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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



This&that Mag - Secrets to a Productive, Fulfilling and Inspired Life


When we live congruently according to our highest values we are inspired from within. But when we set goals that are more aligned with our lower values, we require outside motivation. View here.

Destiny Connect - The seven deadly fears

Dr. John Demartini examines the seven most powerful fears that could be holding you back from reaching your true potential. There are seven areas of life we are here to master: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical. They can either be powerfully supportive of your genius or impede it. View here.

DestinyMan - The seven deadly fears

Dr. John Demartini examines the seven most powerful fears that could be holding you back from reaching your true potential. View here.

Spice4Life - Complementary Opposites

In pursuit of our unique mission we are repeatedly confronted with various pairs of complementary opposites, living within us and existing around us. Whether they are the pairs of support and challenge, ease and difficulty, pleasure and pain, each pair becomes our essential and constant companion along our journey of transformation and achievement. View here.

iAfrica - The truth about 'brainwashing'

Dr. John Demartini explains how people can be indoctrinated. An individual who is already fulfilled in life and is fulfilling their highest and most meaningful values is less likely to be pursued by any extremist's polarised views. This person would be more rational and reasonable and think more clearly about such a polarised and extreme view. View here.

Destiny Connect - Give yourself a digital detox

Smartphones and other devices can, if not carefully monitored and in some cases moderated, allow others to take up your valuable time. They can distract you from your highest personal or professional priorities or what is most important. View here.

DestinyMan - Give yourself a digital detox

Dr. John Demartini explains why it’s important to take time off from the digital world and recharge naturally. View here.

Entrepreneur Mag - Put Yourself First

Dr. Demartini believes that when you save money and manage it wisely, you begin feeling more entrepreneurial. You start receiving opportunities and ideas, and you come into contact with people who think along the same lines and who produce brilliant business ideas. View here.

She Knows - Shared values can mean a more fulfilling relationship


Each person has his or her own unique set of values and no two people have the same set. Each person expresses love through his or her own values. In this article, Dr. Demartini helps you identify your values and your partners values. View here.

BD Live - Dr. Demartini says the more you give, the greater your income potential

Dr Demartini says setting up high priorities daily and sticking to them allows people to maximise their potential. View here.

Women's wealth - Rich man, poor man

Dr. Demartini explores the behaviours and the distinctions he has observed between those who are more and those who are less likely to become financially independent. Ultimately nature recycles the wealth through time to give everyone the opportunity to master the art of wealth building, which is truly a set of values game and a state of mind. View here.

Idealog - John Demartini's top tips on finding flow, beating fear and scaling up


Dr. John Demartini believes when you're living in alignment with your highest values, you have the most ability to ensure what it takes to fulfil your business purpose. Give yourself permission to do something extraordinary...Give yourself permission to have a global vision. View here.

Business Brief - On Inspired Leaders

 The most important element of inspired leadership is the congruency between their goals or intentions and their highest values or priorities. When their goals and values are aligned their greatest creativity and productivity emerges. View here.

Zalebs - Valentines Day: It aint all that!

Valentine’s Day can be a great reminder for us to stop for at least one moment each year and reflect on the deep love and appreciation we have for that special someone in our life. However, Dr. John Demartini dispels 10 myths surrounding how a relationship is supposed to be. View here.

Howzit msn - 10 Relationship Myths

We have all read about happily ever after and other misleading fantasies in story books. However, Dr. Joh Demarini dispels 10 relationship myths because they will keep you from fully experiencing the riches that every relationship has to offer. View here.

Woman Online - Achieving New Year's Goals

Dr. John Demartini answers questions on New Year's goals. He believes that resolutions that are congruent or aligned with what's really most important to us, we are likely to diligently pursue and fulfill. View here.

East Coast Radio - Top 10 relationship myths

With the month of love well underway and Valentine's Day almost upon us, East Coast Radio chats to self-development expert Dr. John Demartini to find out more about top 10 myths that can hold our relationships back. View here.

All4Women - Dr. John Demartini busts 10 common relationship myth

Many women continue to buy into childhood ideas of happily ever after and other misleading fantasies. Dr. John Demartini shares 10 myths about relationships. View here. View here.

Show Me South Africa - Success Summit 2014

The Success Summit South Africa 2014 will be held in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre from the 1st till the 2nd of March 2014. Learn from Dr. John Demartini and some of the greatest success coaches, entrepreneurs and money making experts from all over the world. View here.

