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Corporate Testimonials


Corporate Testimonials


Futurity Financial Group - South Africa
"Just expressing my gratitude to you for delivering (as usual) a wonderful talk last night that really did impress.  Ian from Futurity had such wonderful feedback and as he said "It was such an honour to have a speaker of your caliber representing his company." You offer to spend more time with him explaining F.A.S.T. is more than generous."


Drake International - Sydney, Australia - Chairman Bill Pollock
"I feel quite strongly from all of the feedback that I have received from your breakfast seminars for Drake that we could generate some considerable revenue generating opportunities which we could share. This would be both in the form of seminars on numerous topics which could integrate with our Drake Human Capital Maximization Program  but also in a variety of other ways. We should look at various alternatives. Regards, Bill Pollock (Founder of Drake International)"
Neil Malan Corporate Training and Consulting - South Africa   
"We hired Dr. Demartini to conduct a workshop for our clients on Leadership in 2010, and were extremely satisfied with the outcome. Our delegates were captivated from the moment Dr. Demartini opened his presentation and remained spellbound until the very end. Several attendees commented afterwards that it was one of the most useful presentations they have ever attended. His team was also extremely helpful and meticulous and provided a professional engagement. I highly recommend John as a keynote presenter and would encourage anyone to absorb and apply as much of his extraordinary wisdom as they can get their hands on. John, your work makes a difference. I consider you one of the great thinkers of our time. Neil Malan"

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts - President Jennifer Fox - Toronto
"John, thank you for today. It has made a huge difference in how I am approaching this great GLOBAL opportunity.  You truly are a genius and an inspiration. I feel lucky to be able to call you my friend. I am now taking a total different approach to this move and opportunity and for the first time in months, feel actually excited and positive."
Jennifer Ash Aryal - CEO of Quantumlinx Corporation

Quantum Linx Corporation
"I just wanted to updated you as your work continues to help me expand and grow and achieve great things. Amongst other things, Quantumlinx (Anish, Diane and my company) has, just in the last 5 months:

  1. been named a 2011 BRW (aust bus magazine) fast starters list of Australia's fastest growing start ups
  2. a finalist in the city of Sydney mybusiness magazine awards for "best business growth strategy"
  3. a finalist in the 2011 city of Sydney bus awards for marketing and communications
  4. is one of Asia pacifics top 500 fastest growing technology companies.

I also was recently invited back to Australia to do a shoot for the BRW. I was honored to be one of 6 entrepreneurs to be part of their 30th anniversary story and shoot. Also, after that consult, my relationship with Diane is fantastic again. You dissolved it in 5 minutes. Amazing, as always! I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing work - you have been a major influence in my life."
Ash Aryal - CEO of Quantumlinx Corporation

Producer of 5FM
"I was blown away. Dr Demartini packages everything together so effectively. His story-telling is superb which illustrates his insightful knowledge. Basically, the man saves you the trouble of reading every book in the world ever written on psychology, economics, business, spirituality and relationships, actually everything. He has studied all these subjects for you and makes sense of it all in a user-friendly way unsurpassed by anyone else."

Damon Kalvari. Producer of 5FM Gareth Cliff Show.

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