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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



The Abundance Code

How to bust the 7 Money Myths for a rich life now. 

Redland Times - Liam shed 20kgs as star in obesity documentary


Dr. Demartini features in a film called overeating and undernourished. Liam Golle, the star of the film lost 20kgs during his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Overfed and Undernourished featuring Dr. John Demartini


Dr. John Demartini features in a documentary film about a global epidemic we are currently facing. He is concerned with the way people are overeating and believes its time to be accountable and responsible for our eating habits. View this interview here.

Lifestyle, Wealth-building and Success Teleseminar - Interview with Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini teaches on how to utilize your dreams and your maximum potential in life. As well as how to get out of the negative mindset into the positive mindset because it is possible to achieve your dreams.

Motherpedia - Christmas gift guide: things to read

Dr. John Demartini's book "The Value Factor" is one of the top ten books to read for adults, it provides a provocative thirteen-part questionnaire that will reveal to you what you value most and explain how to align every aspect of your life with your true values. View here...

Melissa Ambrosini interviews Dr. Demartini on the Topic of Purpose


In this interview, Dr. Demartini shares the 13 Value Determination Questions to assist one in discovering their purpose. Dr. Demartini suggests that it is wise to own the traits of the great people, instead of minimizing ourselves to them. View here...

Sunday Morning Herald - Why do so many people struggle to be true to themselves


Understanding what our values are may not be as simple as it sounds, says Dr. Demartini. Our values are not what we would like or think they ought to be, but what we actually act on and prioritise in life.

Continue reading...

Houston Business Journal - Reaping Rewards with a Worldy View


Dr. John Demartini became an entrepreneur when he was 9 years old. That's left little time for sleep ever since, considering the globe-trotting consultant and inspirational speaker has been too busy working to maintain any kind of regular routine.

Dr. John Demartini on True Love

Dr. Demartini’s piece talks about the fears of saying those three words: I LOVE YOU. He acknowledges that often when people don’t say ‘I love you’ they’re just afraid of being rejected. Continue Reading...

ABC 13 - How to ask for a raise

Many of you look at the New Year as a fresh start at your job and maybe you were lucky enough to get a slight pay raise with the New Year. But what if you feel like you deserve more? Dr. Demartini has 8 steps you can take to help you get that raise. View here.

India - Nurturing Leadership in Turbulent Times

Dr. Demartini presented his teachings for the first time in Mumbai & Bangalore in India, focusing on some of the leadership challenges faced by organizations today along with meaningful engagements with visionary leaders in the corporate space.

On My Owning - Top 10 questions to ask yourself before you start a business


The quality of your life is based on the questions you ask yourself. Amanda Killick shares on her Blog post, questions Dr. Demartini suggests you ask yourself before starting your own business. Continue Reading...

Her Magazine - Deborah Cooper

Deborah works with Dr Demartini and is the New Zealand host for Demartini Institute in bringing Dr John Demartini to New Zealand and runs the Demartini Method Training Program for The Demartini Institute in Sydney, Australia.

Cape Town Girl Blog - Interview with Dr Demartini

Award-winning blogger Alex van Tonder interviews Dr Demartini on why some people seem to achieve their goals and others don't, world financial & environmental crises and the important of being true to yourself. Continue Reading...

Mission Inspired - Owning Wealth

Would you love to find your billions? When you value yourself, the world values you. To watch Dr Demartini's interview with Stephen Gardner on how you can identify where your wealth is in your life, click here.

Interview an Expert - Dr Demartini and The Secret

Dr Demartini indicates that everyone has success but not everyone honors the form the success is in. View here...

The Master's Gathering - Teleseminar with Dr Demartini

In this interview Dr Demartini discusses numerous topics ranging from the difference between motivation and inspiration; the mind and the brain; emotions and feelings and relief from grief.

The Holistic Health Guru - Calling all Parents

Featured in this blog is an article by Dr Demartini in which he discusses that children are not here to live their parents' mission; they're here to live their own mission, and wherever and whenever they are living congruently with their highest values, their genius appears. Learn more...

Loral Langemeier Interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini discusses the importance of identifying what is truly important to you to be able to awaken your genius and potential; thereby walking your talk instead of limping your life.


To view the interview, click here.



The Great Works

Why does the world exist? Why is the whole system set up the way it is? Looking at consciousness and humanity.


Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on The Great Works here

Dr Demartini's Daily Update