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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Below are submissions from people regarding some of the benefits they experienced as a result of this perceived challenge:



My partner divorced me

My friends and family supported me

I went out and got a job and started to empower my life and I now have my own business and I am well on my way to being financially independent

I realized that I had let myself go and I took action steps to empower myself. I look great, I feel great and I now value myself more than I did when I was married

I discovered that I am able to handle challenge with great dignity and courage

My children became closer to me

I had more time to myself to do what I wanted

I felt an enormous relief from all the tension and anger that I had been living with

I had more energy to focus on me

I had more time to do what I love and was no longer accountable to a second half


My Parents Divorced

I now have two mothers and two fathers who both love me and support me

I now get what I want, if mom says no then dad says yes

My dad makes an extra special effort to do fun things with us now that he isn't living with us anymore. Before he just read the newspaper all the time. Now we go on outings and have fun together

I have a new step brother and sister who are just wonderful and we get on really well

I have two bedrooms and two lives and I am more adaptable as a result

I get more spoilt now

The house is quieter and more peaceful as mom and dad are not yelling at each other anymore

I get to spend proper time with mom on my own

My mother and I became closer as a result and we discuss all sorts of things. Her divorce has helped her to realize that I am grown up and I do have good advice

My sister and I are closer as a result of my parents' divorce

My friends parents have been very supportive of me 

My teachers have taken the pressure off me at school and I feel like they care about me




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