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A-Z Challenge & Benefits

Wisdom is Seeing Both Sides



Here are some of the benefits that people have experienced as a result of this challenge: 




I was angry:

I got to say what I really wanted to say which was a relief

Everyone took notice of me and started to respect me more

I realised that i was valued as they took me seriously


I was angry with someone:

They stood up to me and I shifted my perception of them. I had more respect for them as a result

They learned how to handle confrontation which helped them in work and in their personal life

Other people around them supported them when I was angry with them and stood up for them. As a result they felt supported and valued by the people around them. 


They were angry with me:

I learnt how to stand up for myself

It gave me an opportunity to say to them what I have been suppressing

A friend came to my support and we became closer as a result

I stopped spending so much time with them and as a result I realized there are other areas of life I was missing out on by spending so much time with them.

I learnt not to take things so personally which makes me less volatile

Because I was upset my mother comforted me and told me that she loved me

I called a friend to cheer me up and we ended up laughing and building our relationship as a result

I learnt how to deal with confrontation

I learnt how to not rise to the bait and I communicated in a way that diffused the situation. I felt in control

I felt like I had the power in the situation



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