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TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspapers & Online Interviews

Dr Demartini has appeared on television and radio shows and been interviewed by magazines and newspapers across the globe countless times over the past few years. These interviews have answered many of life's questions from depression and relationships, building wealth and business leadership to raising children. We'd like to thank the hosts and producers of all these programmes and publications for taking an interest and assisting us to share wisdom that assists you, their viewers, listeners and readers, to enrich and empower your lives.



2UE Radio - The root cause of extremism and terrorism


Are our local anti-terror laws strong enough to stop a home grown terror attack? Dr John Demartini with Stuart Bocking on the psychology behind the horrors of violent extremism.

Parent24 - Divorce and the guilty parent

Dr. John Demartini explains the conflict and guilt trips often faced by divorced parents. View here.

All4women - Dr. John Demartini on what drives a person to suicide


Dr. Demartini believes there is never a problem without a solution, theres never a crisis without a blessing, theres never a challenge without an opportunity. View here.

Sunday Times Extra - Challenges have helped writer to help others


Dr. Demartini's quote " Dont be a victim of your history, but be the master of your destiny" is the best quote that author Adila Vahed has come across.

The Adviser - The 13 questions you need to ask all potential employees


Everyone has a set of values, or things that are most important to them, which we can determine by observing the actions. We need a way of identifying the true values of an individual before making a hiring decision, and the individual needs to understand the values of the organisation before taking the job. View here.

Star - Debunking romantic myths

Childhood fairytales have taught us couples live happily ever after. This and other fantasies and myths can stop you from fully experiencing the riches relationships have to offer. Dr. Demartini shares top 10 relationship myths.

Mercury - Hire staff whose values resonate with the firm's


Dr. Demartini believes salary is important, but there are other factors that make employees feel valued and these include things like prestige, flexibility, lifestyle and fulfillment.

DestinyMan - Do you have a fear of flying?

Dr. John Demartini explains the fear of flying and how to overcome it. View here.

Colorado's Best - Super Mom Syndrome

Dr. Demartini gives tips to women who try to do everything, and do it perfectly, and who need help finding some balance in their life. View here.

Natural Medicine - A balanced look at ageing

Dr. Demartini believes you should honour what you have done instead of dishonouring what you haven't done.

Daily News - Getting it right with employees of great value


Dr. Demartini believes employee engagement is the key to company success, therefore, the selection of new employees who will be fully engaged is crucial.

Pretoria News - Peek into misleading myths in relationships


There is no true opposite, only an apparent opposite. Every human has the same potential for love, anger, greatness, hope, despair and so forth. What you see in a romantic partner is also present in you. It is just expressed in a different way.

Longevity Magazine - Juggling motherhood and a career


Dr. Demartini shares 10 tips on how to juggle motherhood and a career.

Wealthwise Mag - The Pressure of Having it All

Dr. Demartini shares his viewpoints on everyday challenges that affect women globally and shares how women can become more independent and better manage their time.

Townsville Bulletin - Liam on the light track

Overfed and Undernourished features an interview from Dr. John Demartini which seeks to motivate others to transform their life with healthy eating habits.

All4women - Dr. John Demartini on why men and women cheat


Dr. Demartini believes we all live by a set of values and we are loyal to the fulfillment of these values therefore people wander off when their values aren’t being met and they go looking for someone to balance out their own power levels. View here.

Zaparents - Financial freedom for parents (is that even a thing?)


Tiffany Markman shares 10 keys points that she learnt from Dr. Demartini's talk on Financial Freedom. View here.

Spice4Life - Planning and Setting Goals

Dr. Demartini believes that our brain has an executive centre designed to strategize and achieve goals and it also has an impulse centre that is involved in just impulses and making a distinction between those is very crucial to helping a person maximize their life and achievements. View here.

Wisdom from North - Dr. Demartini on finding your mission


Dr. Demartini shares on finding your mission and loving the whole self. The more you allow yourself to be yourself and organize your life to do more of the things you really love to do, the more fulfilled you will be. View here.

Destiny Connect - What is the Super-Mom syndrome


Women who juggle careers and family or single-handedly manage a handful of kids inevitably become vulnerable to ‘Super Mom Syndrome’. Dr. John Demartini discusses the symptoms of this syndrome, and gives advice on how to treat it. View here.

Living and Loving - 5 Steps to boost your child’s self-esteem


Self-esteem describes a person’s overall appraisal of his or her own worth and the secret to a good self-esteem is to focus on the positive aspects of life and not on the negative ones. Five important steps parents can apply to increase a child’s self-esteem. View here.

Cyber Coders - 5 Ways to Create a More Positive Culture


A poor company culture can make talented professionals run for the hills. Learn about 5 ways that can create a positive enviroment in the workplace.

She Knows - Soulmates: Are carbon-copy couples ideal?


Dr. Demartini shows you how to link your values and create a soulful connection. View here

Power fm - Understanding human behavior

Dr. Demartini speaks about the fears that hold us back in life, and understanding addictive behaviour. Listen here.

Radio New Zealand - Digital Distraction

Dr. Demartini speaks to Wallace about 'digital distraction' and why we should all be using the time we spend on technology in better ways. Listen here.

Radio Live - Online Obsession

Dr. John Demartini shares on how to detox digitally and rediscover your dreams and also how online obsession can distract you from your deepest desires. Listen here.

TV NZ - Top tips on asking for a pay raise

Dr. Demartini believes you should only request a fair raise for your added service and productivity and not something for nothing. Fair exchange is the only thing that builds and lasts. View here.

Fin24 - Hitting it big with event decor

Dr. Demartini's value determination is one of the best and free tools to use as an entrepreneur. View here.

She Knows - 10 All-too-common relationship myths


Most people continue to buy into childhood ideas and misleading fantasies in story books, even in adulthood. Believing in these common myths will keep you from fully experiencing the riches that every relationship has to offer.

This&that Mag - Secrets to a Productive, Fulfilling and Inspired Life


When we live congruently according to our highest values we are inspired from within. But when we set goals that are more aligned with our lower values, we require outside motivation. View here.

The Star - Working bullying out of the office

Everyone has the potential to be a bully when they have had their buttons pushed. When we have our higher values challenged enough, we can all become reactive and display bullying traits. Dr. Demartini shares some successful methods to use to combat bullying in the workplace effectively.

Prestige Magazine - Self Governance

Achieving anything in life depends on your ability to govern yourself and to work toward your own destiny. You alternative to be governed by others.

Destiny Connect - The seven deadly fears

Dr. John Demartini examines the seven most powerful fears that could be holding you back from reaching your true potential. There are seven areas of life we are here to master: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical. They can either be powerfully supportive of your genius or impede it. View here.

Longevity Magazine - Body Language

Body language plays a vital role in communication. Our words can be deceiving, but our body language can reveal our true feelings therefore Dr. Demartini highlights simple techniques in our body language that we can use to change the way we communicate with our partners.

Sunday News - How to stop screen time-wasting

Dr. John Demartini believes we all have a calling that should get us out of bed in the morning feeling ‘‘on fire’’ – and many are distracted from that calling by the digital world.

Young Wealth Show - The Values Factor

Dr. Demartini talks about some strategies to make and save money. Listen here.


DestinyMan - The seven deadly fears

Dr. John Demartini examines the seven most powerful fears that could be holding you back from reaching your true potential. View here.

2GB 873 AM - Terrorist attack in Iraq

Dr. John Demartini  joins Luke to discuss the terrorist attack in Iraq. He believes whenever you are not fulfilling your highest values, you become vulnerable to an outer authority that influences your thinking and takes you out of a rational and reasonable mind and into an emotional and persuasive mind.

Wellness Couch - Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini shares his amazing wisdom about life, health and business.

Spice4Life - Complementary Opposites

In pursuit of our unique mission we are repeatedly confronted with various pairs of complementary opposites, living within us and existing around us. Whether they are the pairs of support and challenge, ease and difficulty, pleasure and pain, each pair becomes our essential and constant companion along our journey of transformation and achievement. View here.

