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Kate Brain

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Kate Brain
Trained Demartini Method Facilitator

Kate Brain specializes in Human Behaviour and is naturally inspired and moved by working and watching people transform. The Company Director of Aligning Beauty Naturally (Pty Ltd), a company that aligns people with the beauty that is within them, Kate is currently based at The Old Coast Road Chiropractic Centre in Australind, Western Australia.

Kate's extensive experience as an Office and Business Manager has cemented her knowledge and abilities relating to business management and administration, while providing a sound knowledge of business dynamics and human behaviour in the workplace. Kate has expertise in many aspects of business and with this knowledge she is able to assist not only individuals, but also businesses to be productive on a daily bases.


Since 2008, Kate has also been treating clients in her capacity as a Natural Health Practitioner placing a special emphasis on her studies with Dr. John Demartini - human behavioural specialist, educator and internationally-published author. Kate has attained the status of a Trained Facilitator in The Demartini Method® - the tool with 1000 uses for enhancing your life - and has a deep commitment and focus on continually-advancing her studies in this area as she fulfils her mission to help others to live a magnificent life.

Kate shares her sound understanding of Universal laws and human behaviour with clients regularly, offering one-on-one or small group consulting to work with people to first identify and then dissolve whatever challenge may be preventing them from living the life that they love. With powerful skills in The Demartini Method® and a deep level of compassion for the obstacles that life presents - having lost her own mother at 19, and also dealing with and overcoming many health issues, including depression and anorexia - Kate applies herself in every way to assist people to break through.

"I am deeply inspired by the work that I do," says Kate, "I am dedicated to do whatever it takes and to go to extraordinary lengths to assist individuals from all walks of life to see that their greatest pain and their greatest challenges throughout their life is, in fact, their greatest gift."

Kate has an inspiration that continues to touch individuals from many different locations and backgrounds, and she truly has the mind, heart, soul, the drive and willingness that transforms lives simply through her presence. Time with Kate is truly an extraordinary and invaluable experience.

What People Are Saying About Kate...

"I would love to share a big ‘Thank you' for assisting me to experience the powerful breakthrough that I had last weekend. I am deeply grateful."
David Pasipanodya

"I have worked with Kate on two occasions now, both for sessions exceeding two hours. During that time, Kate has powerfully, and I mean powerfully, guided me through overcoming some of my biggest hurdles on living the life I do. Through the Demartini Method®, Kate and I have awakened a greater power in me to impact and influence others and to create greater success. Kate has the strength to ask the hard questions that ultimately result in the biggest breakthroughs, and to me, that is worth its weight in gold - especially as I travel the world writing, speaking and meeting and spending time with extraordinary individuals and leaders. Thank you Kate."
Emily Gowor, Word Artist


Contact Details:
Mobile: +61 0416 136 748
Tel: +61 8 9796 1600
Fax: +61 8 9796 0641
Email: [email protected]
Skype: kate-brain
Address: Old Coast Road Chiropractic Centre, CNR Old Coast Road & Christina Street, Australind, WA 6233

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