini talks about reaching your financial goals with an action strategy. Listen here.

Conscious Talk Radio - Self-Sabotage

Dr John Demartini explains the causes of self- sabotage  and how to avoid it's traps.

Ballz Visual Radio -The Business: Steps to Business Success


Dr John Demartini gave advice on business success and gave his thoughts on being successful in business. Listen here.

Hot 91.9 FM -The Business: How to ask for a raise

Dr John Demartini gives advice on how to ask for a salary increase at work and things to consider before asking for a salary increase. Listen here. 

Classic FM – The Myth of the Perfect Family Holiday

Dr John Demartini talks about the myth of the perfect family holiday. Listen here.

BBS radio - Dr John Demartini on Universal Soul Love


Dr John Demartini on Universal Soul Love with David and Lana love. Listen here.

Woodlands Hits - Dr John Demartini

Jay Wachs interviews Dr Demartini on Woodlands Hits. Listen here.

Something You Should Know - Coping With Worry & Fear

Mike Carruthers interviews Dr John Demartini on Coping with Worry and Fear. Listen here.

Mix Fm - Faith is like WiFi

Suzanne and Chris Styles explore the subject of faith with Dr John Demartini. Listen here.

The Success Show - To pray or not to pray?

 “To pray or not to pray and if to pray, how to pray?” is the challenging question asked of Dr John Demartini by Chris and Suzanne Styles during their hour long talk radio interview with him. Listen here.

Cliff Central - Dr John Demartini

Gareth Cliff interviews Dr Demartini on Cliff Central. Listen here

Cliff Central - Future CEO's

Dr. Demartini discusses how to take your life to new heights and how to take your business from strength to strength. Listen here.

Fairfax Radio Network - 60 second mentor Dr. John Demartini


A lot can happen in 60 seconds, Dr. John Demartini gives business advice in 60 seconds. Listen here.

The Abstract AIMEE show - Drug Addiction

Dr. Demartini talks about how addictive behavioral patterns are always linked to deep-rooted unhappiness and the inability to prioritize your most highest values. Listen here.

Blogtalkradio - How to handle challenges

Dr. John Demartini gives advice on how to handle life challenges on K.Cates You Can Live Again radio show in Los Angeles. Listen here.

The Price of Business - You must change your thinking in order to change your life


Host Kevin Price and Guest Dr. John Demartini discuss “You must change your thinking in order to change your life" on this segment of the Price of Business. Dr. Demartini believes until you change your thinking, it is impossible to achieve the goals you want. Listen here.

Life's Journey Insights - Living by your highest values


Dr. Demartini shares his guidance and inspire us to give ourselves permission to live by our highest values. View here.

You Can Live Again - Overcoming Top Fears


Dr. John Demartini,talks about How to Handle Life Challenges. Listen here.

Business Newsmakers Radio with Lou Garino - Dr John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini on Business Newsmakers Radio with Lou Garino. Listen here .

2UE Radio - Conscious Living

Set goals that are authentic to you. Listen here.

i98 FM - The need for digital detox

Dr. Demartini believes you must narrow down what is essentially important to you, stop and take command of what is priority. Listen here.

IMMIK - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Learn how to chunk down your dreams, to get clear on what your dream is, how to build momentum with your actions, how to elicit your values and how to start with what you know. Listen here.

JoziStyle - Conflict resolution and relationship building


Dr. Demartini believes conflict emerges when when we perceive our highest values are being challenged. Listen here.

Natural Health Radio - Gratitude

Dr. Demartini talks about how gratitude can help us to resolve key health issues of obesity, heart disease, and cancer, and how depression happens when our desires don’t match our expectations. Listen here.

4BC - Valentine's Day

Dr. Demartini believes if you are inspired by what you are doing and grateful for your life, you are a powerful mate and someone wants you.

Sydneychic - Interview with Dr Demartini

Dr. John Demartini answers questions that can help people improve their lives on a daily basis. Listen here.

The Chiropractic Philanthropist - Capturing Your Genius


Dr. Demartini discusses that he encountered very similar challenges and obstacles that the average Chiropractor encounters. Listen here.

