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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



Magnifique - How to awaken your child's inner Genuis



How to awaken your child's inner Genuis by Dr Demartini.

OH Mag - Why you shouldn't fake it until you make it

Dr John Demartini explains why the fake it;til you make it' notion is a bad idea.

Magnifique - Every Crisis has a Blessing

Every Crisis has a Blessing by Dr John Demartini. 

Edgars Club Magazine - How to crack the GRATITUDE Habit

How to crack the GRATITUDE Habit.

Good Health - Break Up with Your inner Critic

Break Up with Your inner Critic by Dr John Demartini.

Cosmopolitan - New Year Resolutions are so 2017

New Year Resolutions are so 2017, by Dr John Demartini.

Entrepreneur - Using your highest value to drive success



Using your highest value to drive success by Dr John Demartini.

Natural Medicine - Miracle versus Law

Miracle versus Law by Dr John Demartini.

Prestige - The Pursuit of Happiness

Dr John Demartini gets between the concept of success and happiness and whether they love or hate each other.

Edgars Club Man - How to get a raise

Six steps to getting what you're worth, by Dr John Demartini.

All 4 Women - False confidence

Why fake confidence could be your downfall by Dr John Demartini. View here. 

Natural Medicine - Justice

Justice by Dr John Demartini. View here. 

Prestige - Going Green

Dr John Demartini explains how to address feelings of Jealousy and Envy.View here. 

Magnifique - The Secret to a lasting relationship

The Secret to a lasting relationship by Dr John Demartini.

Natural Medicine - Bad & Good

Bad and Good by Dr John Demartini. View here. 

Women’s Fitness - Brave New World

You've got your physical strength sorted,but what about your inner power?Cultivate courage to tackle life's challenges right here.

Natural Medicine - Pain and Pleasure

Pain and Pleasure by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Prestige - Inner Fear

Learn how to control the 7 Primary fears that limit your Potential and Self Belief, By Dr John Demartini.View here. 

Natural Medicine - Truth

Truth by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Natural Medicine - Disease and health

 Disease and health by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Prestige - It's Your Life, Control It

It's Your Life, Control It, by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Mango Juice - How to find happiness in times of adversity


How to find happiness in times of adversity by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Natural Medicine - Prosperity

True posperity is the inevitable reward for a willingness to walk the path of service with Love, to open our hearts to the magnificence of our Universe.View here.

Natural Medicine - Price and Prize

Price and Prize by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Prestige - Ups and Downs

Chris Buchanan speaks to Dr John Demartini about the Pitfalls of being Historically dependent.View here.

Your Business - How to set high-Priority Goals

Dr John Demartini on how to set strategic goals and see your business soar. View here.

Shortlist - Recruiter goals risk falling into 'New Year resolution trap


"Any time you're not fulfilling what's meaningful to you and highest on your values, you're vulnerable to immediate gratification," says Dr John Demartini.

WOW Magazine - Honour your children for who they really are


Honour your children for who they really are by Dr John Demartini. View here.

Natural Medicine - Poverty

May we finally realise that no matter what we get, it is because of what we give. If we want more, we must give more. View here.

PKWY - How to keep your financial resolutions fizzle - Proof

How to keep your financial resolutions fizzle - Proof by Dr John Demartini.View here. 

Dis-Chem Benefits - What can cause depression and lead to suicidal thought?


What can cause depression and lead to suicidal thought by Dr John Demartini?View here.

Career Success - How to deal with your boss's personality IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY


Dr John Demartini identifies some personalities types that we can come across in the executives we assist. View here.

Prestige Magazine - Dress for Success

Dress for Success by Dr John Demartini. View here.


Dr John Demartini says, "If he loves.communicating or conversing with you about future activities you both look forward to doing together, then it's a good sign. View here.

Entrepreneur Magazine - 4 Simple Rules For Entrepreneurs To Live and Work By In 2017


4 Simple Rules For Entrepreneurs To Live & Work By In 2017 By Dr John Demartini. View here.

Texas CEO Feature - The pool of social Media

Finding the narcissism/altruism balance by Dr John Demartini.View here. 

Nature & Health - Meet Dr John

Meet Dr John Demartini.View here.

Natural Medicine - Attraction

Attraction By Dr John Demartini.

Beverly Hills Times - A message of Hope

' It's Time,and it's Okay for you to confront your Fears' says Dr John Demartini. View page 11.

Rooi Rose - The Breakthrough Experience – John Demartini

The Breakthrough Experience – John Demartini. View here. 

Nature & Health - Give Yourself permission to be extraordinary


You've got to give yourself permission to do the extraordinary. You've got to ask yourself the right questions to bring it out. 

Natural Medicine - Our Dominant thought becomes who we are


Our Dominant thought becomes who we are by Dr John Demartini. View here. 

Prestige - TEAM PLAYER

Dr John Demartini says success doesn't being a team player, some highly succesful leaders and managers prefer to do things on their own. View here.

Entrepreneur Magazine - Why Conflict Resolution Is A Matter Of Matching Values


Dr John Demartini explains why conflict resolution is a matter of matching values.View here.

Natural Medicine - Root and Fruit

This is the gift of our Creator; experiences of pain and pleasure teach us love. Page 50 - 51.

Prestige - Silver Foxes

 Dr John Demartini says your better off looking to the latter because they will hold a better natural sphere of influence.

Waterfront-magazine - 9 Travel habits for living Globally


Shannon Skinner interviews Dr John Demartini about his secret to global living.

Natural Medicine - Discover your inner key to healing

Dr John Demartini explains how to look inwards to your inner physiology, spiritually. 

Entrepreneur - What 15 Entrepreneurs Learned From Their First Summer Jobs



Dr John Demartini gives advice on what he learned from his first summer Job. View here.

Cosmo Magazine - How to Manage your Manager

Dr John Demartini gives tips about How to Manage your Manager.

Natural Medicine - Fall and Rise

We gradually discover who we are, we discover that we are a divine expression of our soul, a light of God, a being of magnificence and beauty.


Dr John Demartini says leaders with great wisdom pursue challenging, inspiring, meaningful and contributive endeavors.

Adelaide Advertiser - 6 Steps to ask for a raise

Dr John Demartini gives 6 steps to ask for a raise.

Natural Medicine - Little Children

Our magnificent Universe recites volumes to us, fills our eyes with radiant images and lifts us to higher planes. View here.


Even the highest profile leaders are riddled with fears, Dr John Demartini gives tips on how to master the most common of them.

