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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



Citizen - Are you addicted to social media?

Dr John Demartini shares his views on social media addiction in this frank Q&A session.View here.

Townsville bulletin - Five tips of becoming Wealthy

John Demartini reveals how he went from a homeless boy to multi-millionaire. View here.

Sunday Weekend Argus, The Good Weekend - Are you on track with your goals for the year?

Are you on track with your goals for the year? by Dr John Demartini.

Sunday Weekend Argus, The Good Weekend - Toxic Relationships



Dealing with a Toxic Relationship, by Dr John Demartini.

Sunday Weekend Argus, The Good Weekend - It's vital to learn how to teach your children the value of money



It's vital to learn how to teach your children the value of money, by Dr John Demartini.

Adelaide Advertiser - Four Steps to earning Trust

Four Steps to earning Trust by Dr John Demartini.

Sunday Weekend Argus, The Good Weekend - The Evil Twins Jealousy and Envy



Envy is a reaction to lacking something. Jealousy is a reaction to the threat of losing something, says Dr John Demartini.View here.

Cairns Post - Learn to value money and ease financial stress


Learn to value money and ease financial stress by Dr John Demartini.

Daily Telegraph - Learn to value money and ease financial stress


Learn to value money and ease financial stress by Dr John Demartini.

Gold Coast Bulletin- Learn to value money and ease financial stress

Learn to value money and ease financial stress by Dr John Demartini.

Sowetan - Dr John Demartini

T-Bose gets himself a new pair of `eyes' to view life. View here.

Canberra Times- Stepping stones to team success


Dr John Demartini says establishing trust will set your team apart from the competition. View here.

Sunday Independent, Life - Your beauty is not a comparison

Your beauty is not a comparison by Dr John Demartini.

Sunday Independent - Why is the company we keep so important to our happiness?


Why is the company we keep so important to our happiness? by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Sunday Independent - Respect for teen's values is crucial

Dr John Demartini shares his views on how to build confidence in a teen who doesn't fit the perfect mould.View here.

Sunday Independent - How to make this year your best


Dr John Demartini gives tips on how to make this year your best.View here.

DailySun - When motherhood means misery

Dr Demartini explains that many mothers experience feelings of emptiness, loss of identity and then anger and resentment when their fantasy of motherhood does not match up to the reality . View here.

Pretoria News - Get that critical first question right

Get that critical first question right by Timothy Webster. View here. 

The Citizen - How to survive your 30s

Dr John Demartini shares how to  to survive your 30s.View here.

Hope Talk - How to get off the streets

Dr John Demartini talks about living on the streets - and getting off them.

Hills Shire Times - Prove your value

ASKING your manager for a pay rise is up there with doing tax on the list of things we’d like to avoid, Dr John Demartini says it’s actually easier than you might think.

Weekend Australia - Honest is the best policy to bring out staff's full potential


People grow at the boundary of support and challenge.

The Star Workplace - Value determination and its role in hiring process


Dr John Demartini advises employers to hire employees for the values they display as much as for their skills and abilities.

The Star - Keeping New Year's Resolutions by setting the right goals


'The key to success is setting them in line with the things you value the most', Dr John Demartini says. View here.

Pretoria News - Tips to keep your New Year's resolutions


Dr John Demartini gives tips to keep your New Year's resolutions. View here.

Citizen - Holiday Stress

Dr John Demartini talks about the fantasy of the perfect family holiday. View here.

The Star - Focus on what's most meaningful

Dr John Demartini offers advice on finding the Perfect Job.

Randburg Sun -Set your own Goals

Dr John Demartini encourages people to start living their own lives and set goals.

The Eagle -The Inspiring 12 steps to Great Achievement


Dr John Demartini explains the steps to reach one's full potential in life.

The Star - Women must stand up and empower themselves


Dr. John Demartini believes if a woman gets a job done better than a man, she deserves the job.

The Star - Choose a Job that has Long term Prospects


Dr Demartini empasizes how can we best prepare ourselves and our children for future careers with technology  evolving at a rapid rate.  

Citizen - Six sex myths busted

Dr Demartini believes it is important to use your sexuality wisely and moderately and to understand that its part of life. You need to become the master of your destiny and not the victim of your history.

Saturday Weekend Argus - A mentor's values must be aligned with yours


Dr. Demartini believes there is undoubted value in choosing a mentor or coach to help you build your business however you need to go about it in a way that ensures you benefit from the experience. 

Citizen - Live well, age well

People who are self-governed and disciplined with more order in their physiology tend to live longer.

The Star - Select a mentor whose values are aligned with yours


Dr. John Demartini believes there is value in choosing a mentor or coach that will help you build your business.

