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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Here are some of the benefits that people have experienced as a result of this challenge:



Depressed by the recession: If you, or someone you love, are experiencing feelings of depression or suicide, know that when you take the time to see and count the blessings in your current situation, that you alleviate the tensions in your mind. If you look you will become aware of the blessings such as increased support, love and advice from family and friends.


Credit Crunch: As government introduces credit restrictions, lenders become more accountable which will provide for a stronger economy in the future. It also means you are protected from making foolish decisions that could affect your tomorrow. It will make you prioritize your purchases, which will trim your fat and make you more efficient and lean. This can certainly pay you and save you in the future.


Losing a job: Losing your job could open the pathway into a new job you really love and it can be the catalyst for going after a long sought dream. You may find yourself generating new ideas which awaken your entrepreneurialism. Being free from the perceived ‘security' of your previous job may assist you discover the courage to start up your own company. A retrenchment package could become the capital for a new business.


Restructuring: In good times, companies tend to become over-fed and overlook the decline of inefficiencies. Recessionary times force companies to become lean, fine tune their marketing campaigns, streamline all areas of ineffectiveness and create a well oiled machine that prospers when the tide turns. 


Employer guilt over retrenchment: You may be setting someone free to fulfill their dream. By streamlining the company you give job security to those who remain behind and by doing so you have the most efficient team to help you ride the turning tide when the market increases thereby making it possible to hire more people down the line. You may help former employees become more prosperous in the long run since they can now become even more daring and begin their own companies


Insolvency: Should this occur in your business, you are absolved of all business debt, released from all the pressure of figuring out how to pay it back. You get to start afresh but with all the business learnings from the past. And you get to discover that your friends and family still love you no matter your situation. 


Hard times: It could mean streamlining your purchases to things you truly value, changing your financial management and increasing your portion of future savings. Ultimately this is the key to long-term financial success. Outside challenges often unite families to figure solutions towards a common goal. It can prevent your children from taking things for granted and initiate them into the realities of providing others great quality service and mastering fair exchange


Not being able to afford lifestyle: Friends and families become innovative and spend more quality time with each other. Example fathers playing sport with their kids rather than paying for them to go to sports coaches. Imagine what benefits there are to having family members learning to more deeply appreciate what they still do have.


Difficulty getting start up funding: Bank lending is at a minimum making it difficult to fund a new business. This forces entrepreneurs to fine tune their business plans and present a sound plan that ensures success and loan repayment. This gives you a level of certainty for your future business success. Easy money can be the recipe for complacency and failure.


Can't afford the holiday: Overseas holidays bring their own stresses like visas, over-spending, busy airports, delayed planes, lost luggage etc. It forces us to take a less expensive local holiday which boosts the SA economy or it forces us to stay home and get our homes into order which brings a peace of mind all of its own. Remember, peace of mind is in fact the definition of a true holiday. We also get to link up and deepen relationships with friends who find themselves in the same situation. If we help others give and receive what they would love we tend to give and receive what we would love.


When we are challenged, we calm our unrealistic fantasies about life, it quells our need for instant gratification. It forces us to be introspective about what we really truly want out of life, it teaches us to not to live beyond our means and it brings us back into equilibrium. These are all long-term blessings. When we transform our crises into blessings we catalyze others to do the same.




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