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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Here are some of the benefits that people have experienced as a result of this challenge:


Helps me to prioritize my actions and become more efficient.
Makes me delegate and develop systems to streamline my activities.
People give me advice and I feel heard and supported.
Helps me to stay focused and push myself harder.
I get support from everyone I work with and I feel a valued member of the team.
I look like the hero in my circle as I am soldiering on with the workload.
I achieve way more when there is pressure on me.
I eat less and therefore lose the weight I have been wanting to shed. I look better as a result.
Time x intensity gives results and I see tangible progress as I chip away at the mountain of work.
My partner supports me and does things to make it easier for me which makes me appreciate them more and feel valued by them.
I have more energy and I feel vital while I am working through the load.
I make time to meditate and take better care of myself.
I go for walks and get out into nature to clear my head.
I try to eat better to help manage my stress around being overwhelmed.
I have more ideas and creative insights that lead to new innovations and solutions in my business.
I talk to people and get new perspectives and opinions.
I am supported by friends and family. I get an affirmation that they care about me.
People at work try to come up with solutions to assist me. I build relationships with people as a result.
I have overhauled all systems and flows to become more efficient and effective.
I run timesheets to see where I am allocating most of my time so that I can become clear on what I can delegate.
I discover the capacity of what I can do and achieve.
I become more focused and efficient.
I hold others accountable for doing their portion of work.
I learn to love what I am doing knowing that it will take me to what I love.
I learn to ask for help.
I learn to look at my role in the bigger picture and take accountability for my actions that are leading to my sense of overwhelm.
I use the Demartini Method to see the other side, how my perception of overwhelm is benefitting me and where in my life I am experiencing the opposite underwhelm.
There are no mistakes and I know that this too is on the way! When I ask myself what are the benefits of my perceived overwhelm, I unravel my hidden strategy which leaves me humbled and grateful for the wisdom of the universe that is guiding me in all my daily actions.
I get solid confirmation that I am on target with my vision and my tasks and values aligned as I would not endure both the pain and pleasure of the current journey if my vision and values were not linked and aligned to what I am currently doing.








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