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Demartini Method Facilitators

Working one on one, private or corporate

Starr Shephard

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United States
Starr Shephard
Trained Demartini Method Facilitator
For the past seven years, Starr Shephard has studied with Dr. John Demartini and the  Demartini Institute and incorporated the extraordinary value of the Demartini Method - The Breakthrough Experience into her work as the key to dissolving issues and inspiring an individual’s life. 

Starr earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Houston, and her Masters Degree in Clinical Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as in Sports Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas.  Starr is also a trained facilitator of The Demartini Method, a cutting-edge methodology that brings emotions and minds into balance and opens hearts with true gratitude and unconditional love. 
Her unique background as
•    a former world class athlete,
•    Sports Coach and Championship Mindset Expert,
•    Relationship Specialist,
•    Eating Disorder Specialist,
•    Sexuality Relationship/Addiction Consultant,
•     Financial Consultant,
•    Gratitude in the Corporate Setting Consultant,
•    Image Consultant and
•    Demartini Method Facilitator,
create a powerful foundation for her inspirational speaking, authorship and motivational coaching.

Starr’s Mission? To inspire others to discover and pursue their inspired missions, visions and dreams.
Her clients include athletes, parents, married and mated couples, corporate executives that have a vision for legendary success, celebrities, politicians, athlete’s, CEO’s and individuals who know there’s more to life and are hungry to identify and fulfil their unique purpose.

One-on-one Demartini Method consultations
•    Bring balance to the core of the individual seeking a centeredness in their life;
•    Allows relationships to be truly authentic and reveal the reality that is waiting when the fantasy dissolves;
•    Brings sexuality to the surface of relationships, extramarital affairs, marriage difficulties, to-divorce-or not to divorce dilemmas;
•    Brings emotional crashing into balance at the core of the individual;
•    Inspires the life you love and really begin the healthy momentum you desire;
•    Allows you to “let go” of emotional charging in your day and build your life aligning Spirit and physical realities together to gain certainty, presence of mind and love and gratitude in your life;
•    Allows for discovering the blessings in your perceived crisis;
•    Teaches you to love yourself and realize that “no matter what you have done or not done in your life, you are worthy of love”.

Contact:        Starr Shephard
Region:         Houston, Texas

Phone:            713-320-1521 USA
Skype:            worldstarr
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