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The DemartiniPedia

The DemartiniPedia is a directory of all the information on this site relating to empowering and maximizing human potential. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions and we hope that this answers any question you may have relating to empowering and inspiring your life. If after searching you find that there is not an item of media, a product or writings and insights that supports your question, then please let us know by clicking here so that we can use your question to develop appropriate content for the site.


Search: Prestige - The Pursuit of Happiness

USD 155.00
The Demartini Health Bundle Contains: Epigenetics, The Healing Mind, Mind Over Body, Adding Life to Years and Years to Life, Count Your Blessings and From Stress to Success
Value $208, you SAVE $53
USD 145.00
The Demartini Relationship Bundle Contains: Infinite Wisdom of Love, Heart of Love (Audio Book), The Art of Communication, The Relationship Equation and The Breakthrough Experience
Value $193, SAVE: $48
USD 325.00
The Demartini Leadership Bundle Contains: The Riches Within, The Values Factor, Demartini on Leadership, The 7 Secret Treasures and Accessing Your 7 Greatest Powers; Activate Your Unique Genius; Awakening Your Astronomical Vision
Value $430, you SAVE $105
USD 50.00
Learn how to activate business growth, employ the correct individuals and drive increased productivity.
Presented by Dr. John Demartini
2 x CD Set
USD 40.00
Open your eyes to a new world exploring the interconnectedness of our world and existence.
Presented by Dr. John Demartini
USD 50.00
Dissolve family challenges and build fulfilling relationships.
Presented by Dr. John Demartini
2 CD Set
USD 59.00
For kids and teens. Determine what you would love to do with your future, set goals that balance school and social life.
Presented by Dr John Demartini
3 x CD Set
USD 159.00
Taking your Chiropractic practice to the next quantum level
Presented by Dr. John Demartini
3 x CD + 3 x DVD Set
USD 50.00
The 5 S's that make an inspired leader
Presented by Dr. John Demartini
2 x CD Set
USD 50.00
The mind body connection
Presented by Dr. John Demartini
2 x CD Set
Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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