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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Here are some of the benefits that people have experienced as a result of this challenge:



I am stressed

Helps me to prioritize my actions

Makes me delegate

People give me advice

Helps me to stay focused

I achieve way more when there is pressure on me

Time x intensity gives results

My wife supports me and does things to make it easier for me

I have more energy and I feel vital while I am working through the load

I make time to meditate and take better care of myself

I go for walks and get out into nature to clear my head

I try to eat better to help manage my stress

I have long baths to distress and often my husband decides that is time to give me a massage which I love

I have more ideas and creative insights that lead to new innovations and solutions in my business

I talk to people and get new perspectives and opinions

I am supported by friends and family





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