Online - Weekend of Mastery - USA December 2020  
Includes 4 videos in 2 modules

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Online - Weekend of Mastery - USA December 2020

I’ve watched 1000s of individuals struggle with all the different challenges and frustrations of trying to master their journey of fulfilment through life.
I’ve been on that mission of mastery myself for over 47 years too. I’ve studied and applied the principles of the greatest minds in as many fields or disciplines of study as possible from building wealth, to business, to relationships, to leadership and self-governance to health and more. Literally everything I could get my hands on that relates to empowering an individual’s life! 
And I can tell you first hand the principles and methodologies that I have learned and developed for this objective have been proven to work! 
That’s why I’ve distilled down some of these greatest principles and tools from the world’s greatest thinkers and achievers from all areas of life and packaged them together in my new Weekend of Mastery seminar. I’d love to share these principles and tools with you so you have the toolkit to give you the edge so you can master your life and achieve the goals you’re setting out to achieve. 
When you make your inner voice louder and more profound than all the many outer voices, you’ll have begun to master your life. 
My job and inspiration is to help you:
• Turn up the volume of that inner voice so that you get to make the difference you dream of in the world.
• See that you’re worthy of love no matter what you’ve done or not done.
​• Realize that you’re enough as you are and that you don’t need change in order to achieve, 
  but you may desire to recognize your hidden power.
​• See that you already have exactly what it takes to do and excel at what you’d love.
There are many leaders who’ve done extraordinary things on the planet. Developing the mindset of leadership, accessing and applying time proven principles will enable you to do the same. And in this special weekend I would love to share with you how you can apply these proven principles and methodologies to empower and master yourself, your business, your wealth building, your leadership and your relationships.
If you’re ready to take action, and you’d love to have the tools to apply to break through any area of stagnation, if you want to boost your progress, then join me for my 2-day seminar Weekend of Mastery taking place in the CDT time zone on 12 - 13 December 2020.


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Online - Weekend of Mastery - USA December 2020

Get the Demartini Experience through 4 videos in 2 modules


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