Finweek - MOTIVATION: 6 tips to help you think bigger


It requires bravery and vision to decide that you want to add an extra zero to your income, or radically change your rankings in the industry in which you operate, or conquer the world in some shape or form. View here...

POPSUGAR - Are You a Bitter Babe? How to Let Go of a Grudge


Holding a grudge is out, and letting go is in. Its time to move on says Dr. John Demartini as he gives advice on how to break free from resentment and breaking a grudge. View here...

Entrepreneur Magazine - South African Success Summit 2014


The South African Success Summit is being held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 1 and 2 March 2014. A line-up of leading international speakers and experts including Dr. John Demartini will share how to achieve more happiness and wealth in your life. View here... – 13 Steps to an Inspiring Life

To help you on your way to an inspiring year ahead, Dr. Demartini imparts valuable insights on how important it is to give ourselves permissions to do something extraordinary and ultimately live our most fulfilled life. Click here to watch this interview.

Your Parenting - The motherhood blues

Dr Demartini feels that finding contentment and peace with your mothering role involves understanding what you value most in your life, and then living to fulfil those values. He says, anger and resentment occur when you are doing things you feel you should be doing, rather than things you love to do.” Continue reading...

Wealthwise Magazine - Can you become really wealthy when you are working for a boss?


The Greater the number of people you serve, the more rewards you deserve. Learning how to save and invest money and having money work for you is very powerful - whether you are working for someone, or you are an entrepreneur. Continue reading...

Your Parenting - Post-natal depression can affect you too, dad


The birth of a child is fertile ground for fantasies; there are expectations about the child and what it will be like to parent and have a family. But these expectations or fantasies can be abruptly dashed when the child is born. Mark Kahn draws from the teachings of Dr John Demartini. Continue reading...

Health 24 - Living in the here and now

Stop for a second. Where are you at this very moment? Are you right here, right now, fully focused as you read these words?  "Mindful living" is the buzzword of the moment. We stop to take it all in and speak to three women whose lives have been transformed by it. Continue reading...

HR Future - The heart of true leadership

Dr John Demartini avers that every single person has leadership qualities inside them but the challenge is to discover in which areas they reside. We need to examine ourselves, to know ourselves, and from there, to recognise the personality types of others so that we can influence their thinking and actions. Continue reading...

Woman Online - Learn How to Appreciate Balance


If you manage your life by seeing both sides and embracing both sides equally through balance; you won't get caught in the illusions of ‘success' and ‘failure'; the egos of self-righteousness and self-wrongeousness, pride and shame and all the things that distract you. Continue reading...

Sydney Morning Herald - Stuck in a rut?

Human behavioral specialist Dr. John Demartini, best-selling author of The Breakthrough Experience, has spoken to millions of people across the globe. One of the most popular questions he is asked is how to get out of a rut. In this article, Dr. Demartini shares 5 tips on how to get out of a rut. Continue reading...

Femail - Dr. John Demartini Super-Mum Syndrome


Whether you are single or married, working full time while managing children, or solely handling a handful of children at home, you can at times become overwhelmed by the enormous amount of responsibilities that you face as a modern “womom.” With today’s busy schedule and the ever growing demands for your time it is getting harder to balance your life, career and family. Continue reading...

Sydney Morning Herald - Saying no is good for your health


There are at least two kinds of people that find it impossible to say no. In this article, Dr. Demartini elaborates on the reasons why people find it difficult to say no. Continue reading...

Business Chicks - Natural Born Leader?

According to Dr. Demartini, when your goals and intentions are fully aligned with both your highest values and your innate areas of strength, your natural leadership will shine through. Continue Reading...

Perth Now - Career experts share their best tips on how to ask for a payrise

Dr. Demartini shares his insights on how to ask for an increase in salary. Continue Reading...

Ask Men - Dr. Demartini on Beating Bullying

Any area of our life we don't empower, we attract someone to overpower. The person who has empowered themself and stands up for themself is less likely to be faced with bullying. To gain more understanding about the 'Bully-Bullied' Dynamic, view this interview here. - Christmas Survival Guide

In financial terms, 2012 has not been an easy year for many people, so it's no wonder many of us aren't feeling enthusiastic about splashing the cash on a mountain of gifts for people you really only see once a year. The key here is to be realistic, says Dr. Demartini. Continue reading...

Spice4Life - Stress less at Christmas

When our expectations of ourselves and others can’t be met, it can lead to negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear or guilt. These expectations and emotions tend to reach their peak during the festive season. This article reveals 4 tips on overcoming these expectations.

Continue reading...