Prestige - Confident success

Chris Buchanan speaks to Dr John Demartini about true confidence within and where it comes from.

Natural Medicine - Chance or Choice

‘Evolution’ unfolds in two ways, by outward expansion and inward contraction. We evolve in both directions simultaneously. Breathing in and breathing out are both necessary to sustain our evolving life. 

LONGEVITY - How to overcome the fear of failure

Dr John Demartini advises on how to overcome the fear of failure.  

Natural Medicine - Inner thought and outer condition


We need to embrace our inner creativity and listen to our soul in order to live life in rhythmic harmony.

LONGEVITY - How to cope with super-mom syndrome


Dr John Demartini adviseson how to cope with super mom syndrome. View here.

Prevention Magazine - 5 Things you should know about true happiness


Dr John Demartini shares 5 simple things about true happiness. 

WEIGHLESS - Are you fighting fair?

Dr John Demartini says the wworst thing you can do in an argument is to try dominate,criticise and threaten the other party. 

Natural Medicine - Is there a difference between your brain and mind?


What is the difference between your brain and your mind, and how much control does your brain or mind have over your actions and thoughts? Dr John Demartini explains.

Prestige - Habit forming Success

Dr John Demartini talks about the pillars that support success and they're habit forming.

Hello JHB - Five relationship myths

Dr John Demartini shares five relationship myths. View here.

Longevity - How to live comfortably outside your comfort zone


Dr John Demartini gives advice on how to live comfortably outside your comfort zone. View here.

Get It - 7 areas of human development

Dr John Demartini shares some tips on how to master your destiny and it’s rather basic. View here.

SA Leader - How to become wealthy

Dr John Demartini discusses the one thing we all aspire to have in life – wealth ­– and what this means to different people. View here.

The Life Connection - 4 Ways Gratitude Can Help You Succeed in Love and Life


Dr John Demartini provides some of the ways expressing gratitude can help you succeed in love and life. View here.

Entrepreneur Magazine - Hiring the right people

Dr John Demartini explains how to identify job applicants who share the values of your company and will add real value to it. View here.

Natural Medicine - The Garden of Life

If we hear only the voice of our soul and see only the vision of our soul,then our reward flows effortlessly and abundantly from our harmonious universe. 

HELLO JHB - How to slow the ageing process

There are two definites in life - ageing and dying. Dr John Demartini explains how to slow both physically and mentally. View here.

Essays of Africa - 4 Ways To Keep New Year's Resolutions


Dr John Demartini gives tips for keeping your resolutions this year. View here.

Slim Magazine - Are your secrets making you sick?

Dr John Demartini believes secrets are best shared. View article on page 47.

Glamour - How to set New Year’s resolutions you can keep

Dr Demartini believes that if you make a resolution that’s not aligned with what you really value, you have almost no hope of achieving it. View here.

LONGEVITY - Tips to aging gracefully

Dr John Demartini gives tips on how to age gracefully. View here.

Natural Medicine - Become a master of cause and effect


This Universe runs upon a magnificent framework of 'cause' and 'effect' . View here.

Epic Mentors

From homeless, to international perfomance specialist in 61 countries - Dr John Demartini shares. View here.

MindFood - To Do List

Dr John Demartini says list making has more benefits then we think.

OHBaby - Taming the Tantrum


Alexia Santamaria spoke to Dr John Demartini about toddlers and their tempers.

Hello Joburg - 10 Principles for business success

Dr John Demartini offers 10 essential principles for a successful business. View here.

Natural Medicine - As a man thinketh in his heart so is he


Dr John Demartini on Mind,Body and Soul. View here.

Prestige - Critical attributes for success

Dr John Demartini lists the most important attributes that are important for success. View here.

Prestige - Fear of Failure

Dr John Demartini offers advice on how to overcome your fear of failure. View here.

Hello Joburg - 10 Steps to Confidence

Dr John Demartini offers 10 tips on how to live confidently. View here .

Natural Medicine - 12 Ways to Age Healthily

Dr John Demartini explains 12 ways to age healthily . View here.

Wealthwise Mag -Three Steps to Reaching Your Business Potential

Dr John Demartini provides his top three tips for achieving your business potential. View here .

Prestige - 6 steps to wealth

Many people have a fantasy about building wealth which differs from the actual value system of building wealth, Dr Demartini explains the 6 easy steps.

Entrepreneur Magazine - 7 Character Traits Every Entrepreneur Can Cultivate


Dr John Demartini divulges a few important character traits that entrepreneurs are wise to recognise or cultivate if they desire to be great achievers. View here.

Hello Joburg - How to live by your highest value


Dr John Demartini explains how to live by your own unique hierarchy of values so that you live an inspiring, meaningful and fulfilling life. View here.

Boss Magazine - Dr John Demartini on Human- Centered Leadership


Dr Demartini shares his Wisdom on what makes a good human-centered leader in today's business environment. View here

What's New in Fitness - Reaching Your Business Potential


Dr Demartini provides his top 5 tips for Achieving your Potential. View here .

Natural Medicine - DE-STRESS

Dr Demartini shares his practical tools on how to de-stress body and soul making it possible for you to consider a life where you can spring out of bed with enthusiasm and fire, ready to accomplish all of your goals without stress.

Longevity - Help your special needs children fulfil their true highest value


Dr John Demartini advices parents to help their special-needs children fulfil their highest values. View here.

GQ - How To Master The Art Of Networking

Dr John Demartini shares tips on creating more business leads than you could ever follow up on, by mastering the art of networking. View here

I DO - Why do married couples go astray?

Dr. Demartini believes all individuals are only loyal to fulfilling their own highest values.

Natural Medicine - Secret Wisdom of the Inner Voice


Dr. John Demartini believes genius, creativity and a silent power emerge from your heart and mind the moment you listen to your inner voice.

Longevity Magazine - Become a reflection of your giving


Dr. Demartini shares eight position empowering action steps to consider before you ever ask for what you want at your company.

SA Leader - How to ask for a salary increase

Do some groundwork before you ask for a raise. Dr. John Demartini has broken this up into 10 clear and concise steps.

Kids Voice - Inspired Teachers give rise to inspired students


Dr John Demartini advices how inspired teachers give rise to inspired students. View article on page 9.

Natural Medicine - Addictive behaviour in teenagers


Dr. John Demartini gives advice on teenagers and substance abuse and how parents can help their children overcome this.

default image
Premier - The Balance Guru

Dr. Demartini teaches that balance consitutes divine order and that even the most terrible events always contain hidden blessings.

