Kameron Kleut

Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, Consultant and advisor

About Kameron

Kameron Kleut is Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, Consultant and advisor who assists clients globally to breakthrough challenges and reach their full human potential.

Kameron’s inherent interest in wisdom, human behavior, and universal principles has inspired him to extensively research the human potential movement, during which he has studied several different psychology techniques and methodologies.

In 2004, Kameron studied and successfully completed New Insights Life Coaching School where one of his fellow students recommended to enroll seminar delivered by Dr. John Demartini, The Breakthrough Experience®. After attending the weekend seminar, Kameron was deeply and profoundly touched by Dr. Demartini’s scope of wisdom and knowledge. From that moment on Kameron was dedicated to mastering the application of The Demartini Method® with his clients. Since 2005, Kameron has facilitated on more than 35 of Dr. Demartini’s seminars across Australia to solidify his knowledge and skills in utilizing The Demartini Method®

Kameron founded his Inspired Insights Consulting practice to assist people to experience profound transformation in any chosen area of life. His clients’ decision to seek answers and personal transformation empowers them to be informed, inspired and insightful with enthusiasm for limitless possibilities which, in turn, gives them a significant advantage in this ever-evolving world.

In 2014, Kameron contributed an inspirational piece to a published book, the Inspiration Bible and he has also translated and organized the publishing of Dr. Demartini’s Count Your Blessings book in his native language (Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian). Also deeply inspired with mastering the craft of acting, Kameron spent two years studying at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and completed the screen actors studio in December 2015.

Consulting and Acting are two most valuable pursuits for Kameron.

By using The Demartini Method®, Kameron provides tailored consulting for your specific needs so you can experience transformation and gain the inspiration and insights you need to start manifesting your inspired dreams.

Kameron can assist you to transform the following challenges into opportunities:

  • Setting realistic goals and objectives and overcoming procrastination
  • Finding and defining your VIP (vision, inspiration, purpose)
  • Resolving relationship issues (dealing with divorce and break ups)
  • Dissolving depression
  • Dissolving anger, anxiety, frustration and resentment
  • Building and developing greater self-worth and self esteem
  • Dealing with addiction
  • Dissolving fear of the future and guilt of the past
  • Dealing with abuse and bullying

Kameron Kleut is an international inspirational speaker, consultant and advisor dedicated to assisting individuals from all walks of life to get in touch with their inner calling and inspiration.
Kameron is highly sought-after consultant for personal transformation. By deciding to do consulting with Kameron, you have distinguished yourself from the ordinary and the average.

Your decision to seek resources that will inform and inspire you, awaken your intuition and give you insights and ideas will provide you with an incredible advantage in this ever-changing and evolving world.
Consulting with Kameron is designed for those who demand the most out of life: the individuals who want to be high achievers that do more, grow, breakthrough, learn, live richer, more fulfilled and inspired lives.

You will not only give yourself permission to reach your potential but you will be a privileged individual who understands profound human behavior principles and the dynamics of life, and uses them to their personal advantage.

When working with Kameron, you will benefit his playful and witty personality as well as his keen insight into how the human mind works as you break through self-imposed limitations and challenges, and become the limitless inspired human being you are destined to be.

To book an introductory consultation with Kameron:

Skype: vipkameron007

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