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Dr John Demartini

Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator and Author

Depressed? Demartini It!


Depressed? Demartini It


Whenever you have a fantasy about how you think your life should be, instead of being grateful for how it is, you split yourself in two. The fantasy appears to be more positive than negative and as a result you compare your reality to it. You then become sad and depressed whenever you perceive that your life doesn't match the unrealistic ideal in your mind.


In the video above, Dr. Demartini further explains the concept and application of the Demartini Method to dissolve depression. Please watch it and if you feel it would be a value to your friends and family, then share it with them too.

To download Dr Demartini's PDF on Depression, please fill in your details below and the link to the complimentary download will be emailed to you.



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