Destiny Connect - Give yourself a digital detox

Smartphones and other devices can, if not carefully monitored and in some cases moderated, allow others to take up your valuable time. They can distract you from your highest personal or professional priorities or what is most important. View here.

iAfrica - The truth about 'brainwashing'

Dr. John Demartini explains how people can be indoctrinated. An individual who is already fulfilled in life and is fulfilling their highest and most meaningful values is less likely to be pursued by any extremist's polarised views. This person would be more rational and reasonable and think more clearly about such a polarised and extreme view. View here.

Calton Nutrition - In Depth with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini shares tools that every person can utilize to live a fulfilling life. He also believes that it is important to find your values and set goals that match them. View interview here.

DestinyMan - Give yourself a digital detox

Dr. John Demartini explains why it’s important to take time off from the digital world and recharge naturally. View here.

Entrepreneur Mag - Put Yourself First

Dr. Demartini believes that when you save money and manage it wisely, you begin feeling more entrepreneurial. You start receiving opportunities and ideas, and you come into contact with people who think along the same lines and who produce brilliant business ideas. View here.

Cape Times - Man on a mission to share the meaning of leadership


Dr. Demartini believes that every individual has a hierarchy of values based on whatever they think is most missing in their lives and therefore what they think is most important. As a leader you may want to find out what is most missing to your followers and align to that. Continue reading...

News Talk ZB - Rolf Harris Psychology

Dr. Demartini talks about the psychology behind Rolf Harris.

America Meditating Radio Show - The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini says, "show people how to be resourceful in their perceptions and actions. Then no matter what happens in their lives, there is something they can do to achieve something extraordinary from it." Listen here.

ABC Wide Bay - Dr. Demartini on molester Rolf Harris


Dr Demartini believes we are both heroes and villians. If we see one without the other, we are not looking deeper enough. The greater the stardom, the more we are blind from the other side.

6PR - Dr. Demartini on molester Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris fell from being an icon to a national disgrace. Everytime we put people on pedestals, we get crushed therefore no-one is worth putting on pedestals because they have both sides.

She Knows - Shared values can mean a more fulfilling relationship


Each person has his or her own unique set of values and no two people have the same set. Each person expresses love through his or her own values. In this article, Dr. Demartini helps you identify your values and your partners values. View here.

Wealthwise Mag - The Family/Work Dilemma

Dr. Demartini shares how women who are playing many roles beyond the family caregiver situation can priortize and reduce stress.

Jetset Magazine - The Board and the Corporate Spirit


Having a chairman (woman) hold a vast enough corporate vision in their mind’s eye - that the entire board of directors working as a cohesive team with a perfect blend of both support and challenge for maximum corporate growth and development - can become inspired by and clear enough in their own individual visions to achieve the overall corporate mission and vision.

ABC15 - Getting kids off the couch

Dr. Demartini believes it is important for parents to determine what their children's set of values are and find out how these values are going to help them communicate in their set of values. View this interview here.

Inspired Insider - Powerful and Inspirational Lessons with Dr.Demartini


Dr. Demartini shares his life lessons and what keeps him going. View this interview here.

Jetset Magazine - Captains of Industry

Dr. Demartini believes great captains of industry are inspired business visionaries that build sustainable and enduring organizations. They know that what matters is what they do and how they can transform challenging circumstances or events into great returns. View here.

Nature and Health Magazine - 21 Ways to Strengthen Relationships


Dr. John Demartini shares 21 ways on how to strengthen relationships.

Leading Opinion - Dr. Demartini on Equanimity

Your biochemistry changes because of your perceptions therefore the quality of questions you ask, determine the perceptions you perceive. Wisdom is knowing whats most important to you and pursuing it. View this interview here.

Overfed and Undernourished featuring Dr. John Demartini


Dr. John Demartini features in a documentary film about a global epidemic we are currently facing. He is concerned with the way people are overeating and believes its time to be accountable and responsible for our eating habits. View this interview here.

Redland Times - Liam shed 20kgs as star in obesity documentary


Dr. Demartini features in a film called overeating and undernourished. Liam Golle, the star of the film lost 20kgs during his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Your Investment Property - Put a Value on Wealth

Dr. Demartini talks about what wealthy people look like inside and out. People that are wealthy have a value on wealth and they put their money in things that appreciate in value. Watch the interview here.

The Entourage - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini believes it is important to determine what your values are in order for you to live an inspired life because when you are inspired by what you love to do; you become clear, focused and clear. View this interview here.

Inspire Your Children by Helen Hansen - Interview with Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini talks about how to inspire children. Children are led by a unique set of values and a school curriculum that is presented in a way that communicates in their values will help them live an inspired life. View this interview here.

Fiveaa - Team Building

Dr. Demartini defines the concept teambuilding as a collective but even within the collective there is a variable. It is wise to learn the individual values of the team members and how to communicate in those values in order to fulfill what is important to them whilst you fulfill whats important to the team.

The Morning Show - Chore Wars

Dr. John Demartini talks about the good and bad of getting children to do chores around the house. He urges parents to communicate in their childrens values and show them how these chores will help them to fulfill what they want in life. View this interview here.

Mindfood Magazine - Unleash Your Inner Artist

Dr. Demartini believes whenever you transcend the influence of the outer world and allow the voice and the vision on the inside to run your life and live authentically through inspired highest values - that is where genius is born.

Natural Medicine - From Stress to Success

No matter who you are or what you do, stress impacts on success in each of the seven areas of life. Dr. Demartini shares 31 secrets that are simple steps to success and those who implement these secrets daily enjoy empowering inspiration.

Drum Magazine - Does your personality affect your work?


Each office has its own set of personalities and each type has their own individual traits which become visible in the way they approach their work. Dr. Demartini's book The Heart of Love will teach you how to go beyond fantasy to find true relationship fulfillment.

Global Entrepreneurs Radio - Prioritize Your Life with Dr. John Demartini


Dr. John Demartini believes that one must find something that inspires and is meaning to them and ensure that there is a market need for that service and product they are offering by asking questions. When you do, you will be serving people and not lack money.

Sunday Magazine - Who is John Demartini?

Dr. Demartini is a human behavioral specialist who provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life's challenges in numerous channels. He travels to different countries throughout the year to teach his signature program The Breakthrough Experience.

Wealthwise Magazine - Inspired Education by the Classic Genuises


Dr. Demartini believes our road to inspired education lies through reading and understanding of the great classical minds which will provide us with a standard by which we can judge all other writings.

Dr. John Demartini interviewed by Dr. Lana Marconi


Dr. John Demartini talks about Stress, Money, Mission and Purpose, How to get what you want, Breakthrough Experience, Health, Perception and Tweets. View this interview here.

Lifestyle, Wealth-building and Success Teleseminar - Interview with Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini teaches on how to utilize your dreams and your maximum potential in life. As well as how to get out of the negative mindset into the positive mindset because it is possible to achieve your dreams.

Breakfast One News - The human fascination with MH370


Dr. John Demartini explains the world's fascination with the missing plane. He believes it is human nature to want to solve mysteries. However it is wiser to be patient and get the facts before we make assumptions of what could have happened to the missing jetliner. View this interview here.

Beeld - Sometimes all on the dark side

Dr. Demartini believes life is full of seemingly impossible contradictions, but it need not be a hindrance. The idea that life can just be fun-filled and positive, is a myth. This quest can drive you crazy if you do not make peace with and take ownership of the "dark side." Continue reading.

Cab Talk - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini believes there is never a lack of money or opportunity for somebody who cares enough for another human being to go out, find the needs of other people and do what it takes to serve them directly or indirectly. View this interview here.

Get it Magazine - Getting over grudges

The longer you hold a grudge, the more likely it is that your negative emotions will take a toll on health. Dr. John Demartini shares steps on how to loosen your grip on those angry feelings. 

BD Live - Dr. Demartini says the more you give, the greater your income potential

Dr Demartini says setting up high priorities daily and sticking to them allows people to maximise their potential. View here.

Natural Medicine - HAPPY-EVER-AFTER

The Breakthrough Experience hosted by Dr. Demartini is an amazing process that provides a simple means to help you instantly find the blessings and be grateful for whatever it is that life confronts you with. whether you are dealing with a high or low.

Longevity Magazine - Emotions

Our purpose in life isn't just to pursue happines. It's about loving the two sides of life's winding road that leads us to experience cycles of both highs and lows. However being more grateful for each aspect of your life is fulfilling.

