Online - Prophecy I Experience USA Apr 2021  
Includes 19 videos in 7 modules

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Online - Prophecy I Experience USA Apr 2021

The Prophecy I Experience is 7 incredibly powerful, life-altering days where you will be shown the correlations between mental development, social structures, financial systems, business structures, physical development and familial or relationship dynamics and taught how to integrate, influence and develop all these areas.

The entire syllabus of the Prophecy I Experience has been accumulated with the sole intention of helping you enhance, develop and ultimately empower all areas of your life. You not only will be given knowledge, you will be given the know-how, strategy and the ability to implement your ideas and goals and make them real. 

You will get the edge and perspective to create and leverage opportunities at every level. 

You will learn steps to apply which will take you form where you are to where you want to be. 

The Prophecy I Experience will significantly expand your influence and ability to impact the world. 

It is a journey of learning that will supersede anything you’ve ever experienced before.


What You Will Learn At The Prophecy I Experience

  • A thorough understanding of universal laws as they are expressed in all 7 areas of life
  • An understanding of how to work with universal laws to influence outcomes
  • Insights into human behaviour and the power of perceptions
  • ​How to work with human behaviour to create intended outcomes in all areas of life
  • ​Insights into the body-mind connection and how perceptions influence physiology
  • ​How to bring homeostasis to the body and influence health and wellbeing
  • ​Understanding the mechanisms of the mind.
  • ​Expanding your mental concentration and learning capacity.
  • ​How to influence and transform social and family dynamics.
  • ​How to dissolve barriers in personal and professional relationships.
  • How to inspire others to appreciate what is important to you​.
  • ​How to master the art of communication and relationship building.
  • ​An understanding of the evolution of economics, social systems and business.
  • ​Learn proven strategies to build financial wealth and independence.
  • ​Learn how to leverage every opportunity the market presents.
  • ​Learn how to manage and inspire individuals in business to increase productivity and results.
  • ​Learn how to recognise and activate leadership and excellence.
  • ​Discover powerful practical tools and exercises to assist you delegate, managing and inspire your staff to greater productivity.
  • ​Gain an understanding of how the influencers play an important role in ensuring success of any business plan.
  • ​Learn how to resolve distractions and build teams.
  • ​Discover the importance of understanding and applying universal laws in relation to building wealth, business, teams and self.

Day One - The Human Quest for Mental Understanding and Wisdom
Day Two - The Human Quest for Physical Health and Wellness.
Day Three - The Human Question for Familial Love and Intimacy
Day Four - The Human Quest for Social Power and Leadership.
Day Five - The Human Quest for Financial Independence & Freedom.
Day Six - The Human Quest for Spiritual Immortality & Truth.
Day Seven - The Human Quest for Vocational Service and Success.

Online - Prophecy I Experience USA Apr 2021

Get the Demartini Experience through 19 videos in 7 modules


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