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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Below are submissions from people regarding some of the benefits they experienced as a result of this perceived challenge:




Helps me to realize that beauty is not about being flawless, it is about the entire package, the way I dress, my vitality and my own belief in myself

Makes me realise that although I see only the zit when I look in the mirror no one else sees me the way that I do

Makes me less vain

Helps me to let go of the idea that I have to be physically perfect all the time

Makes me realise that people love me for who I am not for what I look like

I become a master make-up applicator

Helps me not be so full of myself with my friends, it humbles me

Makes me put more effort into how I dress and how I do my hair so that I make up for the area I don't want people to focus on








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