Radio 2000 - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini believes that in life, if you are not fulfilled by what you are doing, you get to be reactive and not live your life to the fullest. Take the time to decide what is meaningful to you in order to start making a difference in humanity.

SABC - Interview with Dr. Demartini - Part One

In this interview, Dr. Demartini discusses the definition of success. People live according to their hierarchy of values and it is wise to delegate that which is not high one's hierarchy of values. View this interview here.

SABC - Interview with Dr. Demartini - Part Two

In this interview, Dr. Demartini shares inspiring insights on how children can be engaged in learning through linking their hierarchy of values to thir subjects. View this interview here.

Kaya FM - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini talks about having a set of values that are truly important to you. When living by your highest values, you are willing to embrace pain and pleasure in pursuit to what's meaningful to you.

Women's wealth - Rich man, poor man

Dr. Demartini explores the behaviours and the distinctions he has observed between those who are more and those who are less likely to become financially independent. Ultimately nature recycles the wealth through time to give everyone the opportunity to master the art of wealth building, which is truly a set of values game and a state of mind. View here.

Idealog - John Demartini's top tips on finding flow, beating fear and scaling up


Dr. John Demartini believes when you're living in alignment with your highest values, you have the most ability to ensure what it takes to fulfil your business purpose. Give yourself permission to do something extraordinary...Give yourself permission to have a global vision. View here.

Business Brief - On Inspired Leaders

 The most important element of inspired leadership is the congruency between their goals or intentions and their highest values or priorities. When their goals and values are aligned their greatest creativity and productivity emerges. View here.

Fiveaa - V Day Dilemmas

Dr. John Demartini talks about Valentines Day Dilemmas. Listen here.

The Morning Show - Beat Valentine's Day blues

Dr. John Demartini talks about Valentine's Day. He believes giving your spouse a romantic letter that is poetic and written from the heart is more meaningful than anything and singles can fill their day with things that are meaningful to them. View this interview here.

Zalebs - Valentines Day: It aint all that!

Valentine’s Day can be a great reminder for us to stop for at least one moment each year and reflect on the deep love and appreciation we have for that special someone in our life. However, Dr. John Demartini dispels 10 myths surrounding how a relationship is supposed to be. View here.

Howzit msn - 10 Relationship Myths

We have all read about happily ever after and other misleading fantasies in story books. However, Dr. Joh Demarini dispels 10 relationship myths because they will keep you from fully experiencing the riches that every relationship has to offer. View here.

Woman Online - Achieving New Year's Goals

Dr. John Demartini answers questions on New Year's goals. He believes that resolutions that are congruent or aligned with what's really most important to us, we are likely to diligently pursue and fulfill. View here.

East Coast Radio - Top 10 relationship myths

With the month of love well underway and Valentine's Day almost upon us, East Coast Radio chats to self-development expert Dr. John Demartini to find out more about top 10 myths that can hold our relationships back. View here.

All4Women - Dr. John Demartini busts 10 common relationship myth

Many women continue to buy into childhood ideas of happily ever after and other misleading fantasies. Dr. John Demartini shares 10 myths about relationships. View here. View here.

Destiny Man - Mounting the summit of success

Best-selling author Dr. John Demartini is one of the speakers at this years Success Summit taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre from the 1 - 2 March 2014. The founder of the Global Success Summit Greg Secker gives insight into the psychology of success.

Natural Medicine - Dissolving anxiety for emotional fitness


Dr. John Demartini believes we all deserve to have balance and this can be achieved quite easily by asking qualiy questions and not allowing our emotions and misperceptions to cloud our minds and unnecessarily distress our lives. 

Jetset Magazine - Equanimity and Equity

Just as equanimity is one of the great keys to leadership and self-mastery, so too, is equity one of the great keys to partnership and relationship mastery. So whether you are poised from within or poised from without, equanimity and equity are wise to maintain within you and relationships around you. View here.

Show Me South Africa - Success Summit 2014

The Success Summit South Africa 2014 will be held in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre from the 1st till the 2nd of March 2014. Learn from Dr. John Demartini and some of the greatest success coaches, entrepreneurs and money making experts from all over the world. View here.

Longevity Magazine - Simple ways to living a longer, healthier life


Five experts have made life changes to improve their own lives, and explain how the keys to unlocking and maintaining your best life are right within and around you. Amongst them, Noori Siddiqui got an opportunity to interview many great minds such as Dr. John Demartini. View here...

Finweek - MOTIVATION: 6 tips to help you think bigger


It requires bravery and vision to decide that you want to add an extra zero to your income, or radically change your rankings in the industry in which you operate, or conquer the world in some shape or form. View here...

POPSUGAR - Are You a Bitter Babe? How to Let Go of a Grudge


Holding a grudge is out, and letting go is in. Its time to move on says Dr. John Demartini as he gives advice on how to break free from resentment and breaking a grudge. View here...

BONA Magazine - Peace of Mind

Dr John Demartini defines stress as the inability to adapt to a changing environment which causes bad toxins for your body and mind and in order to detox the mind, you need to know what the root of the problem is. By eating wisely and exercising will help your mind function as it should.

Succeed Magazine - The Book of Wealth

Demartini comments that The Book of Wealth shows that vast fortunes have been built by people who felt a sense of destiny to serve vast numbers of people. If we invest in the highest standards then we give everybody permission to aspire to achieve these standards.

Natural Medicine - How is your total life fitness?

To the person who truly desires to be in tune, total fitness today involves more than simply body fitness programme, it now includes overall Life Fitness Programme. It includes fitness and all areas of daily life. To take the first step forward on your overall Life Fitness Programme, simply answer yes or no to the following questions.

Jetset Magazine - Inspired Missions

When your business mission and vision are crystal clear and resonant with your market, your business will surge with power and your management teams and workers will be able to naturally express the four cardinal feelings that inspire spontaneous business growth. View here.

Entrepreneur Magazine - South African Success Summit 2014


The South African Success Summit is being held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 1 and 2 March 2014. A line-up of leading international speakers and experts including Dr. John Demartini will share how to achieve more happiness and wealth in your life. View here... – 13 Steps to an Inspiring Life

To help you on your way to an inspiring year ahead, Dr. Demartini imparts valuable insights on how important it is to give ourselves permissions to do something extraordinary and ultimately live our most fulfilled life. Click here to watch this interview.

Your Parenting - The motherhood blues

Dr Demartini feels that finding contentment and peace with your mothering role involves understanding what you value most in your life, and then living to fulfil those values. He says, anger and resentment occur when you are doing things you feel you should be doing, rather than things you love to do.” Continue reading...

The Entrepreneur's Tribe - The Secrets to Self-Mastery


Dr. John Demartini believes every human being lives by a set of values and things that are most important to least important in their lives. Whenever they set goals that are congruent with their highest values, they become the most powerful and effective people they can be.  View this interview here. 

Motherpedia - Christmas gift guide: things to read

Dr. John Demartini's book "The Value Factor" is one of the top ten books to read for adults, it provides a provocative thirteen-part questionnaire that will reveal to you what you value most and explain how to align every aspect of your life with your true values. View here...

Wealthwise Magazine - Can you become really wealthy when you are working for a boss?


The Greater the number of people you serve, the more rewards you deserve. Learning how to save and invest money and having money work for you is very powerful - whether you are working for someone, or you are an entrepreneur. Continue reading...

Your Parenting - Post-natal depression can affect you too, dad


The birth of a child is fertile ground for fantasies; there are expectations about the child and what it will be like to parent and have a family. But these expectations or fantasies can be abruptly dashed when the child is born. Mark Kahn draws from the teachings of Dr John Demartini. Continue reading...

The Times - His grandness is not to be mourned

"Nelson Mandela's grandness is not to be mourned, but his everlasting presence will be recognised, respected and appreciated for centuries" says, Dr John Demartini.

Prestige Magazine - Negative Self Talk

If you compare your achievements to those of somebody who has a different set of values, you are self-defeating because you're trying to live in someone else's values, not your own.

Succeed Magazine - Your hierachy of values dictates your financial destiny


Dr. John Demartini discovered over four decades ago that your hierachy of values dictates how you see the world, how you make decisions, and how you act upon them. This also dictates your financial destiny because you will spend money according to your priorities. 