Binah Magazine - My Perfect Picture - A Personal Paradigm Shift


An article about how the Demartini Method helps a jewish couple see the perfect picture in their marriage.

Success Magazine - Overcome Your Fears

Dr. John Demartini gives advice on how to overcome four common types of worries that can fragment our full potential.

Natural Medicine - The Fair Exhange

Dr. Demartini believes it is wise to maintain an equal exhange when you're being compensated to do what you love - that is, to give and receive fairly and ensure that both your needs and the needs of those you serve are being met.

SA Leader - The Key to Entrepreneurship

Dr. Demartini gives advice on how to fulfil your highest values as an entrepreneur by finding your own niche.

Wealthwise Mag - The Path to Fulfillment and Happiness


Most people perceive happiness as one-sided and over time they set up unrealistic expectations in their pursuit of happiness. Dr. Demartini prefers the word fulfillment and not happiness.

Natural Medicine - The body's response to stress

Dr. John Demartini believes stress is the inability to adapt to an ever-changing environment. How we deal with stress is what can elimiate the effect of illness on the body.

The Best You - A life changer

Dr. John Demartini is a genuine force for good. Find out how he overcame dropping out of school, his disability and a near-death experience to help others find their authentic selves. View here.

Prestige Magazine - Never Unprepared

The nature of business is one of uncertainty. You can plan, set goals and aim for a certain outcome but the uncertainty is likely to change the course of any direction you might have steered your ship. Dr John Demartini provides some insight on adaptability to change.

Natural Medicine - A (new) relationship will make me happy


Dr. Demartini believes the purpose of relationships is to help awaken you to the inherent balance existing within and around you and to assist you in acknowledging your own magnificence and wholeness.

Longevity Magazine - Learn to appreciate your physical body


Dr. Demartini believes when you take time to see that all of the parts of your body are serving you in your life, you can appreciate your body for what it is and empower yourself.

Wealthwise Mag - 'Your purpose is an expression of your highest value'


Dr. Demartini answers questions about purpose, self-worth, time management and knowing when to quit.

Mamas & Papas - i-Parenting: Technology in Your Home


Dr. John Demartini believes when technology becomes addictive and compulsive, it creates isolation of family members from those closest to them.

Splash Magazine - Using Mindfulness to Determine Your Values


Dr. Demartini shares his secrets in his latest book The Vaules Factor.  Moreover, the use of mindfulness can assist you in prioritizing your values and goals so that you can lead the life you have always envisioned. View here.

Aspire Magazine - Beyond Limitation, a story of extra-ordinary will


Dr. Demartini shares his tales of big waves, near death experience and remarkable determination to live out his infinite potential. He believes the greatest difference you're going to make is when you are simply you.

Longevity Magazine - Realising Your Potential

Dr. Demartini shares on the 7 areas of life that we are here to fulfill.

Natural Medicine - Balance, Fear and Guilt

Everyone experiences what at first appear to be obstacles in life. That's a given. What may not be obvious is that the only things capable of truly stopping you are fear and guilt.

Living With Diabetes - How our perceptions determine our wellness and illness


Dr. Demartini believes there is a connection between the mind and the body. Everything you perceive actually impacts your physiology and your physiology reveals your psychology. 

Good Magazine - Steps to Digital Detox

Giving yoursef a clean break, even if its just for a day, is great way to launch your detox and a start point for monitoring your tech use thereafter.

Natural Medicine - An attitude of gratitude

Dr. Demartini believes those who count their blessings, who are grateful, have more blessings and fulfillment in life than those who do not. Gratitude is the key to healing, growth and fulfillment.

Longevity Magazine - The Fair Exchange Equation


Dr Demartini teaches how to increase your self-worth so you can maximise what you give and receive in life.

People Dynamics - The pros & cons of using psychometric tests


Dr. Demartini teaches about the pros and cons of using psychometric tests.

Longevity Magazine - Feelings of Anxiety

Dr Demartini explains how you can liberate yourself from a lifetime of unconsciously triggered phobias and anxieties.

Longevity Magazine - Talking Suicide - A cry for help?


Dr. John Demartini believes you need to indentify the downsides of the fantasy to set yourself free from feelings of depression and suicide.

Natural Medicine - Illness

Many of you will already be aware that there is a connection between your mind and body, and you may wonder exactly how, what you perceive, actually impacts your physiology. Dr. Demartini focuses on illness issues and shares some helpful wellness insights.

Health Intelligence - A guide to being a single mom


Dr. Demartini says that the stress of being super mom often leads to a few physical symptoms and shares how working mothers can be more fulfilled and less stressed.

OH! Magazine - Disconnect to Reconnect

Dr. John Demartini explains how switching off the TV, phone and computer can help us refocus on what's important. View here.

Prestige Magazine - Ups and Downs

Dr. Demartini believes in every phase of a business cycle there are advantages and disadvantages. When things are booming, we can get blinded to the downside.

Natural Medicine - Stressed? Neutralise emotional charges

Our hierachy of values literally dictates the way we perceive our world, make decisions in it and act upon them and therefore governs our destinies and our adaptability to chaning environments (and therefore our stress levels).

BONA Magazine - Much needed time alone

Dr. Demartini advises that switching off our mobile phone once in a while could be the key to claiming our happiness back.

Longevity Magazine - Binge Drinking

Dr. Demartini believes it is wiser to fill your day with high priority actions that inspire you than to allow yourself to be persuaded to react to irrational pressure from the outside crowd.

Longevity Magazine - Juggling motherhood and a career


Dr. Demartini shares 10 tips on how to juggle motherhood and a career.

Wealthwise Mag - The Pressure of Having it All

Dr. Demartini shares his viewpoints on everyday challenges that affect women globally and shares how women can become more independent and better manage their time.

Natural Medicine - A balanced look at ageing

Dr. Demartini believes you should honour what you have done instead of dishonouring what you haven't done.

Prestige Magazine - Self Governance

Achieving anything in life depends on your ability to govern yourself and to work toward your own destiny. You alternative to be governed by others.

Longevity Magazine - Body Language

Body language plays a vital role in communication. Our words can be deceiving, but our body language can reveal our true feelings therefore Dr. Demartini highlights simple techniques in our body language that we can use to change the way we communicate with our partners.

Wealthwise Mag - The Family/Work Dilemma

Dr. Demartini shares how women who are playing many roles beyond the family caregiver situation can priortize and reduce stress.