Voice of the Cape fm - Oscar: understanding the behaviour behind the tragedy


As the world found out the fate of Oscar Pistorius, some people were still stunned. Dr John Demartini explains the tragedy of how, at the peak of their careers and fame, so many superstars fall from grace. View here.

Blogtalkradio - Conversation with Passion

Dr. Demartini believes you cannot put your hand into a pot of glue without some of it sticking and likewise, you cannot put your mind into the greatest books without some of it sticking. Listen here.

Whole Life Living Radio Network - Creating Wealth and Wellbeing


Dr. Demartini talks about creating wealth and well being.

Blogtalkradio - Money for Lunch

Most people have a fantasy about financially independence however they have a lifestyle of spending. Dr. Demartini talks about why people are not financially independent.

Concord News Radio - Financial Spectrum

Host Bill Kearney explores the world of finance with industry leader, Dr. John Demartini. View here.

2UE Radio - The root cause of extremism and terrorism


Are our local anti-terror laws strong enough to stop a home grown terror attack? Dr John Demartini with Stuart Bocking on the psychology behind the horrors of violent extremism.

Power fm - Understanding human behavior

Dr. Demartini speaks about the fears that hold us back in life, and understanding addictive behaviour. Listen here.

Radio New Zealand - Digital Distraction

Dr. Demartini speaks to Wallace about 'digital distraction' and why we should all be using the time we spend on technology in better ways. Listen here.

Radio Live - Online Obsession

Dr. John Demartini shares on how to detox digitally and rediscover your dreams and also how online obsession can distract you from your deepest desires. Listen here.

Young Wealth Show - The Values Factor

Dr. Demartini talks about some strategies to make and save money. Listen here.


2GB 873 AM - Terrorist attack in Iraq

Dr. John Demartini  joins Luke to discuss the terrorist attack in Iraq. He believes whenever you are not fulfilling your highest values, you become vulnerable to an outer authority that influences your thinking and takes you out of a rational and reasonable mind and into an emotional and persuasive mind.

Wellness Couch - Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini shares his amazing wisdom about life, health and business.

News Talk ZB - Rolf Harris Psychology

Dr. Demartini talks about the psychology behind Rolf Harris.

America Meditating Radio Show - The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini says, "show people how to be resourceful in their perceptions and actions. Then no matter what happens in their lives, there is something they can do to achieve something extraordinary from it." Listen here.

ABC Wide Bay - Dr. Demartini on molester Rolf Harris


Dr Demartini believes we are both heroes and villians. If we see one without the other, we are not looking deeper enough. The greater the stardom, the more we are blind from the other side.

6PR - Dr. Demartini on molester Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris fell from being an icon to a national disgrace. Everytime we put people on pedestals, we get crushed therefore no-one is worth putting on pedestals because they have both sides.

Fiveaa - Team Building

Dr. Demartini defines the concept teambuilding as a collective but even within the collective there is a variable. It is wise to learn the individual values of the team members and how to communicate in those values in order to fulfill what is important to them whilst you fulfill whats important to the team.

Global Entrepreneurs Radio - Prioritize Your Life with Dr. John Demartini


Dr. John Demartini believes that one must find something that inspires and is meaning to them and ensure that there is a market need for that service and product they are offering by asking questions. When you do, you will be serving people and not lack money.

Radio 2000 - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini believes that in life, if you are not fulfilled by what you are doing, you get to be reactive and not live your life to the fullest. Take the time to decide what is meaningful to you in order to start making a difference in humanity.

Kaya FM - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini talks about having a set of values that are truly important to you. When living by your highest values, you are willing to embrace pain and pleasure in pursuit to what's meaningful to you.

Fiveaa - V Day Dilemmas

Dr. John Demartini talks about Valentines Day Dilemmas. Listen here.

Australian Businesswomen's network: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life


 In this interview Dr. Demartini talks about defining values, prioritising your time and creating a fullfilling life. He details how once you have identified which values you wish to adhere to, an inspired career will be at your finger tips. View here...