Natural Medicine - Wellness and Wellbeing

Dr. Demartini answers questions on how to maximize one's wellness and wellbeing through means of nutrition, being inspired and delegating low priority tasks.

Longevity Magazine - Your dossier to looking and feeling best

Dr. Demartini gives advice on how to avoid stress during Christmas and the holidays.

Your Business - Speaking of Success

Business Communication is an essential component of your success. Dr. John Demartini shares the most important lessons he has learnt through real-life-on-the-podium experiences and research.

South Africa Deluxe Magazine - Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries FNB Industries Excellence Awards



Dr. John Demartini gave an inspirational speech at the annual Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries FNB Industries Excellence Awards held in Italy on the 21st of November 2013.

Australian Businesswomen's network: The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life


 In this interview Dr. Demartini talks about defining values, prioritising your time and creating a fullfilling life. He details how once you have identified which values you wish to adhere to, an inspired career will be at your finger tips. View here...

The Morning Show - Activating Genius

Dr. John Demartini believes that every child has something that is inspiring to them, what they love to do and what they love to learn. Whenever they are encouraged to do that which is important to them and highest on their values, it awakens and keeps building their natural born genius. View this interview here.

The Daily Edition Show - Unusual Relationships

In this interview Dr. Demartini talks about the importance of appreciating people for who they are. In different settings, different types of relationships work for different people. View this interview here.

SA FM - Interview with Dr Demartini

Dr. John Demartini talks about growing up with learning disabilities and how he over came that. He also speaks about how your highest values are evident in all seven areas of life and how to live a more fulfilling and empowered life.

Destiny Man - Negotiating a new salary

Show your dedication to the company by taking initiative and asking for more responsibility. This will display your willingness to be accountable as you continue to add value to the company and thereby creating more opportunities to ask for additional raises in the future. Continue reading.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on feeling valued in relationships

Dr. Demaritni says that understanding the hierachy of values of others is essential for dissolving conflicts, developing effective communication and achieving balanced relationships. It assists us in communicating more effectively and feeling a deeper connection with others.

Health 24 - Living in the here and now

Stop for a second. Where are you at this very moment? Are you right here, right now, fully focused as you read these words?  "Mindful living" is the buzzword of the moment. We stop to take it all in and speak to three women whose lives have been transformed by it. Continue reading...

HR Future - The heart of true leadership

Dr John Demartini avers that every single person has leadership qualities inside them but the challenge is to discover in which areas they reside. We need to examine ourselves, to know ourselves, and from there, to recognise the personality types of others so that we can influence their thinking and actions. Continue reading...

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Book Radio Show - "The Values Factor"

Do you know what you really value the most? How can you find your unique purpose in life if you're not really clear on what you would like to do, be and have? Dr. John Demartini teaches thousands around the world how to overcome obstacles and achieve profound meaning in their lives. View the interview here.

Tough Talk Radio Network - The importance of values in a business perspective


Dr. Demartini believes that a person lives by a set of values as highlighted in "The Values Factor" Book. Whenever they set goals in their business that are aligned with what is highest on their values, they are spontaneously inspired from within to fulfil that which is inspiring to them.

Foundr Magazine - Know Thyself, Love Thyself and Be Thyself

The more you allow yourself to be yourself and organize your life to do more of the things YOU really love to do, the more fulfilled you will be. 

The Daily Edition Show - Dealing with children's temper tantrums


Most tantrums indicate that children are either seeking attention, seeking independence, bored, tired, frustrated, hungry, not being able to express what they are feeling due to their limited language, or simply uncomfortable, or in pain. View this interview with Dr. Demartini here.

Small Business Today - Why do so few become financially independent?


In this article, Dr. Demartini distinguishes between those who are more and those who are less likely to become financially independent. 

Plus 50 Magazine - Can stress age you prematurely


Sometimes people can compare their present realities to falsely optimistic fantasies. Having unrealistic expectations of the world or yourself can add  to your stress percepptions when life doesn't match your ideal fantasy. 

Prestige Magazine - The Breakthrough Experience


Dr John Demartini explains the importance of living your own dreams - not somebody else's as he shares a story of a man who lived his father's dream instead of his. Dr Demartini highlights that whatever is truly highest on your list of values is more the authentic you.

The Daily Edition Show - How to let go of a grudge


Anytime you are angry and hold onto a frustration, your immune system is going to get run down. The degree of the grudge correlates to the degree of the physiological effect. The longer we hold a grudge, the more it will show up in our physiology. Dr. Demartini shares insights on how to dissolve grudges. View this interview here.

Jetset Magazine - Inspired Education - The Great Classics


The great books of antiquity and of today are the means of understanding our society and ourselves. They contain the great ideas that dominate us without knowing it. Continue reading.

Longevity Magazine - Productivity at work

In this article, Dr. Demartini provides his expert advice on how to maximise your producitivity at work.  

Pathways to Family Wellness - Fear or Freedom

No matter how much you know, you will have the unknown. You attract opportunities according to your level of knowing. As you know more, you grow more.

Radio 2000 - Demartini on Leadership - Part 1

Leaders are inspired by something they want to share with the world that is unique. It is in the area of their highest value. They envision its success, they act upon it and they inspire others to participate in its creation. 

Radio 2000 - Demartini on Leadership - Part 2

One of the most meaningful action steps we can do in life is determine our hierarchy of values.

Kaya FM - Dr. Demartini on Young Adults Inspired Destiny

Dr. Demartini on Young Adults Inspired Destiny.  




4BC - Dr. Demartini on Grudges

Getting upset is one thing but holding a grudge is another. The longer you hold a grudge the more likely your negative emotions will take a toll on your health. Dr. John Demartini, talks to John Scott about the benefits of letting go. View this interview here.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on Relationship Chemistry and Marriage


When we are in true love, we embrace a true balance of similarities and differences. A wise and lasting relationship will embrace a blend of both sides. 

Small Business Today - Mental distractions can cost your company billions


A short pencil is better than a long memory, by getting your staff to organise and prioritise their days, they will become more productive, less stressed and less overwhelmed. A clear, undistracted mind that is focused on purpose has power.

Woman Online - Learn How to Appreciate Balance


If you manage your life by seeing both sides and embracing both sides equally through balance; you won't get caught in the illusions of ‘success' and ‘failure'; the egos of self-righteousness and self-wrongeousness, pride and shame and all the things that distract you. Continue reading...

Sydney Morning Herald - Stuck in a rut?

Human behavioral specialist Dr. John Demartini, best-selling author of The Breakthrough Experience, has spoken to millions of people across the globe. One of the most popular questions he is asked is how to get out of a rut. In this article, Dr. Demartini shares 5 tips on how to get out of a rut. Continue reading...

Femail - Dr. John Demartini Super-Mum Syndrome


Whether you are single or married, working full time while managing children, or solely handling a handful of children at home, you can at times become overwhelmed by the enormous amount of responsibilities that you face as a modern “womom.” With today’s busy schedule and the ever growing demands for your time it is getting harder to balance your life, career and family. Continue reading...

Good Morning Show - Self-Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Demartini defines what self-limiting beliefs are and elaborates on the causes of these belief systems, in various aspects of our lives. View this interview here.

RadioLive - How to say no

Consider this - how many times have you said 'yes' to someone when really what you wanted to say was 'no'. Apparently for many of us saying 'no' is something we find really difficult to do - and saying yes too often can lead to some significant consequences says the world's leading authority on human behavior Dr. John Demartini. View here. 

Jetset Magazine - Transcending Jet Lag

Keep your inspiration up and going by filling your landing day with high-priority actions that inspire you the moment you hit the ground.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini's expert advise on Happiness


One of the most common initiators of sadness or depression is simply the futile pursuit of happiness and fantasies of how life should be. Dr. Demartini stresses the importance of having realistic expectations.

Natural Medicine - How our perceptions can cause wellness or illness


Illness creates symptoms as a way of giving feedback to your conscious mind, to let you know that you have one or more lopsided perceptions. When you balance your perceptions, your physiology starts to change and you return to wellness.

