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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Below are submissions from people regarding some of the benefits they experienced as a result of this perceived challenge:



They were injured

I got to really spoil them

I realized how much I value them

They had time off work

They received a lot of gifts and family came from all around to visit them

They were the center of attention


I was injured

I was given so many presents

I got to have a three week break from work 

I read books and watched videos and really distressed

My parents took such amazing care of me

No one put any pressure on me to do anything

People offered to do things for me

My mother came up from the coast to take care of me and the children

I had a chance to catch up on my studying

I got closer to my wife because I realized how lucky I was to have someone who really cares about me like she does





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