SA FM - Interview with Dr Demartini

Dr. John Demartini talks about growing up with learning disabilities and how he over came that. He also speaks about how your highest values are evident in all seven areas of life and how to live a more fulfilling and empowered life.

default image
Book Radio Show - "The Values Factor"

Do you know what you really value the most? How can you find your unique purpose in life if you're not really clear on what you would like to do, be and have? Dr. John Demartini teaches thousands around the world how to overcome obstacles and achieve profound meaning in their lives. View the interview here.

Tough Talk Radio Network - The importance of values in a business perspective


Dr. Demartini believes that a person lives by a set of values as highlighted in "The Values Factor" Book. Whenever they set goals in their business that are aligned with what is highest on their values, they are spontaneously inspired from within to fulfil that which is inspiring to them.

Radio 2000 - Demartini on Leadership - Part 1

Leaders are inspired by something they want to share with the world that is unique. It is in the area of their highest value. They envision its success, they act upon it and they inspire others to participate in its creation. 

Radio 2000 - Demartini on Leadership - Part 2

One of the most meaningful action steps we can do in life is determine our hierarchy of values.

Kaya FM - Dr. Demartini on Young Adults Inspired Destiny

Dr. Demartini on Young Adults Inspired Destiny.  




4BC - Dr. Demartini on Grudges

Getting upset is one thing but holding a grudge is another. The longer you hold a grudge the more likely your negative emotions will take a toll on your health. Dr. John Demartini, talks to John Scott about the benefits of letting go. View this interview here.

RadioLive - How to say no

Consider this - how many times have you said 'yes' to someone when really what you wanted to say was 'no'. Apparently for many of us saying 'no' is something we find really difficult to do - and saying yes too often can lead to some significant consequences says the world's leading authority on human behavior Dr. John Demartini. View here. 

Success Profiles Radio - Dr. John Demartini on experiencing life changing breakthroughs


Interview with Dr. Demartini

4BC - Dr. Demartini's thoughts on Social Media

Dr. Demartini's thoughts on social media.

Dr. Demartini on Leadership, Wealth, Service, Values


In this interview, Dr. Demartini discusses how to see everything on the way instead of in the way and how to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Wellness Couch - Dr. Demartini on Inspired Ageing


Dr. Demartini shares his perspective on inspired ageing.

4BC Radio Show - Dr. Demartini on Depression

More people are suffering from depression today than ever before. Dr. Demartini labels comparing our lives to other people's lives and having unrealistic expectations as the main causes of depression.

Donna Wick - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini shares powerful business insights. Dr. Demartini also shares that people spend money according to their highest values.

Lotus FM - Walk the Talk

Dr. Demartini shares how what is most missing in our lives becomes most important in our lives. It's not about what happens to you but more importantly what you decide to do with that. When we don't subordinate to other people's values but instead achieve goals that are congruent with our values, we tend to walk our talk.

Mix FM Radio Show - Interview with Dr. Demartini

In this interview, Dr. Demartini shares that any time you live your life according to your highest values, you expand your time and space horizons and you build patience and long-term vision, which accentuates achievement and leadership goal accomplishment.

WOCM Radio Show - How to get a raise

In this interview, Dr. Demartini elaborates on how to propose a request for an increase in salary. Increase your salary by increasing your service.

Alkaline Diet Health Tips - Dr. Demartini on mastering health and healing


In this interview, Dr. Demartini shares how the universal law of the 'One and Many' applies to health and wellbeing.

KUCI - Dr. Demartini on how to make more money


 In this interview, Dr. Demartini outlines the fears that inhibits people from overcoming barriers and obstacles to achieve their goals to make more money.


Baby Bull Show - Setting goals and intentions

If we set goals that are not ours, we tend to set up a self defeating objective and we automatically beat ourselves up. If we set goals that has evidence that these are really important to us, we build and increase momentum. 

Small Business Today Radio Show - How to get a raise


When you compare yourself to other people, you inject their values into your life, instead of living according to your own values. Listen to this interview in which Dr. Demartini outlines the 7 fears that can immobilize individuals from realizing their income generating capacity.

