Body Dysmorphia...

To address Body Dysmorphia you have to you rethink the concept of your body image and the pursuit of perfection!


To address Body Dysmorphia you have to you rethink the concept of your body image and the pursuit of perfection!

In today’s social media–obsessed world, many women feel pressured to pursue a physical perfection that is simply unattainable and experience degrees of body dysmorphia.

Experts agree that most women (and some men) find it nearly impossible to accept their flaws, especially when it comes to appearance.

Unsurprisingly, experts are seeing a prevalence of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) – also known simply as body dysmorphia – a condition in which a person’s view of his or her body is not rooted in reality.

Given that pressures on men and women are only likely to increase, you need to equip yourself with strong coping mechanisms to prevent falling victim to body dysmorphia.

The first step in getting help is to understand what you are dealing with.

“When an individual who places a very high value on beauty compares herself to other people, she minimises herself to a part or feature which she admires in others.”

The more extreme a difference she sees between herself and another person, the more she can distort her body image and the less positive that image becomes.

She can see herself as less beautiful than she is and fail to recognise her own unique features.

Delving deeper

To address the evil of Body Dysmorphia, identify to whom or to what you are comparing yourself.

Women often compare themselves to pictures and images that are simply not a reflection of reality.

Many images are doctored and tinkered with using advanced technology.

“I worked with someone who had a negative body image and compared herself to J-Lo. I happened to have some actual pictures of J-Lo before they had been cropped and altered. The real pictures didn’t intimidate the woman I was working with, but the ‘after’ pictures did.”

All women, even supermodels, struggle with negative body image and have physical elements that they do not like.

They are often too humble to admit they see the same elements in themselves that they see in others.

Therefore they minimise themselves.

The key in developing a positive body image, is  to discover what elements you have that you do like about your body.

The important thing to ask is, ‘In what way do I have traits that I see in someone else?’

The moment your opinion of yourself equals your opinions of others, your body dysmorphia improves and your body image becomes more positive.

Let’s look at a scenario of a 50-year-old woman saying, ‘I can’t compete with this younger 35-year-old’.

I would ask her, ‘Where exactly is it that you fail to compete?’

She might answer, ‘I lack the skin tone and the fit body which are typically attractive to men’.

My advice would be for her to consider the fact that she has sex appeal and can attract men, because there are several parts of life that are attractive and appealing to the opposite sex!

Attraction is not just physical.

Many women have the idea that attraction is all about their physical appearance, but men are looking for someone who has depth, ambition, passion, intellect and more.

The key to overcoming body dysmorphic disorder is to learn to what feature, trait or quality in others you are comparing yourself.

Once you find it, you can look for similar elements in yourself and improve your body image.

You can see your incredible value, attractiveness and appeal.

Avoiding or overcoming body dysmorphia is all about identifying and acknowledging your own magnificence.

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Body Dysmorphia…
Body Dysmorphia…

Dr John Demartini, Founder of the Demartini Institute, International bestselling author, educator and consultant