Self-worth and self-esteem…

Self-worth: Is more stable and longer lasting and is based upon how much you feel you ‘deserve’ something as a result of what you feel you have earned or contributed to the world. When deep inside you feel unworthy or you feel you don’t deserve this can be considered lower self-worth. Self-worth is more important to concentrate on and cultivate and is more mission driven. The Demartini Method raises true self-worth through quantum jumps.

Self-esteem: Is more immediate, situational and temperamental. It can change from moment to moment or hour to hour based on more superficial things such as how you look on a particular day or how you are dressed. Self-esteem is more fickle in its nature and is passion driven more. Pride and shame fluctuate.

Author: Dr J Demartini

Author, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute

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  1. Here are some humble thoughts related to self worth and self esteem.

    Self worth could be seen as actually immutable, a factor of basic human value. When you give it this definition, you don’t have to fear it being diminished. So any risks you take, any negative feedback from others does nothing to who you are.

    Self esteem on the other hand, can be related to how we perform, what we have achieved. In this light it is a function of how we are using our talents, our level of responsibility, how well we keep our word.

    When there is dissonance between performance and self esteem, for example when performance is poor and self esteem is elevated, there is irritation or anger if you point out to someone the differential. It is as if they choose rather than earn their high self esteem.

    Low self esteem on the other hand, is demonstrated when there is no objection no matter how badly you treat someone. They have no sense of personal esteem, so are not offended no matter what you hand them.

    This is in contrast to many individuals I have encountered who believe they have low self esteem and define themselves as ‘very sensitive.’ They object wildly to hearing or experiencing things they feel do not give them their due respect. This again is not low self esteem, but instead is an effort to get the world to match their own elevated personal esteem.

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