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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



Cari Murphy interviews Dr Demartini on Inspiring Your Destiny


Cari Murphy explores the topics of value systems and human behavior with Dr Demartini

How to Live a Meaningful and Inspiring Life

Everyone deserves to live a life where they feel truly satisfied and inspired. Your life's journey is a summation of all your destinies and your destiny is an expression of your values. Listen to Dr Demartini share insights on how you can do what you love and love what you do, to lead an inspiring and meaningful life.

Bridal Fantasy Magazine - Breaking Through The Romantic Fantasy Frenzy


He rides in on a white horse and sweeps her off to his castle where they live happily ever after. If you’re like most people, you probably buy into at least one of the common cultural myths such as everlasting passion. Dr Demartini shares his thoughts on matters of the heart and the common relationship myths. 



Natural Medicine - Achieving the Unachievable

A master of achievement is one who plans and focuses on ever-fine detail. Dr Demartini highlights the importance of aligning your goals to your values. It is wise to climb one step at a time than to attempt to leap across huge gorges.

Prestige Magazine - Awaken Your Inner Leader

Dr Demartini's article is based on a discipline of study called Axiology, which is a study of human values and worth. Axiology forms the cornerstone of your inner drive and actions. Dr Demartini states that knowing what your highest value is can awaken your inner leader.

The Morning Show - The Art of Saying No

For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'. To view my interview on the Art of Saying 'No', click here.

All4Women - How our perceptions affect our health


Illness creates symptoms as a feedback system to your conscious mind to let you know that you have one or more lopsided perceptions. The second you balance your perceptions, your physiology changes and you return to wellness. Dr Demartini shares how our perceptions affect our health. Continue reading...

Men of Our World

Dr Demartini says challenges help us to grow. If you have no challenges in life, you will probably stay playing small. His story makes it easier to envisage how challenges and adversity are a blessing and can be the catalyst for success. Continue reading...

Living Life Purposefully

For people who consider their life boring or uninspiring it is because they have made no attempt to gain knowledge and information that will inspire them. When we start asking new questions the old concepts of our self dissolve as we receive new insight. Continue Reading... 

Create an Amazing Life

Most people do not know what is most important to them and by clarifying these areas; you will be able to define what elements to focus on when defining your most inspiring next career move.

Continue Reading...

Jetset Magazine Welcomes Dr John Demartini

Dr Demartini is welcomed as a regular contributor to Jetset Magazine. As part of his vision to help people create authentic, empowered and inspired lives, Dr Demartini will begin sharing his unique insights with Jetset readers.

The Breakthrough Experience

Are you seeking a more inspiring way to live your life? Do you want to learn how to transform your challenges? Are you ready to awaken your true potential? This article elaborates on what Dr Demartini's program, The Breakthrough Experience can do for you. Continue Reading...

Top Leadership Strategies

Dr Demartini presents a public talk on Top Leadership Strategies in which he addresses ways in which to break through the 7 fears that block creativity and productivity in business teams and management. Continue Reading...

The Circle - Self Worth

Dr Demartini identifies subordinating to injected value systems instead of living according to our higher values, as the core cause of low self worth. View here...

Cape Town Girl Blog - Interview with Dr Demartini

Award-winning blogger Alex van Tonder interviews Dr Demartini on why some people seem to achieve their goals and others don't, world financial & environmental crises and the important of being true to yourself. Continue Reading...

Prestige Magazine - Success is a Marriage of Ideas and Details


How many times have you come up with an amazing idea that didn't get off the ground? How many times have you thought "That would make a great business!" only to not act on it with the result that somebody else made millions of it? Dr Demartini delves into possible reasons as to why this happens. 

Beverly Hills Times - Are You Getting The Most Out Of Life?


If you fantasize about becoming financially independent and don't have the essential set of priorities it takes to build and refine a business, accumulate wealth and have money work for you, you will end up working for money instead of having money work for you.

Destiny Man - Live Your Purpose

Battling to discover your purpose? It's been there all along and is demonstrated through every decision you make says Dr Demartini.

On The Couch - Interview with Dr Demartini

In this interview Dr Demartini shares his thought-provoking insights on value systems. Click here...

KJag Radio - Inspiring Your Destiny

James Lowe interviews Dr Demartini on key points on knowing what to dedicate your life to and how to embrace pain and pleasure in the pursuit of what inspires you.

SAFM - Dissolving Baggage and Trauma

Dr Demartini shares the importance of having a balanced perspective to transform your emotional baggage and trauma from the past into fuel for the future.

6PR - Howard Sattler Interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini discusses the value of teaching the youth about the importance of respect, accountability and responsibility.

2UE Radio - Dr Demartini on Healthy Living

Do you find yourself setting unrealistic goals towards your wellness and then become depressed when they aren't realized? According to Dr Demartini, the greater the congruency between your intentions and your highest values, the greater the accomplishment of your goals. 

Destiny Man - Destructive Relationship Myths

Regardless of your relationship status, it is wise to be realistic about what a relationship can bring to your life. Continue Reading...

6PR - Valentine's Day

Dr Demartini shares his insights in an interview with Howard Sattler: Valentine’s Day can act as a great reminder to truly share your appreciation and love for your partner and yourself.

Ioana Lazarov - What is The Demartini Method

In today's highly demanding world, even the most successful among us may find they are not reaching their full potential because of emotional trauma or unresolved interpersonal conflicts.The DeMartini Method is an all-encompassing approach that incorporates ground-breaking new ideas regarding mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Learn more...

Are You Feeling The Valentine's Day Pressure

To couples, Dr Demartini advises that it would be wise not to place too much pressure on one another to deliver a spectacular Valentine's Day experience. "The day could just be a reminder to be grateful for the person you're with."

Discover more... 

All4Women - Dr Demartini on Valentine's Day Pressures


If you are in a relationship it might be wise not to place too much pressure on one another to deliver a spectacular Valentine's Day experience. The day could just be a reminder to be grateful for the person you're with. Read here...

Life Mastery Radio - Interview with Dr Demartini

You deserve to achieve your dreams and goals.  Listen here...

Success Again with Dick Heatherton

Dr Demartini elaborates on the seven primary fears and how to overcome these fears.

Soweto TV - Empower Half Hour

Alex Granger interviews Dr Demartini on the subject of gaining confidence and overcoming challenges. Click here...