Jetset Magazine - The Board and the Corporate Spirit


Having a chairman (woman) hold a vast enough corporate vision in their mind’s eye - that the entire board of directors working as a cohesive team with a perfect blend of both support and challenge for maximum corporate growth and development - can become inspired by and clear enough in their own individual visions to achieve the overall corporate mission and vision.

Jetset Magazine - Captains of Industry

Dr. Demartini believes great captains of industry are inspired business visionaries that build sustainable and enduring organizations. They know that what matters is what they do and how they can transform challenging circumstances or events into great returns. View here.

Nature and Health Magazine - 21 Ways to Strengthen Relationships


Dr. John Demartini shares 21 ways on how to strengthen relationships.

Your Investment Property - Put a Value on Wealth

Dr. Demartini talks about what wealthy people look like inside and out. People that are wealthy have a value on wealth and they put their money in things that appreciate in value. Watch the interview here.

Mindfood Magazine - Unleash Your Inner Artist

Dr. Demartini believes whenever you transcend the influence of the outer world and allow the voice and the vision on the inside to run your life and live authentically through inspired highest values - that is where genius is born.

Natural Medicine - From Stress to Success

No matter who you are or what you do, stress impacts on success in each of the seven areas of life. Dr. Demartini shares 31 secrets that are simple steps to success and those who implement these secrets daily enjoy empowering inspiration.

Drum Magazine - Does your personality affect your work?


Each office has its own set of personalities and each type has their own individual traits which become visible in the way they approach their work. Dr. Demartini's book The Heart of Love will teach you how to go beyond fantasy to find true relationship fulfillment.

Sunday Magazine - Who is John Demartini?

Dr. Demartini is a human behavioral specialist who provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life's challenges in numerous channels. He travels to different countries throughout the year to teach his signature program The Breakthrough Experience.

Wealthwise Magazine - Inspired Education by the Classic Genuises


Dr. Demartini believes our road to inspired education lies through reading and understanding of the great classical minds which will provide us with a standard by which we can judge all other writings.

Get it Magazine - Getting over grudges

The longer you hold a grudge, the more likely it is that your negative emotions will take a toll on health. Dr. John Demartini shares steps on how to loosen your grip on those angry feelings. 

Natural Medicine - HAPPY-EVER-AFTER

The Breakthrough Experience hosted by Dr. Demartini is an amazing process that provides a simple means to help you instantly find the blessings and be grateful for whatever it is that life confronts you with. whether you are dealing with a high or low.

Longevity Magazine - Emotions

Our purpose in life isn't just to pursue happines. It's about loving the two sides of life's winding road that leads us to experience cycles of both highs and lows. However being more grateful for each aspect of your life is fulfilling.

Destiny Man - Mounting the summit of success

Best-selling author Dr. John Demartini is one of the speakers at this years Success Summit taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre from the 1 - 2 March 2014. The founder of the Global Success Summit Greg Secker gives insight into the psychology of success.

Natural Medicine - Dissolving anxiety for emotional fitness


Dr. John Demartini believes we all deserve to have balance and this can be achieved quite easily by asking qualiy questions and not allowing our emotions and misperceptions to cloud our minds and unnecessarily distress our lives. 

Jetset Magazine - Equanimity and Equity

Just as equanimity is one of the great keys to leadership and self-mastery, so too, is equity one of the great keys to partnership and relationship mastery. So whether you are poised from within or poised from without, equanimity and equity are wise to maintain within you and relationships around you. View here.

Longevity Magazine - Simple ways to living a longer, healthier life


Five experts have made life changes to improve their own lives, and explain how the keys to unlocking and maintaining your best life are right within and around you. Amongst them, Noori Siddiqui got an opportunity to interview many great minds such as Dr. John Demartini. View here...

Natural Medicine - How is your total life fitness?

To the person who truly desires to be in tune, total fitness today involves more than simply body fitness programme, it now includes overall Life Fitness Programme. It includes fitness and all areas of daily life. To take the first step forward on your overall Life Fitness Programme, simply answer yes or no to the following questions.

Jetset Magazine - Inspired Missions

When your business mission and vision are crystal clear and resonant with your market, your business will surge with power and your management teams and workers will be able to naturally express the four cardinal feelings that inspire spontaneous business growth. View here.

BONA Magazine - Peace of Mind

Dr John Demartini defines stress as the inability to adapt to a changing environment which causes bad toxins for your body and mind and in order to detox the mind, you need to know what the root of the problem is. By eating wisely and exercising will help your mind function as it should.

Succeed Magazine - The Book of Wealth

Demartini comments that The Book of Wealth shows that vast fortunes have been built by people who felt a sense of destiny to serve vast numbers of people. If we invest in the highest standards then we give everybody permission to aspire to achieve these standards.

Prestige Magazine - Negative Self Talk

If you compare your achievements to those of somebody who has a different set of values, you are self-defeating because you're trying to live in someone else's values, not your own.

Longevity Magazine - Your dossier to looking and feeling best

Dr. Demartini gives advice on how to avoid stress during Christmas and the holidays.

Succeed Magazine - Your hierachy of values dictates your financial destiny


Dr. John Demartini discovered over four decades ago that your hierachy of values dictates how you see the world, how you make decisions, and how you act upon them. This also dictates your financial destiny because you will spend money according to your priorities. 

Natural Medicine - Wellness and Wellbeing

Dr. Demartini answers questions on how to maximize one's wellness and wellbeing through means of nutrition, being inspired and delegating low priority tasks.

Your Business - Speaking of Success

Business Communication is an essential component of your success. Dr. John Demartini shares the most important lessons he has learnt through real-life-on-the-podium experiences and research.

South Africa Deluxe Magazine - Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries FNB Industries Excellence Awards



Dr. John Demartini gave an inspirational speech at the annual Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries FNB Industries Excellence Awards held in Italy on the 21st of November 2013.

Destiny Man - Negotiating a new salary

Show your dedication to the company by taking initiative and asking for more responsibility. This will display your willingness to be accountable as you continue to add value to the company and thereby creating more opportunities to ask for additional raises in the future. Continue reading.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on feeling valued in relationships

Dr. Demaritni says that understanding the hierachy of values of others is essential for dissolving conflicts, developing effective communication and achieving balanced relationships. It assists us in communicating more effectively and feeling a deeper connection with others.

