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Dr John Demartini

Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator and Author

Feeling Guilt & Shame? Demartini It



  Feeling Guilt & Shame? Demartini It



You may have had moments in your life where you have felt shame and guilt. Dr Demartini addresses both shame and guilt and teaches you how to dissolve these emotions.


In the video above, Dr. Demartini further explains the concept and application of the Demartini Method to dissolve guilt and shame. Please watch it and if you feel it would be a value to your friends and family, then share it with them too.

For more information on dealing with Guilt and Shame or dissolving any other emotion that may be holding you back, contact the Demartini Institute and ask about the Breakthrough Experience, a 2 day seminar presented by Dr. John Demartini. The Breakthrough Experience will show you how to solve your challenges and how to live your most inspired and empowered life.



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