True love

True love is the synthesis and synchronicity of all complementary emotions – a balance between the attractive and repulsive emotional extremes. It is a pure energy that permeates our entire existence. When applied to a romantic or intimate relationship, true love emerges as you come to appreciate both the positive and negative, good and bad, happy and sad and ups and downs of a relationship. You realise that the purpose of a relationship is not only romance, joy, support and so-called happiness, it is also equally about learning, challenge, growth and personal evolution.

Author: Dr J Demartini

Author, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute

5 Replies to “True love”

  1. Love that post legendary John…can I add one more thing…? Acceptance I believe is also key to Love…Love of self and Love for and of others…based on some of the conversations I have had with you in person here in Melbourne & forever grateful for your wisdom and fun wise cracking sense of humour !

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