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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



AZ Green Magazine - Power of Inspired Vision

Don't underestimate the power of inspired, soul-directed vision; it's the most powerful resource you have access to.

Verve Magazine - Build a New Union for the New Year


How rosy does your relationship look going into 2011? Perhaps it's time to revisit the laws of lasting love.

Succeed Magazine - 6 Steps to Personal Power

Succeed Magazine features Dr Demartini in this in-depth discovery of human potential and personal power. Tes Ebersohn also uncovers "The Story Behind the Man".

Good Health Magazine - 6 Secrets

A very informative article in which Dr Demartini shares insights into kick-starting your new year.

Foschini Club - Gear Up for a Great Start

 Dr Demartini talks about dedicating this year to you in this list of things to gear up for in 2011. 

HR Future - Inspired Employees

Dr. John Demartini shares some hiring tips and explains why its important to employ individuals who are inspired rather than motivated.

Prestige Magazine - Inspired Education

Read this fascinating article by contributing author Dr Demartini on how the human race must continue to further educate ourselves by delving into the great classics or we could cease evolution and face extinction.

Amawinna - 10 Steps To Living Confidently

Read this insightful article in which Dr John Demartini shares 10 steps to living confidently.

Grazia Magazine - The Power of One

Read as Dr Demartini is quoted alongside Miranda Kerr in the article: The Power of One

Amawinna - Live Life With Integrity

Read this informative article by Dr John Demartini in which he shares some insights into living life with integrity.

Prestige Magazine - Inspired Leaders

There exists an inborn potential for leadership inside each of us. This potential may be expressed at different levels and in different ways within our individual social spheres of influence.

People Magazine - Slumdog Millionaire

An insightful article about Dr. Demartini's journey from being a physically handicapped, learning disabled 'beach bum' to becoming one of the world's most respected intellectuals.

Prestige Magazine - Empowered Destiny

It is our inherent nature and intuitive desire to expand and stretch ourselves in all areas of lives and certainly in our overall awareness and influence.

Amawinna - A Service Of Love

Read this short, but informative introduction into the history of Dr John Demartini.

Succeed Magazine - Release Your Inner Leader

Where does your inherent leadership reside? What are the most important elements of leadership? Can you be successful in business without being a great leader? Read the following article to find out answers to these questions, learn basic leadership guidelines and find out why the behaviour of some leaders don’t quite fit the mould.

Prestige Magazine - The Demartini Story

If you delve into the lives of the most successful people on Earth you will usually find one common denominator: they have all endured some form of hardship, either physically, mentally or circumstantially. In Dr Demartini's case it was all three.

Life - What Do You Value?

Article featuring Dr. John Demartini dealing with values and how to identify them.

Living and Loving - Keeping the Peace

An insightfull article about divorce and how to get through it without declaring war on your partner, with important messages by Dr John Demartini.

Cleo - The Waiting Game

How good are you at playing the waiting game?

Entrepreneur Magazine - Determining Values

Dr John Demartini unpacks how determining your values and working in congruence with them can lead to greater business and personal success. To read click icon on the right.

Vrouekeur - My Maat is Verkrag

A recent article in the afrikaans press dealing with the topic of rape featuring insights by Dr. John Demartini.

Fairlady - Yes I Can

Dr. John Demartini talks about working around your problems and provides 10 key questions to get you started.

Weigh-Less Wellness - Stress Bail Out

An article about stress management featuring insights by Dr. John Demartini.

CEO - Leaders Are Humans, Not Heroes

Dr. John Demartini discusses how global society tends to often hero-worship, instead of appreciate the
balance and respect their leaders.

Complete Yoga - Master of Mind

Dr. John Demartini talks about the impact which Yogic practice had on his life and how it still forms part of his teaching today.

Sarie - Verhoudings

An article in the Afrikaans press by Dr. John Demartini on the topic of relationships.

Femina - Is Dr. Demartini for Real?

An insightfull article about Dr. John Demartini, his lifestyle, his vision and his goals.

Femina - Is Demartini for Real?

Read the interview with Cathy Eden as Dr. Demartini shares insights into his childhood, being labeled "learner disabled," his inspiration and the Demartini Institute.

Leadership Magazine - Personal Brand Building

An interesting article relating to leading by example featuring Dr. John Demartini.

Odyssey Magazine - Beyond the Secular

In this magazine article Dr. John Demartini explores the link between science and spirituality.

FHM - The Secret to Better Sex

Indulge in this article in which Dr John Demartini reveals that the human sex organ is not the sexual organ itself, or even the brain. The sex organs are human perception.

Oprah Magazine - Five-Point Plan to Fulfillment

Dr. John Demartini reveals how small changes to your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and words can add up to a sense of contentment.

HR Magazine - Values Determine What We Do!

Why is culture important when hiring people? We forget that companies are human systems, not unemotional inanimate objects. Therefore the attraction and retention of the right people in any business is crucial to its success.

The Australian Women's Week - Love Yourself!

Dr John Demartini Interviewed in the Australian Women's Week. 'Tell yourself these simple maxims each day and discover who you really are!' To read full article click icon.

Canadian Health & Lifestyle - The Gratitude Effect

Read the Canadian Health & Lifestyle's review on The Gratitude Effect, one of 40 books written by world-renowned author and human behavior specialist, Dr. John Demartini.

Succeed Magazine - Building Your Life's Profile!

In this world, you ultimately receive exactly what you feel you deserve, no more and no less. Building your profile in business is very much about building your profile in life. Read the complete article by Dr. Demartini in Succeed Magazine.

Wealth Creator - The Art of Selling

Read the full article as featured in the Wealth Creator magazine. Dr. John Demartini shares his insights on the art of selling and how he marketed his skills with his 28 second sales pitch in an elevator!

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