Mission Inspired - Owning Wealth

Would you love to find your billions? When you value yourself, the world values you. To watch Dr Demartini's interview with Stephen Gardner on how you can identify where your wealth is in your life, click here.

Herald Sun - Love's Not a Fairytale

Dr Demartini advises couples that realistic expectations are essential for lasting love and fulfilling relationships.

Adelaide Now - Forget Hollywood, Love's Not a Fairytale


Forget knights in shining armour and embrace the beer gut. Movie notions of romance are killing relationships. So says human behaviour expert Dr Demartini, who warns that unrealistic ideals of "happily ever after" are among the biggest causes of splits. Learn more...

MX Brisbane - Heart Stopper

Valentine's Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. But more often than not, couples can suddenly find themselves single and alone on February 14. Dr Demartini elaborates on the pressures that tag along with Valentine's Day.


MX Sydney - Heart Stopper

Dr Demartini says unrealistic expectations can have a fatal effect on any relationship as people look for Hollywood movie moments.

MX Melbourne - Heart Stopper

Valentine's Day can act as a great reminder to truly share your appreciation and love for your partner and yourself. Communicate what would be meaningful and valuable for you to do, says Dr Demartini

Prestige Magazine - Transforming Your Debts into Investments


Dr Demartini shares four principles on how to lessen the burden of your debt and raise the return on your investment.

Wow Magazine - Is Happily Ever After Possible?

If you are looking to safeguard your marriage from infidelity, then read on to find out what Dr Demartini has to say.

Longevity Magazine - Demartini and Me

Mark Frantzen spent a consultation session with Dr Demartini to discover more about the Demartini Method. Read about Mark's experience and insights he gained from this consultation.

Your Business - How Much Should You Charge

Have you ever thought you deserved more for the work you have done, but couldn't work up the courage to ask for it? Dr Demartini shares valuable tips on getting your pricing right. 

Interview an Expert - Dr Demartini and The Secret

Dr Demartini indicates that everyone has success but not everyone honors the form the success is in. View here...

Interview with Dr Demartini on Inspired Destiny

Rochelle Vincente Von K interviews Dr Demartini on tapping into our full potential and living an inspired destiny. Dr Demartini explains that we are most inspired when we live according to our highest values. 

Wellbeing Magazine - Dr Demartini on Defensive Behavior


Dr Demartini discusses how underlying fears manifest in defensive behavior. Address the fear and your defences disappear.

Wow Magazine - Back to Basics

When business is not booming, it is time to get back to the basics. Dr Demartini shares ten essential steps in building a successful business.

The Master's Gathering - Teleseminar with Dr Demartini

In this interview Dr Demartini discusses numerous topics ranging from the difference between motivation and inspiration; the mind and the brain; emotions and feelings and relief from grief.

2UE - Deeper Meaning to Wellbeing

Dr Demartini explains how one can extract meaning from an illness to find out how it serves them. One may discover some underlying behavioral patterns that are leading to the physical condition.

Moja Magazine - Change Your Life in 2012 With Gratitude


If you count your blessings and are grateful for what happens to you, you will experience more blessings to be grateful for.

Saskia Roell Interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini shares insights on the importance of accessing your inner driving mechanism to maximize your awareness and potential.

Wellness Warrior - Dr Demartini on Cancer

Dr Greg Schreeuwer interviews Dr Demartini on his knowledge about the causes and treatment approach of cancer. To read more about Dr Demartini's reponse to these queries, click here.

Inner Healing Compass - Interview with Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses the 7 types of fears that stand in the way of knowing and living your purpose.

Oprah Magazine - Do You Love Your Job?

Dr John Demartini reveals how small changes to your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and words can lead to job satisfaction.


MaximusMark Interviews Dr Demartini on the Mind Body Connection


Dr Demartini discusses the mind body relationship, some common health issues and how your values can affect your health.

Prestige Magazine - Relationship Mastery

Dr Demartini illustrates that the master of relationships is the person who knows and applies the art of linking someone else's values to his or her own and can communicate with anyone's ideals.

Oprah Magazine - A True Breakthrough

Raeesa Jada imparts the insights she gained from a one-on-one consultation with Dr Demartini in South Africa.

Saturday Star - When the World's Your Oyster

Dr Demartini will be featuring a Privileged Leadership and Lifestyle Program aboard The World Ship, which Dr Demartini has made his home.

I DO - Happily Ever After is Possible

The biggest causes of marriage breakdowns are from idealisms and romantic notions. If you are looking to safeguard your marriage from infidelity, read on to find out some of Dr Demartini's do's and dont's.

2UE- Dr Demartini on the 'Bully & Bullied' Dynamic

In this interview, Dr Demartini explains that if you've got a bully in your life that's pushing you around, it's partly because you're not guiding or governing your own life. You're not empowered in that area. Once you empower that area, the bully disappears. 

ABC Nightlife - Family Ties with Dr Demartini

Tony Delroy interviews Dr John Demartini on principles behind family dynamics. Dr Demartini discusses how expressions and repressions are conserved in every family unit.

Spice4Life - Do What You Love and Love What You Do


When you link your daily actions to your purpose, you live the life you love.  If you don't fill your life with what you do love, it becomes filled with what you don't. Discover more insights...

Mail & Guardian - Teaching and Selling are Alike

Teaching is no different to selling a product or service. You are essentially selling knowledge to your students every day.When the teacher is inspired, the students can't wait to learn. Learn more...

Dare to Dream Radio - Do What You Love

Deborah Dashinger interviews Dr John Demartini on how to do what you love and love what you do.

Prestige Magazine - Cities of the Future

Dr Demartini hones in on how migration to and growth of urban cities of the near future is inevitable and a sign of progressive evolution of a collective peoples' bodies, minds and inspirations.

The Holistic Health Guru - Calling all Parents

Featured in this blog is an article by Dr Demartini in which he discusses that children are not here to live their parents' mission; they're here to live their own mission, and wherever and whenever they are living congruently with their highest values, their genius appears. Learn more...

DestinyMan - Five Steps to Effective Goal Setting

While some plan too much, others fail to plan at all. Setting achievable goals is an important part of personal and professional success. To know more about setting and achieving goals click here.

DestinyMan - How to Improve a Bad Relationship

It was the ancient Greeks that said if you see more similarities than differences in your partner, you have infatuation and if you see more differences than similarities, you have resentment. Dr. Demartini explains that when you have a balance of similarities and differences, you have a heart of love. Discover more...

