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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Below are submissions from people regarding some of the benefits they experienced as a result of this perceived challenge:


They were nasty

I stood up to them and learnt how to deal with confrontation

My family backed me up and it felt really great to have their support

I was supported by my work colleges and ended up becoming really good friends with one girl as a result. The blessings of that friendship way outweigh the challenge of their nastiness

My sister helped me to figure a strategy to deal with her and we became closer as a result

I went out and spent time with my friends

I read a book and spent time on my own

I went on a course to help me manage my reactions to their nastiness and it opened an entirely new avenue for me

I moved departments and thank goodness as it catapulted my career in a new direction

I learnt not to get so emotional about what people do

I toughened up and looking back I can see that I really needed to learn how to fight back which this person taught me how to do




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