The Green-Eyed Monster: Keeping Envy At Bay...

"Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide" - Emmerson.


Envy is to assume or perceive that someone has something that you don’t have. It could either be their level of intelligence, success, wealth, relationships, prestige, appearance or their spiritual awareness.

Keep the Green-Eyed Monster at bay and address feelings of envy and jealousy

Let’s say you want a promotion at work and instead of being given the promotion, somebody else comes in and take the position. You will probably feel envious of that person for getting that position. You might resent the person who made the hiring decision for giving the position to someone else that you felt entitled too.

If you were dating someone and another woman came along who had a “more” intelligent conversation with your partner, you’d possibly come across the Green-Eyed Monster. You would envy her for having the intelligence to relate to your partner in a way that you cannot.

Her ability to communicate with your partner might be the source of your envy. This could lead to further jealousy of her potentially taking your partner and you could covet this whole dynamic.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson said:

“Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide.”

To think that someone has something more than what you have, for instance more money or more success, is to be ignorant.

Within these resented dynamics, lays a hidden gem. Within is potential to awaken you to your own inner power and influence.

When the Green-Eyed Monster creeps in and you experience feelings of envy and jealousy, it could serve as an eye opener to empower yourself.

If you’re disempowered, and you assume that a person has something you don’t, you’re vulnerable. The bigger the discrepancy between what you think they have and what you don’t have, the more vulnerable you will be. Feelings of envy and jealousy are partly a byproduct of not empowering you.

Instead of being envious of someone, it is wiser to go and look how you do have it in your own form and empower yourself through this.

Discovering your own power

Identify what exactly it is that you perceive the other person to have, that you don’t have, and see how you have this in your own form.

For instance if you perceive someone to have more money than you, go and look where do you have money. You might have intellectual property worth millions. If you had to put a price value on you relationship or children it might be where your millions are.

Once you see that you have the same as the person you once envied, you will empower yourself and level the playing field.

It is wise to empower yourself accordingly, in all the areas of life:

  • Spiritual awareness
  • Mental understanding and wisdom
  • Social power and leadership
  • Familial love, relationships and intimacy
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Financial independence and freedom
  • Vocational service and success

To level the playing field, you have to keep empowering all seven areas of your life so that you’re offering the greatest possible package to their highest values. It is wise to keep communicating your valuable off in a greater manner than anybody else’s.

Think of it as a business deal. If you don’t provide for the customer, they will go somewhere else.

The more you own your own power, the less time you will spend with the Green-Eyed Monster.

The more clearly you communicate what you can offer, the more you will receive what you desire.

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The Green-Eyed Monster: Keeping Envy At Bay...
The Green-Eyed Monster: Keeping Envy At Bay…

Dr John Demartini, Founder of the Demartini Institute, International bestselling author, educator and consultant

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