Loral Langemeier Interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini discusses the importance of identifying what is truly important to you to be able to awaken your genius and potential; thereby walking your talk instead of limping your life.


To view the interview, click here.



KPFT - Transform Obstacles from Friction into Fuel


In this interview Dr. Demartini illustrates that we have a mind, a body and a soul. The body must be guided by the mind, which must be directed by the soul to maximize who we are. Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway of the heart and inside the heart is that love, which window-washes the mind and allows it to be certain, present and inspired, which then brings enthusiasm to the body. Learn more...

Entrepreneur Magazine - Sell to Anyone, Anytime

Nothing gets done in this world without selling. Follow this method step-by-step and you will get a yes, but if you miss a step, you'll get a no. Access your GPS to selling here.

Mail & Guardian: The Look & Feel Good Expo

Are you seeking a more inspiring way to live your life? Do you want to learn how to transform your challenges? Are you ready to awaken your true potential? Click here to learn more about the Demartini Institute's exhibition space at the Look & Feel Good Expo.

Global Calgary interviews Dr Demartini

Morning News talks with Dr. Demartini about how to experience less stress by perceiving events as 'on the way' instead of 'in the way'. Click here to view the interview.

Prestige Magazine - Think Big

Dr Demartini characterizes the magnitude of your vision as the backbone in making a metamorphosis in your business. Read this article for more information on taking your business to greater heights.

Wealth Wise Magazine - The Value of Values

Dr Demartini accentuates the importance of knowing your values, as values dictate every decision we make and every action we take. The hierarchy of your values dictates your financial destiny.

Wealth Wise Magazine - Is Human Behaviour a Catalyst for Global Markets?


It doesn't matter how much money you make, what matters is how you manage your money. Dr Demartini interlinks the hierarchy of our values with our financial destiny. Gain more understanding from this article as to how human behaviour impacts our global markets.

The Teacher - Teaching and Selling are Alike

This article articulates Dr Demartini's lessons for teachers to determine and communicate in terms of their students' values in order to maxime teaching and learning.

SABC1 - The Law of Attraction

According to William James, the father of modern psychology: The greatest discovery of our time is that humans can alter their lives by altering their perceptions. In this interview, Dr Demartini unveils the secret of the Law of Attraction and the role our perceptions play in transforming our lives.

Phuket Index - The Secret Wisdom of the Inner Voice


Dr Demartini apprises gratitude as the key ingredient to access your inner voice. Follow the action steps in this article to embark on a journey of greatness and immortality.

DestinyMan- Dr Demartini Talks Wealth

Are you a slave to working for money or a master of having money work for you? Click here to learn about the action steps Dr Demartini renders to transform your financial destiny.

The Morning Show - Outside the Comfort Zone

Listen to this interview with Dr John Demartini as he reveals how maximum growth occurs at the border of comfort and discomfort.

Practical Marketing - Nine Steps of Selling

Nothing gets done in this world without selling. Follow this sales method step-by-step and you will get a yes, but if you miss a step, you'll get a no. Click here to learn more.

New Idea NZ - An Antidote for Stress

STRESS- A word which we are all familiar with, yet a feeling we struggle to cope with. In this article you can discover Dr. John Demartini's antidote for stress.

Your Business Magazine - Put It Down On Paper

Dr Demartini explains how adding meaning to your mission statement will define your inspiration and business growth. Learn more...

Victim of your History or Master of your Destiny?


Transform past tragic scars into magical stars. Listen to Dr Demartini impart seeds of wisdom on the power of planting "flowers" in the garden of your mind to catapult you in becoming a master of your destiny.

All4Women - Meeting with Dr. John Demartini

Click here to read about an interview with Dr. John Demartini as he shares his knowledge about stress, fear and doing what you love.

Holistic Living - Wealth Wisdom of the Ages

This interview voices Dr. Demartini's thoughts on some of the most inspiring & significant principles applied by those individuals from ancient times to modern day who have built vast fortunes of wealth. To learn about wealth wisdom of the ages, without undergoing the aging process, click here.

Professional Marketing Magazine - How to Nab a Pay Rise


Do you feel like you are not being paid what you are worth? Dr Demartini reveals 8 simple steps which you can use to win the pay rise you deserve.  

Prestige Magazine - If only I had Dr. Demartini on Speed-Dial


In this article, Dr. John Demartini divulges insights on how his methodology can assist one in transforming poison into poise.

The Teacher - Learn From Your Reactions

This article echoes Dr Demartini's brainwork on the bullying-bullied dynamic and action steps to transform reactions into wise actions.

Entrepreneur Magazine - Dr. Demartini's 9 Steps to Failsafe Selling

According to Dr. John Demartini, selling is not about telling but rather about asking.

Dr. Demartini's Blueprint on Financial Empowerment


Listen to Dr John Demartini discuss the wealth building process and principles which have stood the test of time.

Sunrise Interview - Show Me the Money

Dr. John Demartini shares insights on how and when to negotiate a salary increase from your employer. Click here to watch the interview.

4BC Interview - Prescriptions for Worry-Wart Syndrome


Are you experiencing the Worry-Wart Syndrome? Listen to Dr John Demartini address the underlying cause of worry and outline possible treatment plans.

You Pulse - Change Values, Lose Weight

Topic of Article: How values are linked with weight loss

Spice4Life - Bring Balance to Life

Do you feel overwhelmed, out of control and run by outer circumstances? In this article, Dr Demartini discusses how you can balance all 7 areas of your life including your emotions, your stresses and the expectations that put you under pressure. Click here to read article.

Spice4Life - Powerful Business Insights

Do you want to learn how to inspire your teams to stay focused on goals? Dr Demartini discusses how to get ahead in business and make your dreams reality. Click here to read article.

Hair & Beauty - Love Thyself

Fear, anxiety and negative self image are feelings most women have experienced at some point in their life. Dr Demartini gives insights into the inner beauty treatments he likes to prescribe.

The Breeze – Sue White interviews Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini discusses his public talk in Christchurch and how he will assist the people of Christchurch to deal with grief and loss and how he will give them practical tips and tools to deal with their every day challenges.

Small Business Trends Radio interviews Dr Demartini


Selling can be intimidating for many people - especially those that are not professionals at doing so. Entrepreneurs need to sell, whether they're comfortable with it or not. Dr Demartini shares his failsafe nine step process that gets sales every time.