Diamond Fields Advertiser - How to make that corner office your reality


Dr. Demartini believes to remain energised you must fill your time with what inspires you.

Mercury - Career change can lead you to your dream job


Dr Demartini believes if you are in the middle of a mid-career crisis it may be time for a change.

Star Workplace - Keen on a new career? Here's how to go about it


Dr Demartini believes staying in an unfulfilling job until you retire may not be the wisest path.

Finweek - Pursuit of the purpose economy

Dr. Demartini emphasises that any business venture should ideally start with the question of 'How can I serve?' and thereby fulfil a well-defined need. This is the basis for any successful and sustainable business.

Sunday Times Extra - Challenges have helped writer to help others


Dr. Demartini's quote " Dont be a victim of your history, but be the master of your destiny" is the best quote that author Adila Vahed has come across.

Star - Debunking romantic myths

Childhood fairytales have taught us couples live happily ever after. This and other fantasies and myths can stop you from fully experiencing the riches relationships have to offer. Dr. Demartini shares top 10 relationship myths.

Mercury - Hire staff whose values resonate with the firm's


Dr. Demartini believes salary is important, but there are other factors that make employees feel valued and these include things like prestige, flexibility, lifestyle and fulfillment.

Daily News - Getting it right with employees of great value


Dr. Demartini believes employee engagement is the key to company success, therefore, the selection of new employees who will be fully engaged is crucial.

Pretoria News - Peek into misleading myths in relationships


There is no true opposite, only an apparent opposite. Every human has the same potential for love, anger, greatness, hope, despair and so forth. What you see in a romantic partner is also present in you. It is just expressed in a different way.

Townsville Bulletin - Liam on the light track

Overfed and Undernourished features an interview from Dr. John Demartini which seeks to motivate others to transform their life with healthy eating habits.

The Star - Working bullying out of the office

Everyone has the potential to be a bully when they have had their buttons pushed. When we have our higher values challenged enough, we can all become reactive and display bullying traits. Dr. Demartini shares some successful methods to use to combat bullying in the workplace effectively.

Sunday News - How to stop screen time-wasting

Dr. John Demartini believes we all have a calling that should get us out of bed in the morning feeling ‘‘on fire’’ – and many are distracted from that calling by the digital world.

Cape Times - Man on a mission to share the meaning of leadership


Dr. Demartini believes that every individual has a hierarchy of values based on whatever they think is most missing in their lives and therefore what they think is most important. As a leader you may want to find out what is most missing to your followers and align to that. Continue reading...

Beeld - Sometimes all on the dark side

Dr. Demartini believes life is full of seemingly impossible contradictions, but it need not be a hindrance. The idea that life can just be fun-filled and positive, is a myth. This quest can drive you crazy if you do not make peace with and take ownership of the "dark side." Continue reading.

The Times - His grandness is not to be mourned

"Nelson Mandela's grandness is not to be mourned, but his everlasting presence will be recognised, respected and appreciated for centuries" says, Dr John Demartini.

Cape Times - Summit a Roaring Success

World-leading human behavioral specialist; Dr John Demartini started proceedings at the Succee Summit with an in-depth study on practical ways to develop one's full potential. 

Weekend Post - Everyone has the potential to be great


In this interview, Dr. Demartini said, "I believe every human being can transform their lives and double their potential in Botswana or any part of the world," Asked on how his teachings would help one especially in such challenging economic times he said that the fact that the world economy is depressed right now is no reason for people to fold their arms. It is wise to find your niche and ask how can you get paid to do what you would love to do. Continue reading...  

MX Sydney - Heart Stopper

Dr Demartini says unrealistic expectations can have a fatal effect on any relationship as people look for Hollywood movie moments.

MX Melbourne - Heart Stopper

Valentine's Day can act as a great reminder to truly share your appreciation and love for your partner and yourself. Communicate what would be meaningful and valuable for you to do, says Dr Demartini

Herald Sun - Love's Not a Fairytale

Dr Demartini advises couples that realistic expectations are essential for lasting love and fulfilling relationships.

MX Brisbane - Heart Stopper

Valentine's Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. But more often than not, couples can suddenly find themselves single and alone on February 14. Dr Demartini elaborates on the pressures that tag along with Valentine's Day.


Saturday Star - When the World's Your Oyster

Dr Demartini will be featuring a Privileged Leadership and Lifestyle Program aboard The World Ship, which Dr Demartini has made his home.

The Teacher - Teaching and Selling are Alike

This article articulates Dr Demartini's lessons for teachers to determine and communicate in terms of their students' values in order to maxime teaching and learning.