Wealthwise Magazine - Become a Money Magnet

Start building real wealth today by knowing how to save and spend your money wisely. It doesn't matter how much you earn. What matters is, how you manage what you earn and it's about developing the habit of saving. View here.

The Morning Show - The Selfie Photo Fad

Dr. John Demartini explains how to know when you've crossed the line into narcissism on social media. Selfies could also be called otheries, since sending some photos could be inspiring or meaningful to others. To say that selfies are purely narcissistic would be taking it to the extreme. View Dr. Demartini's interview here. 

Success Profiles Radio - Dr. John Demartini on experiencing life changing breakthroughs


Interview with Dr. Demartini

Prestige Magazine - The Price of Patience

Dr. John Demartini explains the importance of having a long-term vision. People who think long-term and live according to their highest values, think more strategically and more methodically towards building and planning for the long-term.

4BC - Dr. Demartini's thoughts on Social Media

Dr. Demartini's thoughts on social media.

Sydney Morning Herald - Saying no is good for your health


There are at least two kinds of people that find it impossible to say no. In this article, Dr. Demartini elaborates on the reasons why people find it difficult to say no. Continue reading...

Business Chicks - Natural Born Leader?

According to Dr. Demartini, when your goals and intentions are fully aligned with both your highest values and your innate areas of strength, your natural leadership will shine through. Continue Reading...

Perth Now - Career experts share their best tips on how to ask for a payrise

Dr. Demartini shares his insights on how to ask for an increase in salary. Continue Reading...

Fox TV - Overcoming Obstacles

This TV Clip depicts the journey of Dr. Demartini's life from being a high school drop-out to a surf bum to now traveling the world; teaching and sharing his methodologies, seminars and universal teachings with millions of people across the globe. View this inspiring interview here.

Prestige Magazine - Nothing is missing

In this article, Dr. Demartini emphasizes the importance for a nation's leaders to recognize the same resources in their country as any other country that they might admire. Until we see the order, we are not able to bring the order and give orders.

Longevity Magazine - Can stress age me prematurely?


Extreme emotions can cause stress and accelerate the physical aging process. Dr. Demartini states that stress can be triggered and aggravated when an individual holds onto illusions; like when there are expectations of support without challenge. 

I Do Magazine - Heart of Love

Dr. Demartini shares his view on the myth that great sex only occurs at the beginning of a relationship.

Jetset Magazine - Immediate Gratification or Long-Term Vision


Many wise leaders over the centuries have believed that the impulsive desire for immediate gratification, has cost many people their financial fortunes, while the virtues of reason, patience and long-term planning and vision have helped them flourish.

Melissa Ambrosini interviews Dr. Demartini on the Topic of Purpose


In this interview, Dr. Demartini shares the 13 Value Determination Questions to assist one in discovering their purpose. Dr. Demartini suggests that it is wise to own the traits of the great people, instead of minimizing ourselves to them. View here...

Ask Men - The Art of Saying No

For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? What are Dr. Demartini's thoughts on being able to say 'no'? View here...

Oprah Magazine - 5 Steps to Happiness

For many, the pursuit 
of happiness makes them sad, because their idea of what will make them happy is grounded in fantasy. Fulfilment is a combination of joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, and all other complementary opposites. If you want to dissolve sadness, ask yourself what fantasy you are comparing your life to. Continue reading...

Ask Men - Dr. Demartini on Dealing with Depression


Many times people are labelled as clinically depressed, put on medication and are told that they have biological imbalances. Dr. Demartini says that he probes into their history and tries to find reasons why they have depression. For more insights on dealing with depression, view this interview...

Ask Men - Dr. Demartini on Setting Goals

Set real goals in real time that have real strategies and have real meaning. When you are doing something that is truly aligned with your values, you will endure pain and pleasure and you will persevere to get your goal. But when you are living according to an injected goal, you will tend to give up on goal when you are confronted by the challenges. View here...

Ask Men - Dr. Demartini on Beating Bullying

Any area of our life we don't empower, we attract someone to overpower. The person who has empowered themself and stands up for themself is less likely to be faced with bullying. To gain more understanding about the 'Bully-Bullied' Dynamic, view this interview here.

Dr. Demartini on Leadership, Wealth, Service, Values


In this interview, Dr. Demartini discusses how to see everything on the way instead of in the way and how to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Wellness Couch - Dr. Demartini on Inspired Ageing


Dr. Demartini shares his perspective on inspired ageing.

Cape Times - Summit a Roaring Success

World-leading human behavioral specialist; Dr John Demartini started proceedings at the Succee Summit with an in-depth study on practical ways to develop one's full potential. 

4BC Radio Show - Dr. Demartini on Depression

More people are suffering from depression today than ever before. Dr. Demartini labels comparing our lives to other people's lives and having unrealistic expectations as the main causes of depression.

Prestige Magazine - The Man behind the Master Plan


It's never about what happens to you; its about what you perceive and what you decide to do with it. Dr. Demartini gives people the tools to take challenges and turn them into opportunities. By not being willing or ready to adapt and make changes we limit ourselves at every turn.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on dealing with stress


Is your daily stress overwhelming you and causing you to be distracted? In this article, Dr. Demartini shares his 'Distraction Resolution' action step to assist you to combat stress.

Donna Wick - Interview with Dr. Demartini

Dr. Demartini shares powerful business insights. Dr. Demartini also shares that people spend money according to their highest values.

Natural Medicine - Dr. Demartini answers questions on stress


An event can be perceived as stressful or 'blessful' depending on our perceptions and attitudes. Stress often arises from having unrealistic expectations on ourselves or others. It is wise to be able to adapt to a changing environment.

Lotus FM - Walk the Talk

Dr. Demartini shares how what is most missing in our lives becomes most important in our lives. It's not about what happens to you but more importantly what you decide to do with that. When we don't subordinate to other people's values but instead achieve goals that are congruent with our values, we tend to walk our talk.

Sunday Morning Herald - Why do so many people struggle to be true to themselves


Understanding what our values are may not be as simple as it sounds, says Dr. Demartini. Our values are not what we would like or think they ought to be, but what we actually act on and prioritise in life.

Continue reading...

Houston Business Journal - Reaping Rewards with a Worldy View


Dr. John Demartini became an entrepreneur when he was 9 years old. That's left little time for sleep ever since, considering the globe-trotting consultant and inspirational speaker has been too busy working to maintain any kind of regular routine.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini's advice on Job Satisfaction


In response put forth by a Longevity Magazine Reader, Dr. Demartini shares action steps one can take to remedy the dilemma of not having job satisfaction. 

Jetset Magazine - Great Geniuses

Great geniuses solve advanced problems for the purpose of pure individual curiosity and for the sake of social humanity. They are remarkable or prodigious performers and at time accomplish vast intellectual or other feats. They are outstanding in their levels of creativity and productivity.

Sunrise Show - Dr. Demartini at the Success Summit


Dr. Demartini reveals that the questions one asks themselves, determines how one can alleviate themselves from adversity. The greater the challenges that you face, the greater the opportunities you can create for your life. The more down and out you have been, the more up and out you are capable of going. To discover the quality questions to ask, view this interview here.

Mix FM Radio Show - Interview with Dr. Demartini

In this interview, Dr. Demartini shares that any time you live your life according to your highest values, you expand your time and space horizons and you build patience and long-term vision, which accentuates achievement and leadership goal accomplishment.

The Morning Show - Defeating Negative Self Talk

In this interview, Dr. Demartini reveals the ABCD's of negativity; i.e. Anger and Aggression, Blame and Betrayal, Criticism and Challenge, Despondence and Depression. View here.

WOCM Radio Show - How to get a raise

In this interview, Dr. Demartini elaborates on how to propose a request for an increase in salary. Increase your salary by increasing your service.

Dr. John Demartini on True Love

Dr. Demartini’s piece talks about the fears of saying those three words: I LOVE YOU. He acknowledges that often when people don’t say ‘I love you’ they’re just afraid of being rejected. Continue Reading...

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on achieving your goals


Dr. Demartini's advice on achieving your goals is to determine your highest values, set goals that are congruent with those values and watch how easy it is to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Natural Medicine Magazine - The Truth about Learning Disabilities


Teachers, counselors, parents and specialists often label and sometimes mislabel children as learning disabled and ADD without taking the time to discover how to unlock their potential through their hierarchy of values.

