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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Here are some of the benefits that people have experienced as a result of this challenge:



They are underperforming

Helps me to lay down my expectations on them

Helps me to stand up to them and set goals for them to achieve

Helps me to hold them accountable to deliver what I expect

Their underperforming takes them off the pedestal and makes them easier to manage

Makes me impartial as to their staying or leaving

Makes me get more involved and hands on in the business

Helps me to become more objective and gets me to play the role of the boss

Makes me realize I have had unrealistic expectations on their abilities

Wakes me up to the reality of their skill and dedication

Helps me to rethink the structure and flow of work in the system

Helps me to communicate with them to find out what is challenging their learning process

Gets me involved in the school and talking to the teachers to see what I can do to assist



I am underperforming

Helps me to realize that this is not aligned with my values and gets me to ask the question what else I could be doing

People point out that I am not living up to their expectations and it gets me to really wake up to my responsibility and take action. 

Helps me to be honest with myself as to what I value and what I don't





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