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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Below are submissions from people regarding some of the benefits they experienced as a result of this perceived challenge:



Balding in men

Helped me to be less vain and accept myself as I am

It helped me to come to terms with the aging process and embrace this new phase of my life

I saw myself in a different light and actually like this new look

I realized I was finally an adult and felt an awakening of inner strength

I save money on not buying hair products and save time on not having to style my hair

My girlfriend loves my bald head; she says it is soft and smooth and she loves rubbing it which I love

My wife finds it more masculine and that makes me actually feel more macho

I started going to the gym to work on my physical and I have a 6 pack for the first time in many years



Balding in women

I gave myself the permission to start wearing wigs and discovered that I have a whole new lease on life as a result. I feel different with different wigs - it is such fun

I started going for all sorts of treatments and it gave me more time to take care of myself and pamper myself

I started wearing scarves and hats and feel far more put together as a result and I have noticed that people are treating me with more respect due to my being dressed up more formally

My husband loves me regardless and that makes me feel valuable as a person. I realize that no matter what I look like I am loved

My children really don't care what I look like, they love me anyway

I have inspired so many people into realizing that it doesn't have to impact on your life any more than you allow it to







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