TV NZ - Good Morning Show Interviews Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses the art of communication in a relationship and how to communicate with the people around you.
View the interview here.

The Press - Dr Demartini gives a talk in Christchurch


Dr Demartini gave a complimentary talk in Christchurch to assist the residents in dealing with the aftermath of the earthquakes that have hit them. He discussed techniques to assist them to deal with grief and loss of loved ones.

Rooi Rose - Now I Know It

A recent article in the afrikaans press featuring Dr. John Demartini.

Huisgenoot - Benefits of Being Overweight

Topic of Article: Weight issues

Prestige Magazine - Why Rich is an Aspiration

Topic of Article: Building Wealth

The Circle - Dr Demartini discusses Determining Values


Dr Demartini discusses how by determining your values and highest priorities and those of the people around you, you can lead a more fulfilling life.

The Teacher - Find the right balance

It's possible for mothers to run a home and family successfully, while working full-time. Dr. John Demartini, human behavior specialist, discusses the importance of knowing yourself to be able to juggle motherhood and a career.

Raw Business - Dr Demartini Interviewed by Bradley Chapman


Dr Demartini discusses how he loves to inspire and activate potential in people and he also gives advice on how to deal with conflict and managing guilt. Read the article here.

Natural Medicine - Dr. John Demartini

Various mentions of Dr. John Demartini in the Natural Medicine magazine.

Hello Doctor - TV Interview

Dr. John Demartini was recently interviewed on the television show Hello Doctor. In this interview he talks about ADHD and how to overcome the challenges and the myths associated with it.

Business Day - Dr. John Demartini

A recent introductory article about Dr. John Demartini, his work, life and vision.

All4Women - Balance Relationships

Dr. John Demartini shares some key insights on what is required to make a balanced relationship. Read the article here.

Anthill Online - Getting a Raise

Dr. John Demartini offers eight simple ways to ease the nerves and help get what you deserve. Read the article here.

2UE - Dr Demartini discusses Stress with Dr Ross Walker


Dr Demartini defines and discusses the reasons for stress, what effect it has on the body and how to deal with it.

Andrew Horton - Dr. Demartini on Business

A fantastic hour-long interview with Dr. John Demartini on the topic of business.

The New Age - Finding Balance

In this article Dr. John Demartini talks about the importance of finding balance, and the joys once you have attained it. Read the article here

Cleo - Simplify Your To Do Lists

Dr. John Demartini talks about how you can free yourself from your to-do lists with little more than some reorganization.

Soul - Boost Your Emotions

An insightful article about how to beat rollercoaster emotions featuring Dr. John Demartini.

Rooi Rose - Worrywart or Calm and Collected

Are you a worrywart? Do you frequently stress about the little things? This article Featuring Dr. John Demartini deals with how to balance out emotions and calm your nerves.

Prestige Magazine - Back to Basics

Dr. John Demartini takes the reader through the next five essential steps in building a successful business.

The Teacher - Ripple effect of an inspirational teacher


Dr Demartini discusses the effect of how an inspired teacher can have a profound effect their pupil's lives.

Unlock Your Wealth - Importance of Reading

Dr. John Demartini discusses a variety of topics from NLP, dependency and challenge, goals, addictions, speed reading to family dynamics.

The Star - Motivating Your Students

This article covers a talk Dr. John Demartini delivered recently at St. Stithians school pinpointing some steps and tools teachers can use to get students to perform.

Radio 2000 - Human Behaviour & The Secret

A Radio 2000 interview featuring Dr. John Demartini introducing what he does, what inspires him, and touches briefly on his contribution to The Secret.

Under30CEO - Corporate Vision

Creating a Compelling Company Vision With Dr. John Demartini. Read the article online HERE

Kaya FM - Introducing Dr. John Demartini

A recent introductory interview with Dr. John Demartini on Kaya FM

Mail & Guardian - Finding the missing link


In this article Dr Demartini discusses how to activate genius and potential in children and demonstrates with a real-life example how he taught a young boy to excel by linking his highest values with his studies. Read article.

Beeld - Adapt for Stress Relief

In this article Dr. Demartin talks about the main causes of stress and how to work through them.

Saturday Star - Challenges and Battles

Getting one challenge out of the way doesn t mean the battle has been won

2GB Chris Smith Show - Interview with Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses multiple topics such as the art of saying no, the art of communication, inspiring your teenager and depression.

Prestige Magazine - Meeting the Need when Business is not Booming


Dr Demartini takes readers through 5 essential steps in building a business.

The Thinker - Welfare to Workfare

This article looks at the current state of government welfare systems and features some insights by Dr. John Demartini.

Body and Soul - 6 Steps to Wealth

In this radio interview Dr. John Demartini talks about values, priorities, and the 6 steps to awakening your wealth building potential.

O Magazine - Win a Consult With Dr. Demartini

Dr. John Demartini, recently featured in O Magazine

Home Goods Retailer - Failsafe Selling

Dr. John Demartini outlines the 9 steps to take to close any sale.

Amawinna - Gratitude

Dr. John Demartini shares the importance of showing gratitude and 5 tips on how to do it.

MTR Night Show - Dealing With Stress

Dr. John Demartini talks about the physical impact stress can have on your body as well as the importance of reducing stress in your life.

4BC - Interview with Dr Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses his early years and how he became inspired and acquired some of the skills he has today. He discusses some of the various seminars that he presents and the people that are inspired by them.

Mail & Guardian - Pinpointing Personal Values


Dr Demartini discusses how to inspire students and how teaching students through their values is one of the most valuable ways to increase concentration levels and to release the genius and potential within each student. Read article

Sunday Telegraph - Tapping into Your Potential


In this article Dr Demartini covers how he aspired to become a teacher and author and travel the world. He gives advice on how to encourage others to fulfill their potential.

The Cyprus - Daily Newspaper

Dr. John Demartini was recently featured on a 3-page spread in The Cyprus daily newspaper.

Huffington Post - Post Bin Laden America

An article by Dr. John Demartini on the death of Osama Binladen. <<< Read here

Drakepulse - The Inspiration of Inspired Leaders


There exists an inborn potential for leadership inside each of us. Dr. Demartini has spent many decades studying the lives of great, inspired leaders. In this article Dr Demartini discusses the many traits they have in common. Read article

The Morning Show - Fairytale Complex

Watch this interview with Dr. Demartini where he discusses the fairytale complex and about setting and reaching expectations. Click here to watch the interview.

