Gordon John Burke

Certified Demartini Method Facilitator specialising in employee and customer engagement.

Who is Gordon J Burke?

Gordon is the founder and CEO of 7 Areas, an innovative, business consulting organisation.
Gordon is an inspired, intuitive and highly successful leader and businessman, having founded and led many highly successful enterprises.  He has also held various senior executive roles during his business career, providing transformational leadership and achieving significant results while leading organisations through extensive organisational change.  Gordon brings a wealth of specialised corporate and entrepreneurial knowledge, experience and high level commercial acumen to his business consulting framework, his organisation is dedicated to challenging the perceptions of current business conditions and the organisation to take advantage its strengths and emerging business trends.  He is dedicated to his mission and enjoys capturing the imagination of others and helping inspire and mentor them and their teams in identifying their values enabling them to achieve and realise their goals.  Gordon has considerable experience working with state owned, quasi government organisations and is able to provide guidance on navigating and removing bureaucratic processes at the same time as driving change agendas.

Gordon’s experience and capacity to analyse complex issues at the most senior levels, conceptualise, anticipate challenges, identify opportunities and articulate solutions are some of his key strengths.  He has a strong reputation for integrity and leadership by example and has over time developed wide ranging business networks and collaborations which contribute significantly to his capacity to achieve outstanding results.  His advice and experience is highly sought after in the private and public sectors as a consequence.

Gordon’s career to date reflects senior leadership roles and highly successful entrepreneurial ventures. These denote the strength of his leadership and management expertise and the capacity he has to mentor and coach others who seek personal and professional growth.  In each corporate role he has provided collaborative and transformational leadership, having been charged with the responsibility to identify opportunities, establish new divisions, projects or reinvigorate others.  This invaluable experience is a key to Gordon’s success leading a global business consultancy.

Gordon leads a team of corporate values professionals who specialise in human performance, business performance, customer satisfaction and profit growth.

Engagement improvement, authentic mission identification and customer focus is our business and we implement our work globally.
Our service comes with a guarantee and measurable results focusing on your ROI.

We convert the soft sciences in into hard science in 6 ways:

1. Maximising your staff engagement.

  • New employees, through values alignment of prospective new hires.
  • Inspire and engage existing employees through value identification and linking.
  • Managing and leading teams specialising in Change Management, M&A, outsourcing and downsizing activity.

2. Maximising your customer engagement and satisfaction.

  • Selling to your customers in their values.
  • Servicing your customers in their values.

3. Maximising CEO’s ability to lead, engaged, market leading, inspired organisations where every employee is.

  • Grateful for their job.
  • Love what they do.
  • Inspired by the companies authentic mission.
  • The organisation has a buzz of enthusiasm.

4. Guide professional service organisations to identify and select principles that will not arrive, build relationships then poach your clients to set up their own consultancy in competition with you.

5. Reduce staff turnover which costs your company an average of between 100 to 150% of the annual TEC of the employee you replace.

6. Remove bureaucracy, flatten organisational structure removing overhead, cost and improve time to market.

Manage your perceived risk. Implement a pilot programme for your organisation to prove what can be achieved with measured results.

Once satisfied implement a companywide frameworkwith a bi annual review to continue to maximise your staff engagement resulting profit and business performance.

How to Contact Gordon J Burke?
Phone: +61 455 88 88 00
Skype: yourvalues

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