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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Here are some of the benefits that people have experienced as a result of this challenge:



I am ugly

I know my friends love me for who I am not what I look like

I make an effort to make myself attractive in other ways, with my clothes, my hair, my nails, my personality

People interact with me as a person not as a sex object which feels more real to me

I have a magnificent body

I have empowered my life in other ways, I have money and status and that gives me social power in a different form

People take me seriously and I feel more credible

I don't have the worry about what I look like every day. It is a non entity for me

I get to see who people really are as there are some people who reject me because of my looks but that really reveals their character to me

I learn to not live my life based on outer approval

I don't spend hours and fortunes on beauty items. I feel more free just to live my life. 



They are ugly

I feel less self conscious in front of them than I do in front of my other friends

I don't notice what they look like which makes me realize that all my concerns are really trivial and so it helps me take pressure off myself

I love them regardless of what they look like. I realize that we love the whole being not just a part of the person

I don't feel insecure when they are around other women

I know that they appreciate me because of my beauty. It gives me a power in the relationship

My friends feel more at ease around him. I had a good looking boyfriend a while back and all my girlfriends were really awkward around him





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