Education Southern Africa - Inspired education through classic writings


Our determination about the distribution of the fullest measure of education will measure our loyalty to the best in our own past and our total service to the future of the world. 

Alkaline Diet Health Tips - Dr. Demartini on mastering health and healing


In this interview, Dr. Demartini shares how the universal law of the 'One and Many' applies to health and wellbeing.

KUCI - Dr. Demartini on how to make more money


 In this interview, Dr. Demartini outlines the fears that inhibits people from overcoming barriers and obstacles to achieve their goals to make more money.


Baby Bull Show - Setting goals and intentions

If we set goals that are not ours, we tend to set up a self defeating objective and we automatically beat ourselves up. If we set goals that has evidence that these are really important to us, we build and increase momentum. 

Small Business Today Radio Show - How to get a raise


When you compare yourself to other people, you inject their values into your life, instead of living according to your own values. Listen to this interview in which Dr. Demartini outlines the 7 fears that can immobilize individuals from realizing their income generating capacity.

ABC 13 - How to ask for a raise

Many of you look at the New Year as a fresh start at your job and maybe you were lucky enough to get a slight pay raise with the New Year. But what if you feel like you deserve more? Dr. Demartini has 8 steps you can take to help you get that raise. View here.

Madison Australia Magazine - How to ask for a raise


Dr. Demartini spells out a 5-step action plan on how to ask for a raise and thereby increase your self-wealth including how to raise your self-worth, dissolve limiting financial and self-beliefs and raise your overall power, vision and income earning capacity.

South African Real Estate Investor - Take action and beat dreaming


We all have a hierarchy of values and we view the world through those values. If business, money and wealth are low on your values you could literally be sitting on a gold mine and you just can't see it. 

Education Southern Africa - 200 Principals applaud Dr. Demartini's teachings


Dr. John Demartini's teaching method was well received by 200 of Gauteng, South Africa's school principals when he spoke at their annual 2012 end-of-year-get-together. District Director Raymond Martin has expressed how grateful he would be if Dr Demartini could work further with the Education Department. 

Jetset Magazine - Visionary Leaders

Most individuals do not give themselves permission to clearly awaken and fully realize their grander vision. Unborrowed visionaries are not limited by the norms of the old, the beliefs of the stagnant. They are creators and innovators. 

The Morning Show - New Year, New You
2UE - Stress-free Christmas

An interview with Dr. Demartini on how to have a stree-free Christmas and how to deal with the many expectations and possibly even unrealistic and injected expectations during this period. - Christmas Survival Guide

In financial terms, 2012 has not been an easy year for many people, so it's no wonder many of us aren't feeling enthusiastic about splashing the cash on a mountain of gifts for people you really only see once a year. The key here is to be realistic, says Dr. Demartini. Continue reading...

Spice4Life - Stress less at Christmas

When our expectations of ourselves and others can’t be met, it can lead to negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear or guilt. These expectations and emotions tend to reach their peak during the festive season. This article reveals 4 tips on overcoming these expectations.

Continue reading...

Natural Medicine - Fear or Freedom

There are seven common fears and guilt that fragment our full potential. The difference between somebody who does what they love and someone who doesn't is the former has the ability to identify their fears and has a strategy to break through them.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini on Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Dynamics


Are you experiencing challenges with your mother-in-law? Read this article in which Dr. Demartini shares insightful tips on how to set yourself free to love and appreciate your mother-in-law, instead of resenting her.

Live Life Balanced Magazine - Less stress, more balance


Dr. Demartini recommends gratitude as a stress-combatting exercise. The more gratitude we have, the more events we will be given to be grateful for. Gratitude ensures a poised and balanced mind and transforms imbalanced distress into poised eustress.

Diabetes Focus - How our perceptions determine our wellness or our illness


The many perceptions that you experience in your body are your body's way of trying to reveal the areas in your life where you have imbalanced perceptions. If you bring your perceptions into balance, you can normalize your physiology and your body will return to wellness. 

Ubuntu - Education: Path to Success

In 2013, the Knowledge to Action and Global Success Summits will be bringing the South African Success Summit to Johannesburg. The unique event welcomes international speakers including Dr. John Demartini.

True Love Magazine - Single Girl's Festive Handbook


It's the festive season and according to the unwritten rules of society, the worst time to be single. During this tim, it seems like everybody is coupled up. This article mentions Dr. Demartini's tips on maximizing being single during the festive season.

Ask Men - Dealing with a Bully

The bully is attracted to his or her opposite. Both are in a dance of growth. The bully eventually gets humbled and the bullied gets strong. Both require the traits of the other to make them both awaken to their wholeness. Remember, any area you do not empower someone will over power. Empower yourself and let the bully do their bullying to someone else who needs it more than you do. View here...

Ask Men - How to say 'no'?

For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? What are Dr. Demartini's thoughts on being able to say 'no'? View here...

Ask Men - How to handle stress

Since each event in life has both positive and negative components or repercussions anytime we misperceive such an imbalance we become stressed. Stress is where we are looking at only half of an emotional equation, not the loving and ordered whole. In this video, Dr. Demartini shares how to go from stress to success. View here...

Ask Men - How to have more energy

In this video, Dr. Demartini reveals that people who are at the most risk of ‘suffering' a lack of energy are those who do not feel like they are living purposefully; they feel lost, overwhelmed and out of focus. They are scattered and trying to live other people's lives. They are the ones also whose diets and lifestyles are also not all that ideal. View here...  

Ask Men - The key to being inspired

As your voice on the inside grows in clarity and strength so will your inspiration when you listen. Begin to attune to that inspiring station from within. Listen as it guides you to new levels of creativity and operation. Your inner voice will put few or no limits on your life. Dr. Demartini guides viewers on how to tranform desperation to inspiration.

View here...

Qantas Inflight Radio - Dr. Demartini on values

Dr. Demartini imparts his knowledge that anytime two values on an individual's hierarchy of values are close, they enhance each other. Anytime that two values are far apart from each other, they hinder each other. For maximum results, it is wise to ask yourself, how the one priority is assisting you with the other priority.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini addresses the concerns of a working mother


A mother of three children asks Dr. Demartini on how to juggle between a family, a home and a career, without feeling guilty. Dr. Demartini shares insights which will assist all working mothers who carry the same unnecessary burdens of guilt.

HR Future Magazine - The heart of true leadership


Dr. Demartini avers that every individual has leadership qualities. It is important to examine ourselves to know ourselves and from there to recognise the personality types of others and understand their their thinking and actions.

O Magazine - I feel transformed

When her husband passed away, Lois Wessels fell into a deep depression. In this article, she shares that a cathartic session with Dr. Demartini helped her to deal with her grief. 

Good Housekeeping Magazine - Relationship advice for your teen


Relationships are fraught with challenges, whether you are 15 or 50. Dr. Demartini shares expert lessons to teach your teen to help them build strong relationships - both now and in the future.  

The Morning Show - Asking for a raise

Negotiations at work can be tough, especially when it comes to requesting a raise. If you want your boss to see things your way, it will be important to prove your case. In this video, Dr. Demartini lends his expertise in your best chance of getting a raise at work. View here...

Five AA - Part one - Interview with Dr. Demartini

In this radio interview, Dr. Demartini shares that we sometimes compare ourselves to other people and inject their values into our lives, undermining our own values in the process. Dr. Demartini states that it is wise to give yourself permission to shine in your own form.

Five AA - Part two - Interview with Dr. Demartini on 'Unconscious Motives'


Dr. John discusses how individuals can hold onto subconscious motives for holding onto their weight. Every decision a person makes is based on what they think will give them more advantage over disadvantage.

Ask Men - Dealing with a Tyrant Boss

Do you label your boss as a tyrant? Identify the key objectives that your boss is aiming at accomplishing and attempt to help him or her fulfill them. When you help them fulfill their highest values and objectives they are more likely to open up and be receptive to your presence and actions and respond more respectfully, says Dr. Demartini. View here. 

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Education Southern Africa - There's a genius inside every student


If you determine what is important to each of your students, you will awaken that genius and unleash potential for greatness that will have a ripple effect and impact on future societies.