2UE - Stress-free Christmas

An interview with Dr. Demartini on how to have a stree-free Christmas and how to deal with the many expectations and possibly even unrealistic and injected expectations during this period.

Qantas Inflight Radio - Dr. Demartini on values

Dr. Demartini imparts his knowledge that anytime two values on an individual's hierarchy of values are close, they enhance each other. Anytime that two values are far apart from each other, they hinder each other. For maximum results, it is wise to ask yourself, how the one priority is assisting you with the other priority.

Five AA - Part two - Interview with Dr. Demartini on 'Unconscious Motives'


Dr. John discusses how individuals can hold onto subconscious motives for holding onto their weight. Every decision a person makes is based on what they think will give them more advantage over disadvantage.

Five AA - Part one - Interview with Dr. Demartini

In this radio interview, Dr. Demartini shares that we sometimes compare ourselves to other people and inject their values into our lives, undermining our own values in the process. Dr. Demartini states that it is wise to give yourself permission to shine in your own form.

Transformational Minds - Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Most people, without realizing it, are setting objectives and goals that are not congruent and aligned with what is truly most important and inspiring to them. Radio presenter in Botswana, Simba interviews Dr. Demartini on Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit. 

Think Big Business Radio - Kylie Nation interviews Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini talks about the importance of self-worth and self-love.

Life Mastery Radio - Be your best without the stress


Dr. Demartini defines stress as the inability to adapt to a changing environment. Contributing factors of stress are fears of gain and fear of loss. We fear the loss of that which we infatuate with and we fear the gain of that which we resent. 

Dresser After Dark - Dr. Demartini on the Economy


Dr. Demartini responds to a question on entitlement: The laws of economics are built around fair exchange and if individuals want something for nothing, that interferes with the economy. When you produce more, then you can receive more. 

Art of Joyful Living - Awakening Your Prosperity Consciousness


Would you love to know how to transform your financial destiny from one of day to day grind and frustration to one of more productive and abundant wealth? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have the golden touch, while others only struggle and barely make ends meet? Join Cindy and Linda as Dr. Demartini reveals the distinct differences between those that prosper and those that don't; the why underneath the results they create, and finally what you can do about it.

Think Big Business Radio - Turn your big ideas into big business


Deep inside every human being there is a yearning to do something extraordinary and to be of great, vast service to humanity.We subordinate to outer authority, cloud our clarity and therefore lose our certainty because we compare ourselves to other people instead of our vision. 

Charles Adler - Colorado Movie-Theatre Massacre


Three survivors of the Colorado movie-theater massacre escaped with minor wounds. In final acts of valor, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves used their bodies to shield their girlfriends as accused madman James Holmes turned the Aurora cineplex into a shooting gallery. Listen to Dr. Demartini share his expertise on this matter.

Rainmaker Radio - Bill Walsh interviews Dr. Demartini


One does not require motivation when you are doing what inspires you, says Dr. Demartini. It is about being able to do what you love and love what you do. When you can't wait to wake up in the morning to be of service, then people can't wait to get your service.

Kern Talk Radio - Jeff Lemucchi interviews Dr. Demartini


Dr.Demartini reveals inspiring insights on how to master the inner mindset of wise investing and wealth building; providing effective and efficient strategies for creating money making opportunities and outlining a step by step pathway for amassing a great fortune.

2GB Radio - Dr. Demartini on Managers and Management


Dr. Demartini shares tips for employeers and employers on how to increase the productivity levels in a company and the ways in which managers can contribute to catapulting productivity to new levels.

Radio 2000 - Interview with Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini emphasizes the importance of knowing your hierarchy of values.

SAFM - Health Matters Interview with Dr Demartini

In this interview, Dr Demartini discusses how our perceptions impact our physiology.

Classic FM - Interview with Dr Demartini

Unproductive employees are costing South African companies billions of Rands. Dr Demartini explains that unless a person feels fulfilled in their job duties, they're not inspired to go to work, which then affects productivity levels.