Foundr Magazine - Know Thyself, Love Thyself and Be Thyself

The more you allow yourself to be yourself and organize your life to do more of the things YOU really love to do, the more fulfilled you will be. 

Small Business Today - Why do so few become financially independent?


In this article, Dr. Demartini distinguishes between those who are more and those who are less likely to become financially independent. 

Prestige Magazine - The Breakthrough Experience


Dr John Demartini explains the importance of living your own dreams - not somebody else's as he shares a story of a man who lived his father's dream instead of his. Dr Demartini highlights that whatever is truly highest on your list of values is more the authentic you.

Plus 50 Magazine - Can stress age you prematurely


Sometimes people can compare their present realities to falsely optimistic fantasies. Having unrealistic expectations of the world or yourself can add  to your stress percepptions when life doesn't match your ideal fantasy. 

Jetset Magazine - Inspired Education - The Great Classics


The great books of antiquity and of today are the means of understanding our society and ourselves. They contain the great ideas that dominate us without knowing it. Continue reading.

Pathways to Family Wellness - Fear or Freedom

No matter how much you know, you will have the unknown. You attract opportunities according to your level of knowing. As you know more, you grow more.

Longevity Magazine - Productivity at work

In this article, Dr. Demartini provides his expert advice on how to maximise your producitivity at work.  

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on Relationship Chemistry and Marriage


When we are in true love, we embrace a true balance of similarities and differences. A wise and lasting relationship will embrace a blend of both sides. 

Small Business Today - Mental distractions can cost your company billions


A short pencil is better than a long memory, by getting your staff to organise and prioritise their days, they will become more productive, less stressed and less overwhelmed. A clear, undistracted mind that is focused on purpose has power.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini's expert advise on Happiness


One of the most common initiators of sadness or depression is simply the futile pursuit of happiness and fantasies of how life should be. Dr. Demartini stresses the importance of having realistic expectations.

Natural Medicine - How our perceptions can cause wellness or illness


Illness creates symptoms as a way of giving feedback to your conscious mind, to let you know that you have one or more lopsided perceptions. When you balance your perceptions, your physiology starts to change and you return to wellness.

Wealthwise Magazine - Become a Money Magnet

Start building real wealth today by knowing how to save and spend your money wisely. It doesn't matter how much you earn. What matters is, how you manage what you earn and it's about developing the habit of saving. View here.

Jetset Magazine - Transcending Jet Lag

Keep your inspiration up and going by filling your landing day with high-priority actions that inspire you the moment you hit the ground.

Prestige Magazine - The Price of Patience

Dr. John Demartini explains the importance of having a long-term vision. People who think long-term and live according to their highest values, think more strategically and more methodically towards building and planning for the long-term.

Longevity Magazine - Can stress age me prematurely?


Extreme emotions can cause stress and accelerate the physical aging process. Dr. Demartini states that stress can be triggered and aggravated when an individual holds onto illusions; like when there are expectations of support without challenge. 

I Do Magazine - Heart of Love

Dr. Demartini shares his view on the myth that great sex only occurs at the beginning of a relationship.

Prestige Magazine - Nothing is missing

In this article, Dr. Demartini emphasizes the importance for a nation's leaders to recognize the same resources in their country as any other country that they might admire. Until we see the order, we are not able to bring the order and give orders.

Jetset Magazine - Immediate Gratification or Long-Term Vision


Many wise leaders over the centuries have believed that the impulsive desire for immediate gratification, has cost many people their financial fortunes, while the virtues of reason, patience and long-term planning and vision have helped them flourish.

Oprah Magazine - 5 Steps to Happiness

For many, the pursuit 
of happiness makes them sad, because their idea of what will make them happy is grounded in fantasy. Fulfilment is a combination of joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, and all other complementary opposites. If you want to dissolve sadness, ask yourself what fantasy you are comparing your life to. Continue reading...

Prestige Magazine - The Man behind the Master Plan


It's never about what happens to you; its about what you perceive and what you decide to do with it. Dr. Demartini gives people the tools to take challenges and turn them into opportunities. By not being willing or ready to adapt and make changes we limit ourselves at every turn.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on dealing with stress


Is your daily stress overwhelming you and causing you to be distracted? In this article, Dr. Demartini shares his 'Distraction Resolution' action step to assist you to combat stress.

Natural Medicine - Dr. Demartini answers questions on stress


An event can be perceived as stressful or 'blessful' depending on our perceptions and attitudes. Stress often arises from having unrealistic expectations on ourselves or others. It is wise to be able to adapt to a changing environment.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini's advice on Job Satisfaction


In response put forth by a Longevity Magazine Reader, Dr. Demartini shares action steps one can take to remedy the dilemma of not having job satisfaction. 

Jetset Magazine - Great Geniuses

Great geniuses solve advanced problems for the purpose of pure individual curiosity and for the sake of social humanity. They are remarkable or prodigious performers and at time accomplish vast intellectual or other feats. They are outstanding in their levels of creativity and productivity.

Natural Medicine Magazine - The Truth about Learning Disabilities


Teachers, counselors, parents and specialists often label and sometimes mislabel children as learning disabled and ADD without taking the time to discover how to unlock their potential through their hierarchy of values.

Education Southern Africa - Inspired education through classic writings


Our determination about the distribution of the fullest measure of education will measure our loyalty to the best in our own past and our total service to the future of the world. 

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on achieving your goals


Dr. Demartini's advice on achieving your goals is to determine your highest values, set goals that are congruent with those values and watch how easy it is to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Education Southern Africa - 200 Principals applaud Dr. Demartini's teachings


Dr. John Demartini's teaching method was well received by 200 of Gauteng, South Africa's school principals when he spoke at their annual 2012 end-of-year-get-together. District Director Raymond Martin has expressed how grateful he would be if Dr Demartini could work further with the Education Department. 

Jetset Magazine - Visionary Leaders

Most individuals do not give themselves permission to clearly awaken and fully realize their grander vision. Unborrowed visionaries are not limited by the norms of the old, the beliefs of the stagnant. They are creators and innovators. 

Madison Australia Magazine - How to ask for a raise


Dr. Demartini spells out a 5-step action plan on how to ask for a raise and thereby increase your self-wealth including how to raise your self-worth, dissolve limiting financial and self-beliefs and raise your overall power, vision and income earning capacity.

South African Real Estate Investor - Take action and beat dreaming


We all have a hierarchy of values and we view the world through those values. If business, money and wealth are low on your values you could literally be sitting on a gold mine and you just can't see it. 