Ask Men - Dealing with a Bully

The bully is attracted to his or her opposite. Both are in a dance of growth. The bully eventually gets humbled and the bullied gets strong. Both require the traits of the other to make them both awaken to their wholeness. Remember, any area you do not empower someone will over power. Empower yourself and let the bully do their bullying to someone else who needs it more than you do. View here...

Ask Men - How to say 'no'?

For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? What are Dr. Demartini's thoughts on being able to say 'no'? View here...

Ask Men - How to handle stress

Since each event in life has both positive and negative components or repercussions anytime we misperceive such an imbalance we become stressed. Stress is where we are looking at only half of an emotional equation, not the loving and ordered whole. In this video, Dr. Demartini shares how to go from stress to success. View here...

Ask Men - How to have more energy

In this video, Dr. Demartini reveals that people who are at the most risk of ‘suffering' a lack of energy are those who do not feel like they are living purposefully; they feel lost, overwhelmed and out of focus. They are scattered and trying to live other people's lives. They are the ones also whose diets and lifestyles are also not all that ideal. View here...  

Ask Men - The key to being inspired

As your voice on the inside grows in clarity and strength so will your inspiration when you listen. Begin to attune to that inspiring station from within. Listen as it guides you to new levels of creativity and operation. Your inner voice will put few or no limits on your life. Dr. Demartini guides viewers on how to tranform desperation to inspiration.

View here...

Ask Men - Dealing with a Tyrant Boss

Do you label your boss as a tyrant? Identify the key objectives that your boss is aiming at accomplishing and attempt to help him or her fulfill them. When you help them fulfill their highest values and objectives they are more likely to open up and be receptive to your presence and actions and respond more respectfully, says Dr. Demartini. View here. 

Womanonline - Appreciate Your Physical Body

No matter what your physical body looks like, you have things you like and dislike, or even admire and despise, about yourself. Both things you like and dislike are going to serve you in your life and wisdom is appreciating this balance and being grateful for it. Continue reading... 

BRW - The making of the new you

Dreams are important, but the first step to achieving a dream is making some decisions. "If you don't decide what you would truly love to do, you will end up living out someone else's vocational dreams. Your career dreams are up to you." Continue reading... 

Entrepreneur Magazine - Success Strategies for Entrepreneurs


South African entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get business advice from some of the world's foremost entrepreneurs at a seminar in May 2013. Speakers will include Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), Raymond Aaron (a transformational leader and NY Times best-selling author), Dr. John Demartini and Andy Harrington (founder of The Professional Speakers Academy). Continue Reading...

Spice4Life - The Heart of a Leader

Every individual has leadership qualities inside them, but the challenge is to discover in which areas they reside. Dr. Demartini uncovers the essence of leadership and tips on activating leadership.

Continue Reading... 

Spice4Life - Why Partners Stray

I was asked recently whether there was an explanation why husbands or wives stray. My answer was simple: individuals are not loyal to other individuals, they are loyal only to the fulfillment of their own highest values (what is most important to them). Relationships may start out romantic but they also remain utilitarian. Continue Reading...

All4Women - From victim to mastering her destiny


Judy van Niekerk was kept prisoner by her father, beaten and raped for nearly two decades. This is the story of her journey - from victim to empowerment life coach and a Demartini Method Facilitator.

Continue reading...

How our Perceptions affects our Wellness or Illness


The many symptoms that you experience in your body are your body's way of trying to reveal the areas in your life where you have imbalanced perceptions. If you bring your perceptions into balance, you can normalise your physiology and your body will return to wellness. Continue Reading...

Are you in a successful relationship?

In this article Dr Demartini shares insights on what are some of the biggest causes of relationship conflict and tips for a fulfilling relationship. Continue reading...

Career Confessions - Interview with Dr Demartini

In this article, Dr Demartini answers 12 signature questions created to inspire, encourage and guide you in the right direction to achieving your dreams. Continue reading...

All4Women - How our perceptions affect our health


Illness creates symptoms as a feedback system to your conscious mind to let you know that you have one or more lopsided perceptions. The second you balance your perceptions, your physiology changes and you return to wellness. Dr Demartini shares how our perceptions affect our health. Continue reading...

Men of Our World

Dr Demartini says challenges help us to grow. If you have no challenges in life, you will probably stay playing small. His story makes it easier to envisage how challenges and adversity are a blessing and can be the catalyst for success. Continue reading...