The Morning Show - Battle of the Exes

An interview with Dr. John Demartini where he discusses what happens when couples separate. Watch the interview here

Amawinna - Study Tips

Dr. John Demartini shares some tips to make studying more effective. - Businesses Grow Most at the Border of Support and Challenge


Do businesses require as much competition as they do cooperation and as much predator activity as they do prey? In this article, both portions of this question are answered. Read article.

Cleo Magazine - Are You a Slave to Your To-Do List?


To-do lists can often be just another way to procrastinate, but used properly they can pave your way to success! Dr Demartini discusses how lists can assist you in organizing your thoughts and your tasks according to their priority.

And The Woman Gather - Part 1

Part 1 of 3 of a television interview where Dr. John Demartini talks about his history, his life, and his goals.

And The Woman Gather - Part 2

Part 2 of 3 of a television interview where Dr. John Demartini talks about his history, his life, and his goals.

And The Woman Gather - Part 3

Part 3 of 3 of a television interview where Dr. John Demartini talks about his history, his life, and his goals.

Mix 106.5 Body & Soul - Dealing with a Bullying Boss


In this interview Dr John Demartini discusses how to tackle a boss that is bullying you by communicating within their value system.

ChaiFM - Creating Wealth

Listen to this insightful radio interview where Dr. John Demartini talks about recognizing oportunities for creating wealth.

Aboutime - Snowballs in Winter

Dr. John Demartini talks about his 9 steps to fail-safe selling.

Fox 26 - Natural Disasters: Challenges and Opportunities


Dr Demartini discusses the challenges and opportunities that natural disasters bring and how there is a scar behind every star.

NTD Television - Coping with Life's Challenges


For many, 2011 has been a test of the human spirit in the face of adversity. While people grieve following Japan’s ordeal, Dr. John Demartini sheds positive light on one of the country’s darkest days.

Bridal Fantasy - Relationship Revolution

Dr Demartini discusses in this interview with Bridal Fantasy how to have more fulfilling relationships and how to create more love in your life.

Saturday Star - Japan's Crisis is also a Blessing


There is always the other side to every event including the so-called disaster which recently struck Japan. With exaggerated emotions, this event would appear to be all doom and gloom...

The Teacher - The Power of Inspiration

Dr. John Demartini draws on his own personal experiences to help teachers discover and nurture their pupils' potential.

The Teacher - Rising to the Challenge

An interesting article about the early years of Dr. John Demartini and the challenges he faced as a child.

Leadership Magazine - The Great Communicator

An insightful article in which Dr. John Demartini shares insights on communication and evolving the leader which resides in all of us.

Prestige Magazine - Competitive Challenge

Businesses grow most at the border of support and challenge

Your Business - Lessons Learnt

An insightful article on how Dr. Demartini went from back yard start-up to becoming an entrepreneur on the world stage.

Sales Guru - The 8 Step Selling Process

Dr. John Demartini talks about the 8 steps to take to ensure sales every time.

Odyssey Magazine - The Gratitude Effect

Odyssey Magazine features Dr. John Demartini's book "The Gratitude Effect" along with several testimonials from individuals who have read it.

Wellbeing Magazine - Our conversation with Dr John Demartini


Dr Demartini discusses how people of today are taking control of their wellbeing through balanced perceptions.

Engage Your Mind with Peter Kearney - Values, Congruency and Spirituality


In this interview Dr Demartini covers values, congruency and spirituality with specific tips on how to follow your goals.

MTR Drive Show with Martin King - Interview with Dr Demartini


In this interview Dr Demartini discusses how a person can grow their self worth to increase their net worth. Dr Demartini also covers how to communicate within a person's values by noticing their body language, what they do and what they say.

Radio 2UE 954 - Mornings with David Oldfield - Benefits of the Bully


Dr Demartini discusses the benefits of the bully and how to be a master of your destiny instead of a victim of your history.

6PR 882 with Tony McManus - Spare the bully, spoil the child


Dr Demartini discusses his belief that bullying is what you make of it and by protecting children from it we deprive them of a wonderful opportunity to grow. - Relationship Magic


Dr John Demartini presents simple guidelines to relationship fulfillment and the art of communicating with your partner effectively. Read at the Spice4Life website.

Finweek - A Nine Step Fail Safe Selling Process

There are people who can sell ice to Eskimos in winter. Then there is the rest of us. But human behavioural specialist Dr. John Demartini believes anyone can be a god salesman.

SABC 3 Espresso - Setting Goals

In this television interview Dr John Demartini talks about setting goals and how to stick to them.

93.8FM - Setting Realistic Goals

Andrew Horton hosts an interview with Dr. John Demartini where he talks about setting realistic goals and living your life congruently with your highest values. - Top Leadership Strategies


Dr John Demartini covers the 5 S's of Leadership and how they translate into business growth and increased productivity. Read at the Spice4Life website.

Amawinna - The Goings On Inside a Bully

Read this article by Dr. John Demartini about what goes on inside the mind of a bully.

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Jason Test

Jason Test

Psychologies Magazine - 5 Steps to Harnessing the Power of Your Flaws


Dr Demartini helps you understand how the qualities you dislike about yourself actually serve you.

Inspired Education on Voice America - Inspiring Your Life


In this radio interview Dr John Demartini talks about his product, Inspiring Your Life, and how to apply it to awaken true genius and potential in your children. - Valentines Day Pressure

With valentines day coming up, Dr John Demartini explains why its important not to buy into the pressures associated with the day. Read at the Spice4Life website.

Body + Soul - The Best Way to Achieve Your Goals


Dr Demartini tells Eloise King why he believes there is a better strategy than positive thinking.

The Dr Pat Show - Living a Fulfilling Life

Dr John Demartini shares some insights into the tools to live an inspired and fulfilled life, the foundation of his latest book Inspired Destiny.

AZ Green Magazine - Power of Inspired Vision

Don't underestimate the power of inspired, soul-directed vision; it's the most powerful resource you have access to.

Amawinna - Count Your Blessings

Dr. John Demartini shares the 7 magical moments which you can fill throughout the day with an attitude of gratitude.

Verve Magazine - Build a New Union for the New Year


How rosy does your relationship look going into 2011? Perhaps it's time to revisit the laws of lasting love.