Live Life Balanced Magazine - Less stress, more balance


Dr. Demartini recommends gratitude as a stress-combatting exercise. The more gratitude we have, the more events we will be given to be grateful for. Gratitude ensures a poised and balanced mind and transforms imbalanced distress into poised eustress.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Dynamics


Are you experiencing challenges with your mother-in-law? Read this article in which Dr. Demartini shares insightful tips on how to set yourself free to love and appreciate your mother-in-law, instead of resenting her.

Natural Medicine - Fear or Freedom

There are seven common fears and guilt that fragment our full potential. The difference between somebody who does what they love and someone who doesn't is the former has the ability to identify their fears and has a strategy to break through them.

Diabetes Focus - How our perceptions determine our wellness or our illness


The many perceptions that you experience in your body are your body's way of trying to reveal the areas in your life where you have imbalanced perceptions. If you bring your perceptions into balance, you can normalize your physiology and your body will return to wellness. 

Ubuntu - Education: Path to Success

In 2013, the Knowledge to Action and Global Success Summits will be bringing the South African Success Summit to Johannesburg. The unique event welcomes international speakers including Dr. John Demartini.

True Love Magazine - Single Girl's Festive Handbook


It's the festive season and according to the unwritten rules of society, the worst time to be single. During this tim, it seems like everybody is coupled up. This article mentions Dr. Demartini's tips on maximizing being single during the festive season.

Jetset Magazine - The Evolution of Transportation

The only limits to our creative and inventive endeavors will be those we self-impose and those of the misunderstanding of our constraining and possibly liberating laws of the universe. In this article, Dr. Demartini takes us through the journey of the history of transportation to the next quantum leap into the inspiring and inventive frontiers of the transportation minds of the future

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini addresses the concerns of a working mother


A mother of three children asks Dr. Demartini on how to juggle between a family, a home and a career, without feeling guilty. Dr. Demartini shares insights which will assist all working mothers who carry the same unnecessary burdens of guilt.

HR Future Magazine - The heart of true leadership


Dr. Demartini avers that every individual has leadership qualities. It is important to examine ourselves to know ourselves and from there to recognise the personality types of others and understand their their thinking and actions.

O Magazine - I feel transformed

When her husband passed away, Lois Wessels fell into a deep depression. In this article, she shares that a cathartic session with Dr. Demartini helped her to deal with her grief. 

Good Housekeeping Magazine - Relationship advice for your teen


Relationships are fraught with challenges, whether you are 15 or 50. Dr. Demartini shares expert lessons to teach your teen to help them build strong relationships - both now and in the future.  

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Education Southern Africa - There's a genius inside every student


If you determine what is important to each of your students, you will awaken that genius and unleash potential for greatness that will have a ripple effect and impact on future societies.

Jetset Magazine - Steady at Aim, Ready for Financial Achievement


Dr. Demartini states that we are wise to have a built-in governing system and possibly an optional market insurance strategy in place for handling volatilities greater than our risk tolerance, or 10 percent, before allowing our emotions to run us wild and allowing them to erode our financial returns.

Education Southern Africa - Inspired teachers give rise to inspired students


In this article, Dr. Demartini shares that inspired teachers give rise to inspired students and teaching students in a way that aligns with their highest priorities is one of the most valuable ways to increase and maintain high concentration and participation levels. 

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini answers a question on Bullying


Dr. Demartini responds to a mother's question on how to deal with her 11 year old son being a victim of a bully at school. For further insights on dealing with Bullying Behavior, consider watching this video.

Holistic Bliss - Breaking through the barriers

No matter what you've been through and no matter what you're going through; what counts is your perceptions of it, your decisions around it and what action you take from it.

Destiny Man - How to Get a Raise - Part 3

In the last of this three-part series on how to clinch a salary increase, Dr. Demartini elaborates on what further steps to take if you have not been successful at securing an increase from your raise decision-maker. Click here.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini answers a question on affairs


Dr. Demartini responds to a question on affairs and shares valuable insights to set you free from the anger and hurt.

Prestige Magazine - The Three Great Laws of Relating to Others


In this article, Dr. Demartini summarizes the Law of Equilibrium, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Conservation, when relating to others. 

Destiny Man - How to Get a Raise - Part 2

In part two of this three-part series on 'How to Get a Raise' Dr. John Demartini further explains the steps an employee can take to clinch a salary increase. Click here.

Destiny Man - How to Get A Raise - Part 1

In part one of this three-part series on 'How To Get A Raise,' Dr. Demartini discusses 5 points to consider before asking for a salary raise. Click here.

Longevity Magazine - Dr John Demartini answers your questions


In this article, Dr. Demartini provides insights on how to deal with being retrenched. Our challenges are what make us innovative. They help us to discover our hidden genius and creative capacities.

Prestige Magazine - The Mystery of Evolution versus Creation


The questions of who we are and where we have come from affect every aspect of our lives. In this article Dr. Demartini discusses the numerous graded opinions concerning the controversial roles that both creation and evolution may have played in the development of life.

Weigh-less Magazine - The Attitude of Gratitude

According to research an attitude of gratitude contributes to our wellbeing. Dr. Demartini shares that what we think about and thank about, we bring about.

Good Housekeeping Magazine - Check your attitude


Attitude and youthfulness are interwined says Dr. Demartini. Live life according to your highest values, do what you love and love what you do are some of the tips Dr. Demartini shares in this article.

Goeie Huishouding - Ondersoek jou Gesindheid

This Afrikaans article centers around Dr. Demartini's tips on how doing what we love and living according to our highest values contributes to preserving our youthfulness.

Jetset Magazine - Great Visions, Great Lives

The greater our visions in spatial and temporal domains, the greater our potential lives and legacies that others will have no choice but to have considered made a difference and mattered. Continue Reading...

Prestige Magazine - A Perfectly Balanced World

The world is made of a full bouquet of complementary opposites. When you break free from the one-sided fantasy and see the whole picture you become grateful for each stage of the game and come out as a more empowered individual.

Live Life Balanced - What Your Bucket List Says About You


Use your bucket list to get to know yourself better or have a conversation with yourself. What dreams and aspirations will bring you fulfillment in all apsects of your life? List them and consider why they are important to you. 

Entrepreneur Magazine - Be an Inspired Leader

Although we all have a leader inside, unless we set our sails in the direction of our highest values, our leadership doesn't emerge and become discovered by ourselves or others.

