FInd Your Purpose

Your purpose is inherent! It is waiting to be revealed from deep within your heart...


Your purpose is inherent.

If you are unclear on what it is, it is waiting to be revealed from deep within your heart.

It is simply clouded over by your mind’s seven primary fears that block its realization and fullest expression.

To transcend these fears – kneel down at the side of your bed at the end of each day before going to sleep with a note pad and pen in hand.

Think about everything you can be grateful for from that day and make a list of experiences that you can truly be grateful for until you are so grateful a tear comes out of your eyes.

Then turn inward to your most authentic and powerful self – your soul – and ask:

  • “What message do you have for me today?”
  • “What action step am I to take to fulfill my life?”
  • “What detail can you reveal about my life mission or vision?”

If you don’t receive a message immediately then go back and think more deeply about what you’re truly grateful for and then ask these questions again.

The voice on the inside

If you are truly grateful a vision or message will be immediate, loud and clear.

“When this voice and vision on the inside becomes louder and more profound than all opinions on the outside you have begun to master your life.”

Do these actions for at least thirty days until you no longer have to ask the question about what your mission or purpose is. You will then know with certainty.

Then add to this insight by thinking about what you know you would love to do and write it down.

Read and Refine

“Start with what you know with certainty and let what you know grow.”

Read it, refine it, read it, refine it, and keep reading it and refining it until it becomes crystal clear.

Find the Hero inside you

Also review all the heroes you have had in your life and look for what is common to them – they leave clues and review all the jobs or careers you have had and look for what is common – they also leave clues.

Add all this up and you will have a great idea or first draft of what your mission or purpose is.

The true you, has a profound contribution to offer the world. The true you, does not play small. The true you, is brilliant beyond compare.

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Finding Your Purpose...
Finding Your Purpose…

Dr John Demartini, Founder of the Demartini Institute, International bestselling author, educator and consultant

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