The Teacher - Learn From Your Reactions

This article echoes Dr Demartini's brainwork on the bullying-bullied dynamic and action steps to transform reactions into wise actions.

The Press - Dr Demartini gives a talk in Christchurch


Dr Demartini gave a complimentary talk in Christchurch to assist the residents in dealing with the aftermath of the earthquakes that have hit them. He discussed techniques to assist them to deal with grief and loss of loved ones.

The Teacher - Find the right balance

It's possible for mothers to run a home and family successfully, while working full-time. Dr. John Demartini, human behavior specialist, discusses the importance of knowing yourself to be able to juggle motherhood and a career.

Business Day - Dr. John Demartini

A recent introductory article about Dr. John Demartini, his work, life and vision.

The New Age - Finding Balance

In this article Dr. John Demartini talks about the importance of finding balance, and the joys once you have attained it. Read the article here

The Teacher - Ripple effect of an inspirational teacher


Dr Demartini discusses the effect of how an inspired teacher can have a profound effect their pupil's lives.

The Star - Motivating Your Students

This article covers a talk Dr. John Demartini delivered recently at St. Stithians school pinpointing some steps and tools teachers can use to get students to perform.

Beeld - Adapt for Stress Relief

In this article Dr. Demartin talks about the main causes of stress and how to work through them.

Saturday Star - Challenges and Battles

Getting one challenge out of the way doesn t mean the battle has been won

Sunday Telegraph - Tapping into Your Potential


In this article Dr Demartini covers how he aspired to become a teacher and author and travel the world. He gives advice on how to encourage others to fulfill their potential.

The Cyprus - Daily Newspaper

Dr. John Demartini was recently featured on a 3-page spread in The Cyprus daily newspaper.

Saturday Star - Japan's Crisis is also a Blessing


There is always the other side to every event including the so-called disaster which recently struck Japan. With exaggerated emotions, this event would appear to be all doom and gloom...

People's Post - MOT Teachers Hailed

Dr Demartini keynote speaker at MOT International Conference

Tygerburger - Youth Who Say YES

If the testimonies of youth who spoke at the MOT International Courage2B Conference at Spier were anything to go by, it would be sufficient proof of the success of MOT.

The Courier Mail - Quest to Find a Better Bonus

Read as Dr Demartini explains how money is not always the biggest motivating factor for employees.

Sunday Times - Vision Fuels Productivity

Dr Demartini talks about the importance of linking employees' duties to their values, and how personal vision fuels productivity.

The Star - Demartini Dares Matrics

Read how Dr Demartini highlights some of the positive elements which came out of the recent industrial action and the challenge he lays down to the matric students.

Pretoria News - Demartini Study Tips

Dr Demartini offers matrics some valuable tips and advice on studying and preparing for their final examsn in the aftermath of the recent industrial action.

Pretoria News - Teachers' strike a lesson

Dr Demartini offers his views and insights into the recent public servants' strike, and the impact it has had on pupils.

Sunday Argus - Top US Speaker Inspires

An article in the weekend press about a talk Dr. John Demartini delivered at Pollsmoor prison.

Die Burger - Prisoners at Pollsmoor

A newspaper article in the afrikaans press featuring Dr. John Demartini and his recent visit to Pollsmoor prison.

People's Post - Learn About Business

A promotional snippet in the People's Post.

Saturday Star - Free Your Mind

Dr. John Demartini explains how balancing your perceptions and emotions can lead to a less stressful and more fulfilling life.

Servamus - Public / Private Partnerships

An article on the greater use of public/private partnerships in law enforcement and financial assistance from government featuring insights by Dr. John Demartini

The Star - Seed of Greatness in Everyone!

There is a Seed of Greatness in Everyone! Dr. John Demartini presents an inspiring talk to more than 1000 maximum security prisoners and prison warders at Krugersdorp Correctional Services in South Africa.

Weekend Herald - Secrets to Success!

'I want to help people identify their values, set goals and make sure those goals are for things they can actually do' Read Dr. John Demartini's interview in the Weekend Herald.

The Press - Recession...a blessing?

How do you power through a downturn without falling into grips of a depression? Better yet, how to make it work to your advantage? Read Dr. John Demartini's interview in The Press - Christchurch

Cape Argus - Saving...first steps!

Saving is the first step to better opportunity! Don't put unnecessary luxury purchases and debt payments before investing in your future, writes Dr. John Demartini

People's Post - Group Inspiration

Dr Demartini was the keynote speaker toProudly Mitchell's Plain, a group including Mitchell's Plain Youth Development Council (MPYDC), Mitchell's Plain Disablility Forum (MPDF), Ambassadors for Youth at Risk (AYR) and Mitchell's Plain Development Agency (MPDA).

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