Jetset Magazine - The Evolution of Transportation

The only limits to our creative and inventive endeavors will be those we self-impose and those of the misunderstanding of our constraining and possibly liberating laws of the universe. In this article, Dr. Demartini takes us through the journey of the history of transportation to the next quantum leap into the inspiring and inventive frontiers of the transportation minds of the future

Weekend Post - Everyone has the potential to be great


In this interview, Dr. Demartini said, "I believe every human being can transform their lives and double their potential in Botswana or any part of the world," Asked on how his teachings would help one especially in such challenging economic times he said that the fact that the world economy is depressed right now is no reason for people to fold their arms. It is wise to find your niche and ask how can you get paid to do what you would love to do. Continue reading...  

Womanonline - Appreciate Your Physical Body

No matter what your physical body looks like, you have things you like and dislike, or even admire and despise, about yourself. Both things you like and dislike are going to serve you in your life and wisdom is appreciating this balance and being grateful for it. Continue reading... 

BRW - The making of the new you

Dreams are important, but the first step to achieving a dream is making some decisions. "If you don't decide what you would truly love to do, you will end up living out someone else's vocational dreams. Your career dreams are up to you." Continue reading... 

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini answers a question on Bullying


Dr. Demartini responds to a mother's question on how to deal with her 11 year old son being a victim of a bully at school. For further insights on dealing with Bullying Behavior, consider watching this video.

Jetset Magazine - Steady at Aim, Ready for Financial Achievement


Dr. Demartini states that we are wise to have a built-in governing system and possibly an optional market insurance strategy in place for handling volatilities greater than our risk tolerance, or 10 percent, before allowing our emotions to run us wild and allowing them to erode our financial returns.

Education Southern Africa - Inspired teachers give rise to inspired students


In this article, Dr. Demartini shares that inspired teachers give rise to inspired students and teaching students in a way that aligns with their highest priorities is one of the most valuable ways to increase and maintain high concentration and participation levels. 

Transformational Minds - Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit


Most people, without realizing it, are setting objectives and goals that are not congruent and aligned with what is truly most important and inspiring to them. Radio presenter in Botswana, Simba interviews Dr. Demartini on Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit. 

Entrepreneur Magazine - Success Strategies for Entrepreneurs


South African entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get business advice from some of the world's foremost entrepreneurs at a seminar in May 2013. Speakers will include Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), Raymond Aaron (a transformational leader and NY Times best-selling author), Dr. John Demartini and Andy Harrington (founder of The Professional Speakers Academy). Continue Reading...

Holistic Bliss - Breaking through the barriers

No matter what you've been through and no matter what you're going through; what counts is your perceptions of it, your decisions around it and what action you take from it.

Think Big Business Radio - Kylie Nation interviews Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini talks about the importance of self-worth and self-love.

Dresser After Dark - Dr. Demartini on the Economy


Dr. Demartini responds to a question on entitlement: The laws of economics are built around fair exchange and if individuals want something for nothing, that interferes with the economy. When you produce more, then you can receive more. 

Life Mastery Radio - Be your best without the stress


Dr. Demartini defines stress as the inability to adapt to a changing environment. Contributing factors of stress are fears of gain and fear of loss. We fear the loss of that which we infatuate with and we fear the gain of that which we resent. 

Art of Joyful Living - Awakening Your Prosperity Consciousness


Would you love to know how to transform your financial destiny from one of day to day grind and frustration to one of more productive and abundant wealth? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have the golden touch, while others only struggle and barely make ends meet? Join Cindy and Linda as Dr. Demartini reveals the distinct differences between those that prosper and those that don't; the why underneath the results they create, and finally what you can do about it.

Think Big Business Radio - Turn your big ideas into big business


Deep inside every human being there is a yearning to do something extraordinary and to be of great, vast service to humanity.We subordinate to outer authority, cloud our clarity and therefore lose our certainty because we compare ourselves to other people instead of our vision. 

Destiny Man - How to Get a Raise - Part 3

In the last of this three-part series on how to clinch a salary increase, Dr. Demartini elaborates on what further steps to take if you have not been successful at securing an increase from your raise decision-maker. Click here.

Longevity Magazine - Dr. Demartini answers a question on affairs


Dr. Demartini responds to a question on affairs and shares valuable insights to set you free from the anger and hurt.

Prestige Magazine - The Three Great Laws of Relating to Others


In this article, Dr. Demartini summarizes the Law of Equilibrium, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Conservation, when relating to others. 

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Radio-Dresser After Dark

Radio-Dresser After Dark

Destiny Man - How to Get a Raise - Part 2

In part two of this three-part series on 'How to Get a Raise' Dr. John Demartini further explains the steps an employee can take to clinch a salary increase. Click here.

Destiny Man - How to Get A Raise - Part 1

In part one of this three-part series on 'How To Get A Raise,' Dr. Demartini discusses 5 points to consider before asking for a salary raise. Click here.

Charles Adler - Colorado Movie-Theatre Massacre


Three survivors of the Colorado movie-theater massacre escaped with minor wounds. In final acts of valor, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves used their bodies to shield their girlfriends as accused madman James Holmes turned the Aurora cineplex into a shooting gallery. Listen to Dr. Demartini share his expertise on this matter.

Rainmaker Radio - Bill Walsh interviews Dr. Demartini


One does not require motivation when you are doing what inspires you, says Dr. Demartini. It is about being able to do what you love and love what you do. When you can't wait to wake up in the morning to be of service, then people can't wait to get your service.

Kern Talk Radio - Jeff Lemucchi interviews Dr. Demartini


Dr.Demartini reveals inspiring insights on how to master the inner mindset of wise investing and wealth building; providing effective and efficient strategies for creating money making opportunities and outlining a step by step pathway for amassing a great fortune.

Spice4Life - The Heart of a Leader

Every individual has leadership qualities inside them, but the challenge is to discover in which areas they reside. Dr. Demartini uncovers the essence of leadership and tips on activating leadership.

Continue Reading... 

Prestige Magazine - The Mystery of Evolution versus Creation


The questions of who we are and where we have come from affect every aspect of our lives. In this article Dr. Demartini discusses the numerous graded opinions concerning the controversial roles that both creation and evolution may have played in the development of life.

Longevity Magazine - Dr John Demartini answers your questions


In this article, Dr. Demartini provides insights on how to deal with being retrenched. Our challenges are what make us innovative. They help us to discover our hidden genius and creative capacities.

Weigh-less Magazine - The Attitude of Gratitude

According to research an attitude of gratitude contributes to our wellbeing. Dr. Demartini shares that what we think about and thank about, we bring about.

Good Housekeeping Magazine - Check your attitude


Attitude and youthfulness are interwined says Dr. Demartini. Live life according to your highest values, do what you love and love what you do are some of the tips Dr. Demartini shares in this article.

Goeie Huishouding - Ondersoek jou Gesindheid

This Afrikaans article centers around Dr. Demartini's tips on how doing what we love and living according to our highest values contributes to preserving our youthfulness.

The Circle - Accountability with Children

Dr. Demartini shares his expert knowledge on how to raise children without hovering over them. It is important on maintaining a balance in parenting, keeping a balance between supporting and challenging children to make them independent. View here.

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The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker

India - Nurturing Leadership in Turbulent Times

Dr. Demartini presented his teachings for the first time in Mumbai & Bangalore in India, focusing on some of the leadership challenges faced by organizations today along with meaningful engagements with visionary leaders in the corporate space.

Jetset Magazine - Great Visions, Great Lives

The greater our visions in spatial and temporal domains, the greater our potential lives and legacies that others will have no choice but to have considered made a difference and mattered. Continue Reading...

2GB Radio - Dr. Demartini on Managers and Management


Dr. Demartini shares tips for employeers and employers on how to increase the productivity levels in a company and the ways in which managers can contribute to catapulting productivity to new levels.

On My Owning - Top 10 questions to ask yourself before you start a business


The quality of your life is based on the questions you ask yourself. Amanda Killick shares on her Blog post, questions Dr. Demartini suggests you ask yourself before starting your own business. Continue Reading...