Destiny Man - Competition


The winners of the Destiny Man Competition will be able to attend Dr. John Demartini's signature Breakthrough Experience Program, in which they have the opportunity to experience and learn a powerful method for resolving emotional problems. 

O Magazine - Win a consultation with Dr. Demartini


Start living your dreams with a once-in-a-lifetime personal session with Dr. Demartini. One O reader will win a private consultation with Dr. Demartini in Johannesburg. A second O reader will attend Dr. Demartini's Breakthrough Experience Program in Johannesburg.

Longevity Magazine - Ask Dr. Demartini

When you balance out your perceptual equation, you set yourself free from your self-imposed turmoil. If you continue to compare your reality to an unrealistic expectation, you will perpetuate your feelings of loss. We are wise when we finally embrace "what is" instead of what we imagine it should have been. 

Nursing Update - Self Sabotage Syndrome

This article quotes Dr. Demartini's knowledge on the importance of living true to ourselves. We are not here to run away from sadness to find happiness. Both sides are integral to fulfillment.

Beverly Hills Times Magazine - An Inspired Destiny


In this article, Dr. Demartini shares that in your heart there is a powerful knowing that holds the key to what you would love to spend your life doing and how you would love to impact the world.

Kuier - Sonder Woorde

At the core of this article is Dr. Demartini's application of his trailblazing philosophy and revolutionary understanding of human behavior to relationships.

Jetset Magazine - Wisely Working, Working Wisely


You can do what you love and love what you do, or not. When you do inspiring and meaningful work, it will energize you and make you feel youthful or even ageless. When you don't, it will drain you and make you feel prematurely old. Continue Reading...

Natural Medicine - Ask the Experts

In this article, Dr Demartini explains that couples with a balance of overall powers keep each other in homeostatic check. This results in a more stable relationship. They experience only mild oscillations in their relationship dynamic, which are not enough to motivate what society calls infidelity. As long as they are getting their values met, they are less likely to stray.

Longevity Magazine - On the Couch

Dr Demartini answers a question relating to the consequences and impact of being molested by a family member.

Prestige Magazine - Hiring and Inspiring Productive Employees


Wise and caring leaders consider the needs and highest values of their potential or hired employees and look at how each of them can individually be inspired and empowered productively.

My Loopbaan - The Graeme Watkins Project

Matthew Marinus, dynamic drummer from The Graeme Watkins Project cites Dr. Demartini as his role model.

SA Career Focus - The Graeme Watkins Project

Matthew Marinus, key drummer from The Graeme Watkins Project cites Dr. Demartini as his role model.

Profit Magazine - Interview with Dr Demartini

In this interview Dr Demartini highlights important key elements to wealth creation and provides six exact and proven steps on how to achieve financial independence. 

Dealing with Post Marriage and Baby-Blues

Pre-conceived ideas of life after marriage can leave many women disappointed. These feelings can stem from romantic ideas they fostered in childhood. Dr Demartini shares 7 tips designed to help women enjoy the reality of their life, rather than longing for something else.

I Do Magazine - Myth: A New Relationship Will Make Me Happy


Regardless of circumstances, everyone oscillates between feeling up and down throughout their life. Dr. Demartini reveals that we experience these sensations in relationships, regardless of how ideally it begins. 

Longevity Magazine - Men's Advice

The May 2012 issue of Longevity Magazine features advice from Dr Demartini to a 38 year old man, on dealing with his ex-wife and financial challenges.

Prestige Magazine - Integrate or Disintegrate

A company is the most basic unit of socio-economics and is wisely led and managed when it demonstrates the principle of gender balance. Inspiring business leaders of the future are the ones who will aim to maintain poise in relationship to the gender role within their companies. They will integrate before their companies disintegrate.

Bridal Fantasy Magazine - Breaking Through The Romantic Fantasy Frenzy


He rides in on a white horse and sweeps her off to his castle where they live happily ever after. If you’re like most people, you probably buy into at least one of the common cultural myths such as everlasting passion. Dr Demartini shares his thoughts on matters of the heart and the common relationship myths. 



Natural Medicine - Achieving the Unachievable

A master of achievement is one who plans and focuses on ever-fine detail. Dr Demartini highlights the importance of aligning your goals to your values. It is wise to climb one step at a time than to attempt to leap across huge gorges.

Prestige Magazine - Awaken Your Inner Leader

Dr Demartini's article is based on a discipline of study called Axiology, which is a study of human values and worth. Axiology forms the cornerstone of your inner drive and actions. Dr Demartini states that knowing what your highest value is can awaken your inner leader.

Jetset Magazine Welcomes Dr John Demartini

Dr Demartini is welcomed as a regular contributor to Jetset Magazine. As part of his vision to help people create authentic, empowered and inspired lives, Dr Demartini will begin sharing his unique insights with Jetset readers.

Prestige Magazine - Success is a Marriage of Ideas and Details


How many times have you come up with an amazing idea that didn't get off the ground? How many times have you thought "That would make a great business!" only to not act on it with the result that somebody else made millions of it? Dr Demartini delves into possible reasons as to why this happens. 

Beverly Hills Times - Are You Getting The Most Out Of Life?


If you fantasize about becoming financially independent and don't have the essential set of priorities it takes to build and refine a business, accumulate wealth and have money work for you, you will end up working for money instead of having money work for you.

Longevity Magazine - Demartini and Me

Mark Frantzen spent a consultation session with Dr Demartini to discover more about the Demartini Method. Read about Mark's experience and insights he gained from this consultation.

Prestige Magazine - Transforming Your Debts into Investments


Dr Demartini shares four principles on how to lessen the burden of your debt and raise the return on your investment.

Wow Magazine - Is Happily Ever After Possible?

If you are looking to safeguard your marriage from infidelity, then read on to find out what Dr Demartini has to say.

Your Business - How Much Should You Charge

Have you ever thought you deserved more for the work you have done, but couldn't work up the courage to ask for it? Dr Demartini shares valuable tips on getting your pricing right. 

Wellbeing Magazine - Dr Demartini on Defensive Behavior


Dr Demartini discusses how underlying fears manifest in defensive behavior. Address the fear and your defences disappear.

Wow Magazine - Back to Basics

When business is not booming, it is time to get back to the basics. Dr Demartini shares ten essential steps in building a successful business.

Moja Magazine - Change Your Life in 2012 With Gratitude


If you count your blessings and are grateful for what happens to you, you will experience more blessings to be grateful for.

