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Demartini It

Simple Powerful Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Dissolving Challenges

Demartini It!
Solving Your Challenges

Would you love to reduce the tension, overwhelm and stress you feel each time you are faced with a new challenge? Do you find yourself unsure about how to find your footing again after a divorce or financial crisis?  Is grief over a loss, either personal or professional, holding you back from moving forward? Would you love to learn how to expand your influence and leadership skills so you can take the world by storm and create your legacy?

Challenges feel insurmountable when we don't feel adequately skilled to deal with them. Perhaps nothing like it has ever happened to you, or perhaps this is a recurring situation which you feel you can't deal with. It would be wise to realize, however, that what might seem like a stumbling block can turn into a powerful stepping stone to your next inspiration.

In the following Demartini It! videos Dr. John Demartini explains how to deal with every day challenges so that you become empowered where you may currently feel disempowered, adaptable to navigate the twists and turns that life may present you and grow your sense of certainty that you can tackle any obstacle and turn it to an opportunity. You will learn to quickly discover the hidden blessings in the apparent chaos of your challenges so that you can be grateful for your life and all the experiences that it brings.


View Dr. Demartini's solutions to dealing with every day challenges in the following videos:



Struggling with debt? Demartini It!

Do you, or someone you know, currently have a struggle, dealing with debt? If so, then watch this video as Dr. John Demartini elaborates on how to Demartini It!


More solutions coming soon...


If you don't find a specific solution to your challenge keep coming back as we are developing and adding content continuously. Alternatively consider joining Dr. John Demartini live at the Breakthrough Experience program in a city near you where you will learn the details of the Demartini Method and how to apply it to any area of your life. To find out more visit our events pages or contact our offices.

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