2UE - The Secret to a Fulfilled Relationship

Whenever you feel like your life is missing something, you may notice a strong desire to fill the void. Fulfillment means the process of filling, or making full. You fulfill your voids by either transforming how you see the world or through the actions you take. Dr Demartini emphasizes the importance of knowing your own values and your partner's values in order to have a fulfilling relationship.

Cari Murphy interviews Dr Demartini on Inspiring Your Destiny


Cari Murphy explores the topics of value systems and human behavior with Dr Demartini

How to Live a Meaningful and Inspiring Life

Everyone deserves to live a life where they feel truly satisfied and inspired. Your life's journey is a summation of all your destinies and your destiny is an expression of your values. Listen to Dr Demartini share insights on how you can do what you love and love what you do, to lead an inspiring and meaningful life.

KJag Radio - Inspiring Your Destiny

James Lowe interviews Dr Demartini on key points on knowing what to dedicate your life to and how to embrace pain and pleasure in the pursuit of what inspires you.

SAFM - Dissolving Baggage and Trauma

Dr Demartini shares the importance of having a balanced perspective to transform your emotional baggage and trauma from the past into fuel for the future.

6PR - Howard Sattler Interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini discusses the value of teaching the youth about the importance of respect, accountability and responsibility.

2UE Radio - Dr Demartini on Healthy Living

Do you find yourself setting unrealistic goals towards your wellness and then become depressed when they aren't realized? According to Dr Demartini, the greater the congruency between your intentions and your highest values, the greater the accomplishment of your goals. 

6PR - Valentine's Day

Dr Demartini shares his insights in an interview with Howard Sattler: Valentine’s Day can act as a great reminder to truly share your appreciation and love for your partner and yourself.

Life Mastery Radio - Interview with Dr Demartini

You deserve to achieve your dreams and goals.  Listen here...

Success Again with Dick Heatherton

Dr Demartini elaborates on the seven primary fears and how to overcome these fears.

Interview with Dr Demartini on Inspired Destiny

Rochelle Vincente Von K interviews Dr Demartini on tapping into our full potential and living an inspired destiny. Dr Demartini explains that we are most inspired when we live according to our highest values. 

2UE - Deeper Meaning to Wellbeing

Dr Demartini explains how one can extract meaning from an illness to find out how it serves them. One may discover some underlying behavioral patterns that are leading to the physical condition.

Saskia Roell Interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini shares insights on the importance of accessing your inner driving mechanism to maximize your awareness and potential.

MaximusMark Interviews Dr Demartini on the Mind Body Connection


Dr Demartini discusses the mind body relationship, some common health issues and how your values can affect your health.

2UE- Dr Demartini on the 'Bully & Bullied' Dynamic

In this interview, Dr Demartini explains that if you've got a bully in your life that's pushing you around, it's partly because you're not guiding or governing your own life. You're not empowered in that area. Once you empower that area, the bully disappears. 

ABC Nightlife - Family Ties with Dr Demartini

Tony Delroy interviews Dr John Demartini on principles behind family dynamics. Dr Demartini discusses how expressions and repressions are conserved in every family unit.

Dare to Dream Radio - Do What You Love

Deborah Dashinger interviews Dr John Demartini on how to do what you love and love what you do.

KPFT - Transform Obstacles from Friction into Fuel


In this interview Dr. Demartini illustrates that we have a mind, a body and a soul. The body must be guided by the mind, which must be directed by the soul to maximize who we are. Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway of the heart and inside the heart is that love, which window-washes the mind and allows it to be certain, present and inspired, which then brings enthusiasm to the body. Learn more...

Victim of your History or Master of your Destiny?


Transform past tragic scars into magical stars. Listen to Dr Demartini impart seeds of wisdom on the power of planting "flowers" in the garden of your mind to catapult you in becoming a master of your destiny.

Holistic Living - Wealth Wisdom of the Ages

This interview voices Dr. Demartini's thoughts on some of the most inspiring & significant principles applied by those individuals from ancient times to modern day who have built vast fortunes of wealth. To learn about wealth wisdom of the ages, without undergoing the aging process, click here.