Prestige Magazine - Relationship Mastery

Dr Demartini illustrates that the master of relationships is the person who knows and applies the art of linking someone else's values to his or her own and can communicate with anyone's ideals.

Oprah Magazine - A True Breakthrough

Raeesa Jada imparts the insights she gained from a one-on-one consultation with Dr Demartini in South Africa.

I DO - Happily Ever After is Possible

The biggest causes of marriage breakdowns are from idealisms and romantic notions. If you are looking to safeguard your marriage from infidelity, read on to find out some of Dr Demartini's do's and dont's.

Prestige Magazine - Cities of the Future

Dr Demartini hones in on how migration to and growth of urban cities of the near future is inevitable and a sign of progressive evolution of a collective peoples' bodies, minds and inspirations.

Prestige Magazine - Think Big

Dr Demartini characterizes the magnitude of your vision as the backbone in making a metamorphosis in your business. Read this article for more information on taking your business to greater heights.

Wealth Wise Magazine - The Value of Values

Dr Demartini accentuates the importance of knowing your values, as values dictate every decision we make and every action we take. The hierarchy of your values dictates your financial destiny.

Wealth Wise Magazine - Is Human Behaviour a Catalyst for Global Markets?


It doesn't matter how much money you make, what matters is how you manage your money. Dr Demartini interlinks the hierarchy of our values with our financial destiny. Gain more understanding from this article as to how human behaviour impacts our global markets.

Phuket Index - The Secret Wisdom of the Inner Voice


Dr Demartini apprises gratitude as the key ingredient to access your inner voice. Follow the action steps in this article to embark on a journey of greatness and immortality.

New Idea NZ - An Antidote for Stress

STRESS- A word which we are all familiar with, yet a feeling we struggle to cope with. In this article you can discover Dr. John Demartini's antidote for stress.

Professional Marketing Magazine - How to Nab a Pay Rise


Do you feel like you are not being paid what you are worth? Dr Demartini reveals 8 simple steps which you can use to win the pay rise you deserve.  

Entrepreneur Magazine - Dr. Demartini's 9 Steps to Failsafe Selling

According to Dr. John Demartini, selling is not about telling but rather about asking.

Prestige Magazine - If only I had Dr. Demartini on Speed-Dial


In this article, Dr. John Demartini divulges insights on how his methodology can assist one in transforming poison into poise.

You Pulse - Change Values, Lose Weight

Topic of Article: How values are linked with weight loss

Hair & Beauty - Love Thyself

Fear, anxiety and negative self image are feelings most women have experienced at some point in their life. Dr Demartini gives insights into the inner beauty treatments he likes to prescribe.

Rooi Rose - Now I Know It

A recent article in the afrikaans press featuring Dr. John Demartini.

Huisgenoot - Benefits of Being Overweight

Topic of Article: Weight issues

Prestige Magazine - Why Rich is an Aspiration

Topic of Article: Building Wealth

Natural Medicine - Dr. John Demartini

Various mentions of Dr. John Demartini in the Natural Medicine magazine.

Cleo - Simplify Your To Do Lists

Dr. John Demartini talks about how you can free yourself from your to-do lists with little more than some reorganization.

Soul - Boost Your Emotions

An insightful article about how to beat rollercoaster emotions featuring Dr. John Demartini.

Rooi Rose - Worrywart or Calm and Collected

Are you a worrywart? Do you frequently stress about the little things? This article Featuring Dr. John Demartini deals with how to balance out emotions and calm your nerves.

Prestige Magazine - Back to Basics

Dr. John Demartini takes the reader through the next five essential steps in building a successful business.

Prestige Magazine - Meeting the Need when Business is not Booming


Dr Demartini takes readers through 5 essential steps in building a business.

O Magazine - Win a Consult With Dr. Demartini

Dr. John Demartini, recently featured in O Magazine

Home Goods Retailer - Failsafe Selling

Dr. John Demartini outlines the 9 steps to take to close any sale.

Amawinna - Gratitude

Dr. John Demartini shares the importance of showing gratitude and 5 tips on how to do it.

The Thinker - Welfare to Workfare

This article looks at the current state of government welfare systems and features some insights by Dr. John Demartini.

Amawinna - Study Tips

Dr. John Demartini shares some tips to make studying more effective.

Cleo Magazine - Are You a Slave to Your To-Do List?


To-do lists can often be just another way to procrastinate, but used properly they can pave your way to success! Dr Demartini discusses how lists can assist you in organizing your thoughts and your tasks according to their priority.

Aboutime - Snowballs in Winter

Dr. John Demartini talks about his 9 steps to fail-safe selling.

Bridal Fantasy - Relationship Revolution

Dr Demartini discusses in this interview with Bridal Fantasy how to have more fulfilling relationships and how to create more love in your life.

The Teacher - The Power of Inspiration

Dr. John Demartini draws on his own personal experiences to help teachers discover and nurture their pupils' potential.

The Teacher - Rising to the Challenge

An interesting article about the early years of Dr. John Demartini and the challenges he faced as a child.

Sales Guru - The 8 Step Selling Process

Dr. John Demartini talks about the 8 steps to take to ensure sales every time.

Your Business - Lessons Learnt

An insightful article on how Dr. Demartini went from back yard start-up to becoming an entrepreneur on the world stage.

Odyssey Magazine - The Gratitude Effect

Odyssey Magazine features Dr. John Demartini's book "The Gratitude Effect" along with several testimonials from individuals who have read it.

Prestige Magazine - Competitive Challenge

Businesses grow most at the border of support and challenge

Leadership Magazine - The Great Communicator

An insightful article in which Dr. John Demartini shares insights on communication and evolving the leader which resides in all of us.

Wellbeing Magazine - Our conversation with Dr John Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses how people of today are taking control of their wellbeing through balanced perceptions.

Finweek - A Nine Step Fail Safe Selling Process

There are people who can sell ice to Eskimos in winter. Then there is the rest of us. But human behavioural specialist Dr. John Demartini believes anyone can be a god salesman.

Amawinna - The Goings On Inside a Bully

Read this article by Dr. John Demartini about what goes on inside the mind of a bully.

Psychologies Magazine - 5 Steps to Harnessing the Power of Your Flaws


Dr Demartini helps you understand how the qualities you dislike about yourself actually serve you.

Body + Soul - The Best Way to Achieve Your Goals


Dr Demartini tells Eloise King why he believes there is a better strategy than positive thinking.

Dr Demartini's Daily Update