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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides

Heart Attack


Below are submissions from people regarding some of the benefits they experienced as a result of this perceived challenge:



They had a heart attack

It made me really look at what I am eating and change my lifestyle and diet

The changed their lifestyle and quit smoking and drinking 

They started running and focusing more on health

His family showed them how much they really valued and love him over the time that he was sick

His estranged daughter broke the ice and they started up a relationship again

She had time off work and focused on herself for a change

She realized how much people love her

He died relatively quickly. He was always afraid of getting sick and having a long drawn out death.

As a family we all unified as a result of the heart attack

I helped the person recover by eating healthy and exercising and both our health improved

By spending time together our relationship also improved




I had a heart attack

Helped me to wake up to the value of my body and the fragility of life

Realized how many people loved me 

People went out of their way to support me and show me that they cared. It made me feel very special

I was the focus of attention

My wife stopped fighting with me and started loving me

My children stopped nagging at me and we all became closer

Work stopped putting pressure on me and my boss restructured my work load so I have more time for other areas of my life

I am way more healthy now than I was before my heart attack and I have a deeper appreciation for my life, my family and friends as a result

I am so grateful for being alive

I am not so afraid of death now that I have faced it head on. It wasn't as scary an experience as I imagined it to be

I got lots and lots of presents and attention

My kids told me that they loved me



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