KHOU Great Day Houston - Inspired Destiny

Dr John Demartini talks about his latest book, Inspired Destiny, and also which steps to take to live the life you would love. Watch the clip on the KHOU website >>>

A Better Today - Inspired Destiny

Listen as Dr John Demartini talks about his book, Inspired Destiny, and the art of mastering perceiving things in a way that we are inspired and living inspired actions.

ABC15 - Inspired Destiny for 2011

Watch this interview on ABC 15 as Dr. Demartini talks about his book, Inspired Destiny, and the importance of finding things which are truly inspiring to you and how to set goals that are real.

3Talk - How to Keep Your Fire Burning

A touching interview during which Dr John Demartini shares some of the challenges he faced early on in his life, and also how to remain inspired during such times.

Health Beat Radio - The Jenny Gallagher Show

In this radio interview Dr John Demartini talks about his latest book, Inspired Destiny, and touches on the topics of goals, values, finding out whats most important to you.

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Real Solutions - Webinar

A recent webinar during which Dr. John Demartini talks about the Breaktrhough Experience and how it can help you.

Fox 26 - Maintaining New Year's Resolutions

Watch as Dr John Demartini talks about how making resolutions for the New Year is admirable for adults and children alike, but why keeping them is the challenge as the year moves along. Watch interview on Fox 26 website - A Balanced Relationship

Read this insightful we article where Dr John Demartini explains how to stabilise your relationship and maintain balanced love. Read at the Spice4Life website... - New Years Resolutions

In this web article Dr John Demartini answers question of why we set goals for ourselves on New Year's Day as opposed to other times of the year. Read at the Spice4Life website...

Good Health Magazine - 6 Secrets

A very informative article in which Dr Demartini shares insights into kick-starting your new year.

Succeed Magazine - 6 Steps to Personal Power

Succeed Magazine features Dr Demartini in this in-depth discovery of human potential and personal power. Tes Ebersohn also uncovers "The Story Behind the Man".

Foschini Club - Gear Up for a Great Start

 Dr Demartini talks about dedicating this year to you in this list of things to gear up for in 2011. 

People's Post - MOT Teachers Hailed

Dr Demartini keynote speaker at MOT International Conference

567 Cape Talk

Listen as Dr Demartini talks to 567 Cape Talk about how young people can inspire others to lead an extraordinary life. Recorded during the MOT International Conference in South Africa, which brought together experts in education, human behaviour and development and leaders personifying courage.

Tygerburger - Youth Who Say YES

If the testimonies of youth who spoke at the MOT International Courage2B Conference at Spier were anything to go by, it would be sufficient proof of the success of MOT. - Interview with Dr Demartini


In this interview Dr Demartini discusses how young people can lead an extraordinary and inspired life by developing their potential and clarifiying their values.

HR Future - Inspired Employees

Dr. John Demartini shares some hiring tips and explains why its important to employ individuals who are inspired rather than motivated.

Prestige Magazine - Inspired Education

Read this fascinating article by contributing author Dr Demartini on how the human race must continue to further educate ourselves by delving into the great classics or we could cease evolution and face extinction.

Amawinna - 10 Steps To Living Confidently

Read this insightful article in which Dr John Demartini shares 10 steps to living confidently.

Grazia Magazine - The Power of One

Read as Dr Demartini is quoted alongside Miranda Kerr in the article: The Power of One

SABC Matrics Unloaded - Part 1

Watch this clip filmed to support Grade 12 students leading up to their final exams where Dr Demartini addresses dealing with emotions and how to get ahead and become a leader

SABC Matrics Unloaded - Part 2

Watch this clip filmed to support Grade 12 students leading up to their final exams where Dr Demartini addresses dealing with depression and fear.

SABC Matrics Unloaded - Part 3

Watch this clip filmed to support Grade 12 students leading up to their final exams where Dr Demartini addresses choosing a career path and dealing with a lack of confidence.

SABC Matrics Unloaded - Part 4

Watch this clip filmed to support Grade 12 students leading up to their final exams where Dr Demartini addresses how to deal with pressure from parents and choosing your friends.

SABC Matrics Unloaded - Part 5

Watch this clip filmed to support Grade 12 students leading up to their final exams where Dr Demartini addresses turning stressings into blessings and how to stay calm and focussed

The Courier Mail - Quest to Find a Better Bonus

Read as Dr Demartini explains how money is not always the biggest motivating factor for employees. - Oh My God: Divinity (God)


Dr Demartini explains the differences between True Divinity and False Divinity. Read this insightful article by Dr John Demartini. - Inside the Bully

Have you ever felt so challenged by someone that you reached your limit and became so resentful, vindictive or aggressive that you imagined yourself almost doing the unthinkable? Read this insightfull article by Dr John Demartini surrounding a problem faced by so many.

TVNZ - Less Stressful Christmas

Watch this interview with behavioural specialist Dr John DeMartini as he shares his expert tips for having less stress this Christmas. Watch interview on TVNZ website

93.4 The Breeze - Count Your Blessings

Listen as Dr Demartini talks with Sue White from 93.4 The Breeze in New Zealand about his upcoming public talk ‘Count Your Blessings'

CTV - Dealing With Stress

Behavioural expert Dr John Demartini joins Megan Banks on the Good Living show to talk about dealing with stress and challenging situations such as the earthquake and continuing aftershocks, by taking the focus away from the negative and examining the positive.

Amawinna - Live Life With Integrity

Read this informative article by Dr John Demartini in which he shares some insights into living life with integrity.

Prestige Magazine - Inspired Leaders

There exists an inborn potential for leadership inside each of us. This potential may be expressed at different levels and in different ways within our individual social spheres of influence.

850WFTL - The 'Bullying' Phenomena

Listen as Dr Demartini talks about the ‘bullying' phenomena as it relates to all segments of society: why the bully acts as they do, what to do when you encounter one and how being bullied can be an invitation to empower yourself.  

Fox 26 - Understanding Bully Behavior

Watch Dr. Demartini discuss the bullying epidemic in the United States with Fox News 26 in Houston.  Dr. Demartini explains his unique perspective on understanding the epidemic from the angle of the bully.  He shares his insights on how to take power back from a bully, some reasons why bullies may bully and how to incorporate his strategies to change a bully's behavior. 

People Magazine - Slumdog Millionaire

An insightful article about Dr. Demartini's journey from being a physically handicapped, learning disabled 'beach bum' to becoming one of the world's most respected intellectuals.

