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Demartini Method Facilitators

Working one on one, private or corporate

Marion Ellyard

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Marion Ellyard
Trained Demartini Method Facilitator

My name is Marion Ellyard, since a young age I have been on a spiritual and scientific journey connecting the human heart with our fantastic mind. I have studied and done many certifications all over the world in those areas.

Meeting John and studying his teachings it was clear to me that it is the most powerful method for people who are ready to see change in their life - real internal change and growth leading to an inner piece. With his method I can work literally in all areas but my personal focus is relationships. Relationship to yourself, you partner, your children and your extended family.


In my work I work a lot with singles and couple redefining their relationship beliefs and relationship issues. I also adress issues around sexuality, frigidity and sexual fantasies.


Marion has the following qualifications and certificates: 

Meditation Facilitator 1999

Diploma of Remedial Massage 2001

Yoga Teachers Training 2005
Diploma of Counselling 2014
Demartini Facilitator 2014


To book Marion Ellyard: 

0061- (0) 415121250 MOB
Skype: marion.ellyard 
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