Dr. Demartini's Blueprint on Financial Empowerment


Listen to Dr John Demartini discuss the wealth building process and principles which have stood the test of time.

4BC Interview - Prescriptions for Worry-Wart Syndrome


Are you experiencing the Worry-Wart Syndrome? Listen to Dr John Demartini address the underlying cause of worry and outline possible treatment plans.

The Breeze – Sue White interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini discusses his public talk in Christchurch and how he will assist the people of Christchurch to deal with grief and loss and how he will give them practical tips and tools to deal with their every day challenges.

Small Business Trends Radio interviews Dr Demartini


Selling can be intimidating for many people - especially those that are not professionals at doing so. Entrepreneurs need to sell, whether they're comfortable with it or not. Dr Demartini shares his failsafe nine step process that gets sales every time.

Andrew Horton - Dr. Demartini on Business

A fantastic hour-long interview with Dr. John Demartini on the topic of business.

2UE - Dr Demartini discusses Stress with Dr Ross Walker


Dr Demartini defines and discusses the reasons for stress, what effect it has on the body and how to deal with it.

Unlock Your Wealth - Importance of Reading

Dr. John Demartini discusses a variety of topics from NLP, dependency and challenge, goals, addictions, speed reading to family dynamics.

Radio 2000 - Human Behaviour & The Secret

A Radio 2000 interview featuring Dr. John Demartini introducing what he does, what inspires him, and touches briefly on his contribution to The Secret.

Kaya FM - Introducing Dr. John Demartini

A recent introductory interview with Dr. John Demartini on Kaya FM

Body and Soul - 6 Steps to Wealth

In this radio interview Dr. John Demartini talks about values, priorities, and the 6 steps to awakening your wealth building potential.

2GB Chris Smith Show - Interview with Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses multiple topics such as the art of saying no, the art of communication, inspiring your teenager and depression.

MTR Night Show - Dealing With Stress

Dr. John Demartini talks about the physical impact stress can have on your body as well as the importance of reducing stress in your life.

4BC - Interview with Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses his early years and how he became inspired and acquired some of the skills he has today. He discusses some of the various seminars that he presents and the people that are inspired by them.

Mix 106.5 Body & Soul - Dealing with a Bullying Boss


In this interview Dr John Demartini discusses how to tackle a boss that is bullying you by communicating within their value system.

ChaiFM - Creating Wealth

Listen to this insightful radio interview where Dr. John Demartini talks about recognizing oportunities for creating wealth.

Engage Your Mind with Peter Kearney - Values, Congruency and Spirituality


In this interview Dr Demartini covers values, congruency and spirituality with specific tips on how to follow your goals.

6PR 882 with Tony McManus - Spare the bully, spoil the child


Dr Demartini discusses his belief that bullying is what you make of it and by protecting children from it we deprive them of a wonderful opportunity to grow.

MTR Drive Show with Martin King - Interview with Dr Demartini


In this interview Dr Demartini discusses how a person can grow their self worth to increase their net worth. Dr Demartini also covers how to communicate within a person's values by noticing their body language, what they do and what they say.

Radio 2UE 954 - Mornings with David Oldfield - Benefits of the Bully


Dr Demartini discusses the benefits of the bully and how to be a master of your destiny instead of a victim of your history.

93.8FM - Setting Realistic Goals

Andrew Horton hosts an interview with Dr. John Demartini where he talks about setting realistic goals and living your life congruently with your highest values.

Inspired Education on Voice America - Inspiring Your Life


In this radio interview Dr John Demartini talks about his product, Inspiring Your Life, and how to apply it to awaken true genius and potential in your children.

The Dr Pat Show - Living a Fulfilling Life

Dr John Demartini shares some insights into the tools to live an inspired and fulfilled life, the foundation of his latest book Inspired Destiny.

A Better Today - Inspired Destiny

Listen as Dr John Demartini talks about his book, Inspired Destiny, and the art of mastering perceiving things in a way that we are inspired and living inspired actions.