Fox 25 News - Living Well

Listen as Dr Demartini talks to Fox News about living a fulfilling and purposeful life. Some points he addresses are: 1. Clarify what you would love to dedicate your life to; 2. Clearly communicate your vision to others; 3. Dissolve the emotions that can distract you from your purpose; 4. Develop a master plan to create the life you would truly love - not what someone else thinks it should be.

Prestige Magazine - Empowered Destiny

It is our inherent nature and intuitive desire to expand and stretch ourselves in all areas of lives and certainly in our overall awareness and influence.

Amawinna - A Service Of Love

Read this short, but informative introduction into the history of Dr John Demartini.

Sunday Times - Vision Fuels Productivity

Dr Demartini talks about the importance of linking employees' duties to their values, and how personal vision fuels productivity.

Pretoria News - Teachers' strike a lesson

Dr Demartini offers his views and insights into the recent public servants' strike, and the impact it has had on pupils.

The Star - Demartini Dares Matrics

Read how Dr Demartini highlights some of the positive elements which came out of the recent industrial action and the challenge he lays down to the matric students.

Pretoria News - Demartini Study Tips

Dr Demartini offers matrics some valuable tips and advice on studying and preparing for their final examsn in the aftermath of the recent industrial action.

702 - Why Can't I Stay Positive

Listen to this 2 hour radio program where Dr Demartini addresses the topic: Why Can't I Stay Positive? This interview also covers a range of related subjects including goal setting, dealing with challenges and the basis of human behaviour and balanced thinking. Also includes a phone-in session where Dr Demartini instructs callers how to navigate through their specific challenges. Please note that this link will not be available indefinitely. Please download the clip if you wish to have it for future use.

Radio 2000

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on woman's insecurities as well as the connection between body and mind with relation to cancer.

PBS - Living Smart with Patricia Gras

Watch as Dr Demartini discusses finances, savings and the importance of valuing money to keep your money. Also, find out how emotions fit into the financial system; why some people save while others spend money; and how being of service and giving yourself permission to accomplish great things are two important components of wealth building.


Watch this interview on YouTUBE.

Succeed Magazine - Release Your Inner Leader

Where does your inherent leadership reside? What are the most important elements of leadership? Can you be successful in business without being a great leader? Read the following article to find out answers to these questions, learn basic leadership guidelines and find out why the behaviour of some leaders don’t quite fit the mould.

Prestige Magazine - The Demartini Story

If you delve into the lives of the most successful people on Earth you will usually find one common denominator: they have all endured some form of hardship, either physically, mentally or circumstantially. In Dr Demartini's case it was all three.

Life - What Do You Value?

Article featuring Dr. John Demartini dealing with values and how to identify them.

Living and Loving - Keeping the Peace

An insightfull article about divorce and how to get through it without declaring war on your partner, with important messages by Dr John Demartini.

Hay House Radio

What do you really want out of life? Dr. John Demartini joins Diane to talk about getting clear with your life purpose and learning how to make your dreams a reality. His new book Inspired Destiny gives you tools to help you clarify what you want to do in life and develop a master plan to create the life you would truly love. It's time to stop living the way someone else thinks you should live and discover a new inspired destiny. Listen to the Hay House Radio interview


For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? Then you are angry with yourself afterwards. Discover how to handle the art of saying 'no'.

The Morning Show

For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? Then you are angry with yourself afterwards. To View Television Interview Click Here


CNBC Africa: Captains of Industry

An interview with Bronwyn on the business channel CNBC Africa - Captains of Industry.

Cleo - The Waiting Game

How good are you at playing the waiting game?

Living is Easy

In this interview Dr Demartini talks about vision, success, achievement, sales and determining needs. Dr Demartini also addresses values and how to determine somone's unique set of values. To listen to the interview Click Here.

Entrepreneur Magazine - Determining Values

Dr John Demartini unpacks how determining your values and working in congruence with them can lead to greater business and personal success. To read click icon on the right.

Vrouekeur - My Maat is Verkrag

A recent article in the afrikaans press dealing with the topic of rape featuring insights by Dr. John Demartini.

Sunday Argus - Top US Speaker Inspires

An article in the weekend press about a talk Dr. John Demartini delivered at Pollsmoor prison.

Die Burger - Prisoners at Pollsmoor

A newspaper article in the afrikaans press featuring Dr. John Demartini and his recent visit to Pollsmoor prison.

People's Post - Learn About Business

A promotional snippet in the People's Post.

Destiny Man - Achieving Your Goals

How many times have you set seemingly achievable goals, only to find that you rarely accomplish them? It all boils down to individual values. Read Dr. Demartini's article on Achieving your Goals in the May edition of Destiny Man.

Fairlady - Yes I Can

Dr. John Demartini talks about working around your problems and provides 10 key questions to get you started.

The Morning Show

Interview with Dr. John F Demartini during 'The Morning Show' in Australia on the myth of 'forgiveness', how to free yourself from shame and guilt and not accumulate emotional baggage by saying 'sorry' when it is unnecessary. Click here to view

Weigh-Less Wellness - Stress Bail Out

An article about stress management featuring insights by Dr. John Demartini.

Saturday Star - Free Your Mind

Dr. John Demartini explains how balancing your perceptions and emotions can lead to a less stressful and more fulfilling life.

SABC 3 - Life's Journey

Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on Life's Journey where he shares insights on overcoming fears, unleashing your inner potential and living an inspired life.

CEO - Leaders Are Humans, Not Heroes

Dr. John Demartini discusses how global society tends to often hero-worship, instead of appreciate the
balance and respect their leaders.

Complete Yoga - Master of Mind

Dr. John Demartini talks about the impact which Yogic practice had on his life and how it still forms part of his teaching today.

Sarie - Verhoudings

An article in the Afrikaans press by Dr. John Demartini on the topic of relationships.

Femina - Is Demartini for Real?

Read the interview with Cathy Eden as Dr. Demartini shares insights into his childhood, being labeled "learner disabled," his inspiration and the Demartini Institute.

Femina - Is Dr. Demartini for Real?

An insightfull article about Dr. John Demartini, his lifestyle, his vision and his goals.

Leadership Magazine - Personal Brand Building

An interesting article relating to leading by example featuring Dr. John Demartini.

