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Attention Surplus Order (ASO)

For all teachers, parents and healers wanting to communicate more effectively with children and who dream of finding a way to awaken the GENIUS that exists within every child


We are quick to apply labels and prescribe medicine but is it possible that there may be a different way in which to deal with learning difficulties such as ADHD/ADD?


If a child has attention deficit disorder then how is it possible that they can sit in front of a television for hours on end playing video games focused and present or with attention deficit with hyperactivity they can play sports focused and able to function at optimal performance? Is it possible that we as parents, teachers and healers have missed the obvious? What if we discover that we have not been honoring the child's hierarchy of values and that the child has as a result not responded to our teachings because they haven't perceived benefits of focusing on the material being taught in class. What if we discovered how to re-structure our communication to tap into their value system and we discovered that the child previously switched off becomes switched on, focused and driven?


This talk will address the following:

  • Breaking through limiting ideas surrounding ADHD/ADD
  • Discover how to awaken inherent genius
  • Discover the power of knowing and addressing a child's hierarchy of values
  • Discover how to communicate what you want in terms of what's important to them
  • Learn how to broaden a child's hierarchy of values to incorporate subjects and tasks previously low on their values
  • Help children to be focused, present and receptive in class
  • Discover tools to help children rise above their challenges and grow their self esteem
  • Maximise learning and reading capabilities



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