Living Life Purposefully

For people who consider their life boring or uninspiring it is because they have made no attempt to gain knowledge and information that will inspire them. When we start asking new questions the old concepts of our self dissolve as we receive new insight. Continue Reading... 

Create an Amazing Life

Most people do not know what is most important to them and by clarifying these areas; you will be able to define what elements to focus on when defining your most inspiring next career move.

Continue Reading...

The Breakthrough Experience

Are you seeking a more inspiring way to live your life? Do you want to learn how to transform your challenges? Are you ready to awaken your true potential? This article elaborates on what Dr Demartini's program, The Breakthrough Experience can do for you. Continue Reading...

Top Leadership Strategies

Dr Demartini presents a public talk on Top Leadership Strategies in which he addresses ways in which to break through the 7 fears that block creativity and productivity in business teams and management. Continue Reading...

Destiny Man - Live Your Purpose

Battling to discover your purpose? It's been there all along and is demonstrated through every decision you make says Dr Demartini.

Destiny Man - Destructive Relationship Myths

Regardless of your relationship status, it is wise to be realistic about what a relationship can bring to your life. Continue Reading...

Ioana Lazarov - What is The Demartini Method

In today's highly demanding world, even the most successful among us may find they are not reaching their full potential because of emotional trauma or unresolved interpersonal conflicts.The DeMartini Method is an all-encompassing approach that incorporates ground-breaking new ideas regarding mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Learn more...

Are You Feeling The Valentine's Day Pressure

To couples, Dr Demartini advises that it would be wise not to place too much pressure on one another to deliver a spectacular Valentine's Day experience. "The day could just be a reminder to be grateful for the person you're with."

Discover more... 

All4Women - Dr Demartini on Valentine's Day Pressures


If you are in a relationship it might be wise not to place too much pressure on one another to deliver a spectacular Valentine's Day experience. The day could just be a reminder to be grateful for the person you're with. Read here...

Adelaide Now - Forget Hollywood, Love's Not a Fairytale


Forget knights in shining armour and embrace the beer gut. Movie notions of romance are killing relationships. So says human behaviour expert Dr Demartini, who warns that unrealistic ideals of "happily ever after" are among the biggest causes of splits. Learn more...

Wellness Warrior - Dr Demartini on Cancer

Dr Greg Schreeuwer interviews Dr Demartini on his knowledge about the causes and treatment approach of cancer. To read more about Dr Demartini's reponse to these queries, click here.

Inner Healing Compass - Interview with Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses the 7 types of fears that stand in the way of knowing and living your purpose.

Oprah Magazine - Do You Love Your Job?

Dr John Demartini reveals how small changes to your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and words can lead to job satisfaction.


Spice4Life - Do What You Love and Love What You Do


When you link your daily actions to your purpose, you live the life you love.  If you don't fill your life with what you do love, it becomes filled with what you don't. Discover more insights...

Mail & Guardian - Teaching and Selling are Alike

Teaching is no different to selling a product or service. You are essentially selling knowledge to your students every day.When the teacher is inspired, the students can't wait to learn. Learn more...

DestinyMan - Five Steps to Effective Goal Setting

While some plan too much, others fail to plan at all. Setting achievable goals is an important part of personal and professional success. To know more about setting and achieving goals click here.

DestinyMan - How to Improve a Bad Relationship

It was the ancient Greeks that said if you see more similarities than differences in your partner, you have infatuation and if you see more differences than similarities, you have resentment. Dr. Demartini explains that when you have a balance of similarities and differences, you have a heart of love. Discover more...

Entrepreneur Magazine - Sell to Anyone, Anytime

Nothing gets done in this world without selling. Follow this method step-by-step and you will get a yes, but if you miss a step, you'll get a no. Access your GPS to selling here.

Mail & Guardian: The Look & Feel Good Expo

Are you seeking a more inspiring way to live your life? Do you want to learn how to transform your challenges? Are you ready to awaken your true potential? Click here to learn more about the Demartini Institute's exhibition space at the Look & Feel Good Expo.

DestinyMan- Dr Demartini Talks Wealth

Are you a slave to working for money or a master of having money work for you? Click here to learn about the action steps Dr Demartini renders to transform your financial destiny.

Your Business Magazine - Put It Down On Paper

Dr Demartini explains how adding meaning to your mission statement will define your inspiration and business growth. Learn more...

Practical Marketing - Nine Steps of Selling

Nothing gets done in this world without selling. Follow this sales method step-by-step and you will get a yes, but if you miss a step, you'll get a no. Click here to learn more.