Servamus - Public / Private Partnerships

An article on the greater use of public/private partnerships in law enforcement and financial assistance from government featuring insights by Dr. John Demartini

702 Talk Radio

A brilliant interview with Kate Turkington interviewing Dr John Demartini on how to deal with stress and managing depression

Odyssey Magazine - Beyond the Secular

In this magazine article Dr. John Demartini explores the link between science and spirituality.

FHM - The Secret to Better Sex

Indulge in this article in which Dr John Demartini reveals that the human sex organ is not the sexual organ itself, or even the brain. The sex organs are human perception.

The Valder Beebe Show

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on the Valder Beebe show as he shares insights on attaining and living congruent to your highest values. How to live true to yourself and how living a truly congruent life will inspire you to do what you love.

Channel 9: The Today Show

Interview with Dr. John Demartini on 'The Today Show' in Australia on the reality of New Year Resolutions, how to set realistic goals and what it takes to achieve them. To view Click Here


Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview with Gareth Cliff on 5FM. Dr. Demartini answers questions on finance, gratitude, explains the Demartini Value Determination Process and questions from callers

The Star - Seed of Greatness in Everyone!

There is a Seed of Greatness in Everyone! Dr. John Demartini presents an inspiring talk to more than 1000 maximum security prisoners and prison warders at Krugersdorp Correctional Services in South Africa.

SABC 3 - Dealing with Change

Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on SABC 3 where he shares insights on adapting to a changing environment.

Oprah Magazine - Five-Point Plan to Fulfillment

Dr. John Demartini reveals how small changes to your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and words can add up to a sense of contentment.

TVNZ - The Mid Career Crisis

Watch as Dr Demartini discusses what to do in a mid career crisis, and also talks about his book 'Stress to Success'. Watch interview on TVNZ website

Weekend Herald - Secrets to Success!

'I want to help people identify their values, set goals and make sure those goals are for things they can actually do' Read Dr. John Demartini's interview in the Weekend Herald.


The Hero Within! Listen to Dr. Demartini's interview on Radio2000 answer questions about the Demartini Institute's contribution to the South African Police Services. Dr. Demartini has conducted inspirational seminars with members of the South African Police Services in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

SABC 2 - Dealing with Change

Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on SABC 2 where adresses issues on how to deal with stress in a changing environmet.

Kaya FM

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's on Kaya FM as he discusses inspiring young adults, addresses issues pertaining to ADD and inspiring and activating their genius.

CNBC Africa - Business AM

Attraction and retention of the right people is crucial to the success of any business. Finding the right person is not just about skills and experience but about the right cultural fit. Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on CNBC Africa as he shares some business insights.

Cape Talk

Dr. John Demartini's radio interview with Solly Philander talking about activating genius and living true to your highest value.

Heart FM

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on Heart FM on where he discusses how to Activate your Child's Genius. Dr. Demartini also answers some questions from listener's relating to products and seminars offered.


You Can Rise Above Financial Woes. If the recession has cost your job, your house, your car, or even all three, chances are it has robbed you of your dignity, responsibility and productivity too. Read the full article by Dr. John Demartini



ETV - ETV News with Jeremy Maggs

'Gloom and Zoom or Gloom and Doom - Your Choice!' Jeremy Maggs Interviews Dr John Demartini on ETV News on how to deal with economic challenges

702 Talk Radio

Listen to Dr. Demartini's interview on 702 Talk Radio with Simon Gear as he shares his inspiring experiences working with the South African Police Services. He shares insights and gratitude at the dedication of these inspiring individuals.

The Press - Recession...a blessing?

How do you power through a downturn without falling into grips of a depression? Better yet, how to make it work to your advantage? Read Dr. John Demartini's interview in The Press - Christchurch

Westside Radio

Listen to Dr. John Demartini's interview on Westside Radio. He talks in detail about activating your child's genius, understand what their highest values are and allowing them to excel in the areas of their highest values.

JJ and Melanie in the Morning

Listen to Dr. Demartini talk to JJ and Melanie about speaking in your loved one's values and how to master the art of effective communication.

Network Abundance

Listen to Dr. Demartini's interview with Joyce McMenamin, founder of Network Abundance as he discusses his contribution to the movie The Opus. He also discusses the Demartini Institute's role in empowering young adults in South Africa and around the world.

HR Magazine - Values Determine What We Do!

Why is culture important when hiring people? We forget that companies are human systems, not unemotional inanimate objects. Therefore the attraction and retention of the right people in any business is crucial to its success.

Cape Argus - Saving...first steps!

Saving is the first step to better opportunity! Don't put unnecessary luxury purchases and debt payments before investing in your future, writes Dr. John Demartini

The Australian Women's Week - Love Yourself!

Dr John Demartini Interviewed in the Australian Women's Week. 'Tell yourself these simple maxims each day and discover who you really are!' To read full article click icon.

Life Guru: John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is an institution, literally and figuratively. The Houston-based behavioural specialist heads up the Demartini Institute, travelling the world on back of his bestselling pearls of wisdom.


To view the complete atricle go to Sandton Mag Online


Should I Stay or Should I Go. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. To read the full on-line article by Dr. John Demartini.

The Great Works

Why does the world exist? Why is the whole system set up the way it is? Looking at consciousness and humanity.


Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on The Great Works here

Canadian Health & Lifestyle - The Gratitude Effect

Read the Canadian Health & Lifestyle's review on The Gratitude Effect, one of 40 books written by world-renowned author and human behavior specialist, Dr. John Demartini.

Great Day Houston

'What we resist we persist and what we condemn we breed' Watch Dr. Demartini's interview on Great Day Houston where he shares his inspiration behind his best-selling book Count Your Blessings

People's Post - Group Inspiration

Dr Demartini was the keynote speaker toProudly Mitchell's Plain, a group including Mitchell's Plain Youth Development Council (MPYDC), Mitchell's Plain Disablility Forum (MPDF), Ambassadors for Youth at Risk (AYR) and Mitchell's Plain Development Agency (MPDA).

Succeed Magazine - Building Your Life's Profile!

In this world, you ultimately receive exactly what you feel you deserve, no more and no less. Building your profile in business is very much about building your profile in life. Read the complete article by Dr. Demartini in Succeed Magazine.

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Wealth Creator - The Art of Selling

Read the full article as featured in the Wealth Creator magazine. Dr. John Demartini shares his insights on the art of selling and how he marketed his skills with his 28 second sales pitch in an elevator!

Dr Demartini's Daily Update