Health Beat Radio - The Jenny Gallagher Show

In this radio interview Dr John Demartini talks about his latest book, Inspired Destiny, and touches on the topics of goals, values, finding out whats most important to you.

567 Cape Talk

Listen as Dr Demartini talks to 567 Cape Talk about how young people can inspire others to lead an extraordinary life. Recorded during the MOT International Conference in South Africa, which brought together experts in education, human behaviour and development and leaders personifying courage. - Interview with Dr Demartini


In this interview Dr Demartini discusses how young people can lead an extraordinary and inspired life by developing their potential and clarifiying their values.

93.4 The Breeze - Count Your Blessings

Listen as Dr Demartini talks with Sue White from 93.4 The Breeze in New Zealand about his upcoming public talk ‘Count Your Blessings'

850WFTL - The 'Bullying' Phenomena

Listen as Dr Demartini talks about the ‘bullying' phenomena as it relates to all segments of society: why the bully acts as they do, what to do when you encounter one and how being bullied can be an invitation to empower yourself.  

702 - Why Can't I Stay Positive

Listen to this 2 hour radio program where Dr Demartini addresses the topic: Why Can't I Stay Positive? This interview also covers a range of related subjects including goal setting, dealing with challenges and the basis of human behaviour and balanced thinking. Also includes a phone-in session where Dr Demartini instructs callers how to navigate through their specific challenges. Please note that this link will not be available indefinitely. Please download the clip if you wish to have it for future use.

Radio 2000

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on woman's insecurities as well as the connection between body and mind with relation to cancer.

Hay House Radio

What do you really want out of life? Dr. John Demartini joins Diane to talk about getting clear with your life purpose and learning how to make your dreams a reality. His new book Inspired Destiny gives you tools to help you clarify what you want to do in life and develop a master plan to create the life you would truly love. It's time to stop living the way someone else thinks you should live and discover a new inspired destiny. Listen to the Hay House Radio interview


For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? Then you are angry with yourself afterwards. Discover how to handle the art of saying 'no'.

Living is Easy

In this interview Dr Demartini talks about vision, success, achievement, sales and determining needs. Dr Demartini also addresses values and how to determine somone's unique set of values. To listen to the interview Click Here.

702 Talk Radio

A brilliant interview with Kate Turkington interviewing Dr John Demartini on how to deal with stress and managing depression

The Valder Beebe Show

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on the Valder Beebe show as he shares insights on attaining and living congruent to your highest values. How to live true to yourself and how living a truly congruent life will inspire you to do what you love.


Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview with Gareth Cliff on 5FM. Dr. Demartini answers questions on finance, gratitude, explains the Demartini Value Determination Process and questions from callers


The Hero Within! Listen to Dr. Demartini's interview on Radio2000 answer questions about the Demartini Institute's contribution to the South African Police Services. Dr. Demartini has conducted inspirational seminars with members of the South African Police Services in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Kaya FM

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's on Kaya FM as he discusses inspiring young adults, addresses issues pertaining to ADD and inspiring and activating their genius.

Cape Talk

Dr. John Demartini's radio interview with Solly Philander talking about activating genius and living true to your highest value.

Heart FM

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on Heart FM on where he discusses how to Activate your Child's Genius. Dr. Demartini also answers some questions from listener's relating to products and seminars offered.

702 Talk Radio

Listen to Dr. Demartini's interview on 702 Talk Radio with Simon Gear as he shares his inspiring experiences working with the South African Police Services. He shares insights and gratitude at the dedication of these inspiring individuals.

Westside Radio

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on Westside Radio. He talks in detail about activating your child's genius, understand what their highest values are and allowing them to excel in the areas of their highest values.

JJ and Melanie in the Morning

Listen to Dr. Demartini talk to JJ and Melanie about speaking in your loved one's values and how to master the art of effective communication.

Network Abundance

Listen to Dr. Demartini's interview with Joyce McMenamin, founder of Network Abundance as he discusses his contribution to the movie The Opus. He also discusses the Demartini Institute's role in empowering young adults in South Africa and around the world.

Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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