Stephen Gardiner

Professional Speaker and Facilitator in The Demartini Method®

I believe that we are all here on this earth for a purpose. When you uncover that for yourself you have the power to reach your full potential. There is balance in the world and when the balance is seen, the emotions that stop you from living that full potential instantly dissolve and free you up to live your life according to what you believe – rather than what society thinks you should do.


Steve Gardiner is a Professional Speaker and Facilitator in The Demartini Method® – the tool with 1000 uses for empowering life. Working with individuals from all backgrounds, with a particular focus on optimizing performance in elite athletes, Steve also specialises in helping people through divorce and relationship break-ups. Steve is dedicated to and skilled in the field of helping people to remove and dissolve the blocks in their lives that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

About Stephen

Growing up in Africa and with a background in agronomy, (growing and curing tobacco) and then later as a Medic in the Army, Steve saw first-hand, the effects smoking had on the human body. This was a powerful observation which catalysed him to study and master techniques to help people to quit smoking.

In 2009, Steve began training professionally with world-leading human behavioural specialist Dr. John Demartini and has become a Facilitator in The Demartini Method® and has studied The Breakthrough Experience® and both the Prophecy I and Prophecy II Experiences.

As a business owner Steve now powerfully combines his extensive experience in speaking, coaching, and hypnotherapy to break people through their challenges relating to all 7 areas of life, spiritual, mental, vocational, family, financial, social and physical.

Steve specialises in one-on-one consultations, using The Demartini Method®. These sessions can be conducted face-to-face, on Skype or phone, in a group or via webinars or workshops.  Steve utilises The Demartini Method® to help people to quit smoking, relieve grief, and dissolve the stresses and blocks that hold them back from creating wealth and gratitude.  It is a tool that has a 1000 uses and for those who wish to adapt it into their daily living, Steve teaches his clients how to do this

Facilitating regularly alongside Dr. Demartini at The Breakthrough Experience®, Steve assists people to discover their purpose and values.  By helping people to discover what they value and why they do what they do allows them the freedom to focus their energy and efforts on fulfilling their highest values and achieving their greatest outcomes in life.  For Steve, helping people to achieve this is one of the most fulfilling things that he does.

Contact Steve to book a consultation:

Skype:  Transformyou
Mobile: +61 428 457 236 or Aust: 1300 645 354

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