Longevity Magazine - Ask Dr. Demartini

When you balance out your perceptual equation, you set yourself free from your self-imposed turmoil. If you continue to compare your reality to an unrealistic expectation, you will perpetuate your feelings of loss. We are wise when we finally embrace "what is" instead of what we imagine it should have been. 

Her Magazine - Deborah Cooper

Deborah works with Dr Demartini and is the New Zealand host for Demartini Institute in bringing Dr John Demartini to New Zealand and runs the Demartini Method Training Program for The Demartini Institute in Sydney, Australia.

Prestige Magazine - A Perfectly Balanced World

The world is made of a full bouquet of complementary opposites. When you break free from the one-sided fantasy and see the whole picture you become grateful for each stage of the game and come out as a more empowered individual.

Entrepreneur Magazine - Be an Inspired Leader

Although we all have a leader inside, unless we set our sails in the direction of our highest values, our leadership doesn't emerge and become discovered by ourselves or others.

O Magazine - Win a consultation with Dr. Demartini


Start living your dreams with a once-in-a-lifetime personal session with Dr. Demartini. One O reader will win a private consultation with Dr. Demartini in Johannesburg. A second O reader will attend Dr. Demartini's Breakthrough Experience Program in Johannesburg.

Destiny Man - Competition


The winners of the Destiny Man Competition will be able to attend Dr. John Demartini's signature Breakthrough Experience Program, in which they have the opportunity to experience and learn a powerful method for resolving emotional problems. 

Spice4Life - Why Partners Stray

I was asked recently whether there was an explanation why husbands or wives stray. My answer was simple: individuals are not loyal to other individuals, they are loyal only to the fulfillment of their own highest values (what is most important to them). Relationships may start out romantic but they also remain utilitarian. Continue Reading...

Nursing Update - Self Sabotage Syndrome

This article quotes Dr. Demartini's knowledge on the importance of living true to ourselves. We are not here to run away from sadness to find happiness. Both sides are integral to fulfillment.

Live Life Balanced - What Your Bucket List Says About You


Use your bucket list to get to know yourself better or have a conversation with yourself. What dreams and aspirations will bring you fulfillment in all apsects of your life? List them and consider why they are important to you. 

Beverly Hills Times Magazine - An Inspired Destiny


In this article, Dr. Demartini shares that in your heart there is a powerful knowing that holds the key to what you would love to spend your life doing and how you would love to impact the world.

Kuier - Sonder Woorde

At the core of this article is Dr. Demartini's application of his trailblazing philosophy and revolutionary understanding of human behavior to relationships.

All4Women - From victim to mastering her destiny


Judy van Niekerk was kept prisoner by her father, beaten and raped for nearly two decades. This is the story of her journey - from victim to empowerment life coach and a Demartini Method Facilitator.

Continue reading...

Jetset Magazine - Wisely Working, Working Wisely


You can do what you love and love what you do, or not. When you do inspiring and meaningful work, it will energize you and make you feel youthful or even ageless. When you don't, it will drain you and make you feel prematurely old. Continue Reading...

Dr Demartini on Diabetes

Dr Michael Mol interviews Dr John Demartini about the link between our minds and our bodies as a contributing factor to diabetes. Dr Demartini explains why he thinks that our personality may play a role in terms of who gets diabetes, and what role the mind can play in managing this chronic condition. View here...

How our Perceptions affects our Wellness or Illness


The many symptoms that you experience in your body are your body's way of trying to reveal the areas in your life where you have imbalanced perceptions. If you bring your perceptions into balance, you can normalise your physiology and your body will return to wellness. Continue Reading...

Natural Medicine - Ask the Experts

In this article, Dr Demartini explains that couples with a balance of overall powers keep each other in homeostatic check. This results in a more stable relationship. They experience only mild oscillations in their relationship dynamic, which are not enough to motivate what society calls infidelity. As long as they are getting their values met, they are less likely to stray.

Longevity Magazine - On the Couch

Dr Demartini answers a question relating to the consequences and impact of being molested by a family member.

Prestige Magazine - Hiring and Inspiring Productive Employees


Wise and caring leaders consider the needs and highest values of their potential or hired employees and look at how each of them can individually be inspired and empowered productively.

My Loopbaan - The Graeme Watkins Project

Matthew Marinus, dynamic drummer from The Graeme Watkins Project cites Dr. Demartini as his role model.

SA Career Focus - The Graeme Watkins Project

Matthew Marinus, key drummer from The Graeme Watkins Project cites Dr. Demartini as his role model.

Radio 2000 - Interview with Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini emphasizes the importance of knowing your hierarchy of values.

Classic FM - Interview with Dr Demartini

Unproductive employees are costing South African companies billions of Rands. Dr Demartini explains that unless a person feels fulfilled in their job duties, they're not inspired to go to work, which then affects productivity levels.

SAFM - Health Matters Interview with Dr Demartini

In this interview, Dr Demartini discusses how our perceptions impact our physiology.

Are you in a successful relationship?

In this article Dr Demartini shares insights on what are some of the biggest causes of relationship conflict and tips for a fulfilling relationship. Continue reading...

Profit Magazine - Interview with Dr Demartini

In this interview Dr Demartini highlights important key elements to wealth creation and provides six exact and proven steps on how to achieve financial independence. 

2UE - The Secret to a Fulfilled Relationship

Whenever you feel like your life is missing something, you may notice a strong desire to fill the void. Fulfillment means the process of filling, or making full. You fulfill your voids by either transforming how you see the world or through the actions you take. Dr Demartini emphasizes the importance of knowing your own values and your partner's values in order to have a fulfilling relationship.

Dealing with Post Marriage and Baby-Blues

Pre-conceived ideas of life after marriage can leave many women disappointed. These feelings can stem from romantic ideas they fostered in childhood. Dr Demartini shares 7 tips designed to help women enjoy the reality of their life, rather than longing for something else.

Longevity Magazine - Men's Advice

The May 2012 issue of Longevity Magazine features advice from Dr Demartini to a 38 year old man, on dealing with his ex-wife and financial challenges.

The Morning Show - The Secret to Sexual Chemistry

In this interview, Dr Demartini shares insightful tips on how to have sexual magnetism to create a fulfilling relationship with your loved one. View here...

Prestige Magazine - Integrate or Disintegrate

A company is the most basic unit of socio-economics and is wisely led and managed when it demonstrates the principle of gender balance. Inspiring business leaders of the future are the ones who will aim to maintain poise in relationship to the gender role within their companies. They will integrate before their companies disintegrate.

I Do Magazine - Myth: A New Relationship Will Make Me Happy


Regardless of circumstances, everyone oscillates between feeling up and down throughout their life. Dr. Demartini reveals that we experience these sensations in relationships, regardless of how ideally it begins. 

Career Confessions - Interview with Dr Demartini

In this article, Dr Demartini answers 12 signature questions created to inspire, encourage and guide you in the right direction to achieving your dreams. Continue reading...

Cari Murphy interviews Dr Demartini on Inspiring Your Destiny


Cari Murphy explores the topics of value systems and human behavior with Dr Demartini

How to Live a Meaningful and Inspiring Life

Everyone deserves to live a life where they feel truly satisfied and inspired. Your life's journey is a summation of all your destinies and your destiny is an expression of your values. Listen to Dr Demartini share insights on how you can do what you love and love what you do, to lead an inspiring and meaningful life.

Bridal Fantasy Magazine - Breaking Through The Romantic Fantasy Frenzy


He rides in on a white horse and sweeps her off to his castle where they live happily ever after. If you’re like most people, you probably buy into at least one of the common cultural myths such as everlasting passion. Dr Demartini shares his thoughts on matters of the heart and the common relationship myths. 



Natural Medicine - Achieving the Unachievable

A master of achievement is one who plans and focuses on ever-fine detail. Dr Demartini highlights the importance of aligning your goals to your values. It is wise to climb one step at a time than to attempt to leap across huge gorges.

Prestige Magazine - Awaken Your Inner Leader

Dr Demartini's article is based on a discipline of study called Axiology, which is a study of human values and worth. Axiology forms the cornerstone of your inner drive and actions. Dr Demartini states that knowing what your highest value is can awaken your inner leader.

The Morning Show - The Art of Saying No

For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'. To view my interview on the Art of Saying 'No', click here.

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