All4Women - Meeting with Dr. John Demartini

Click here to read about an interview with Dr. John Demartini as he shares his knowledge about stress, fear and doing what you love.

Spice4Life - Bring Balance to Life

Do you feel overwhelmed, out of control and run by outer circumstances? In this article, Dr Demartini discusses how you can balance all 7 areas of your life including your emotions, your stresses and the expectations that put you under pressure. Click here to read article.

Spice4Life - Powerful Business Insights

Do you want to learn how to inspire your teams to stay focused on goals? Dr Demartini discusses how to get ahead in business and make your dreams reality. Click here to read article.

Raw Business - Dr Demartini Interviewed by Bradley Chapman


Dr Demartini discusses how he loves to inspire and activate potential in people and he also gives advice on how to deal with conflict and managing guilt. Read the article here.

All4Women - Balance Relationships

Dr. John Demartini shares some key insights on what is required to make a balanced relationship. Read the article here.

Anthill Online - Getting a Raise

Dr. John Demartini offers eight simple ways to ease the nerves and help get what you deserve. Read the article here.

Under30CEO - Corporate Vision

Creating a Compelling Company Vision With Dr. John Demartini. Read the article online HERE

Mail & Guardian - Finding the missing link


In this article Dr Demartini discusses how to activate genius and potential in children and demonstrates with a real-life example how he taught a young boy to excel by linking his highest values with his studies. Read article.

Mail & Guardian - Pinpointing Personal Values


Dr Demartini discusses how to inspire students and how teaching students through their values is one of the most valuable ways to increase concentration levels and to release the genius and potential within each student. Read article

Huffington Post - Post Bin Laden America

An article by Dr. John Demartini on the death of Osama Binladen. <<< Read here

Drakepulse - The Inspiration of Inspired Leaders


There exists an inborn potential for leadership inside each of us. Dr. Demartini has spent many decades studying the lives of great, inspired leaders. In this article Dr Demartini discusses the many traits they have in common. Read article - Businesses Grow Most at the Border of Support and Challenge


Do businesses require as much competition as they do cooperation and as much predator activity as they do prey? In this article, both portions of this question are answered. Read article. - Relationship Magic


Dr John Demartini presents simple guidelines to relationship fulfillment and the art of communicating with your partner effectively. Read at the Spice4Life website. - Top Leadership Strategies


Dr John Demartini covers the 5 S's of Leadership and how they translate into business growth and increased productivity. Read at the Spice4Life website. - Valentines Day Pressure

With valentines day coming up, Dr John Demartini explains why its important not to buy into the pressures associated with the day. Read at the Spice4Life website.

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Real Solutions - Webinar

A recent webinar during which Dr. John Demartini talks about the Breaktrhough Experience and how it can help you. - A Balanced Relationship

Read this insightful we article where Dr John Demartini explains how to stabilise your relationship and maintain balanced love. Read at the Spice4Life website... - New Years Resolutions

In this web article Dr John Demartini answers question of why we set goals for ourselves on New Year's Day as opposed to other times of the year. Read at the Spice4Life website... - Oh My God: Divinity (God)


Dr Demartini explains the differences between True Divinity and False Divinity. Read this insightful article by Dr John Demartini. - Inside the Bully

Have you ever felt so challenged by someone that you reached your limit and became so resentful, vindictive or aggressive that you imagined yourself almost doing the unthinkable? Read this insightfull article by Dr John Demartini surrounding a problem faced by so many.

Hay House Radio

What do you really want out of life? Dr. John Demartini joins Diane to talk about getting clear with your life purpose and learning how to make your dreams a reality. His new book Inspired Destiny gives you tools to help you clarify what you want to do in life and develop a master plan to create the life you would truly love. It's time to stop living the way someone else thinks you should live and discover a new inspired destiny. Listen to the Hay House Radio interview

Destiny Man - Achieving Your Goals

How many times have you set seemingly achievable goals, only to find that you rarely accomplish them? It all boils down to individual values. Read Dr. Demartini's article on Achieving your Goals in the May edition of Destiny Man.


You Can Rise Above Financial Woes. If the recession has cost your job, your house, your car, or even all three, chances are it has robbed you of your dignity, responsibility and productivity too. Read the full article by Dr. John Demartini



Life Guru: John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is an institution, literally and figuratively. The Houston-based behavioural specialist heads up the Demartini Institute, travelling the world on back of his bestselling pearls of wisdom.


To view the complete atricle go to Sandton Mag Online


Should I Stay or Should I Go. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. To read the full on-line article by Dr. John Demartini.

Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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