Raising Independent Children Without Worrying About Their Safety

By Dr John Demartini Dr. John Demartini: Internationally published author, educator and human behavior specialist and a business consultant.

I have been asked to share some ideas on raising independent children without worrying about their safety. Below are some of my suggestions:

1. Provide daily chores that they are accountable for

2. Expand their daily chores and responsibilities as they master previous ones and grow

3. Reward their daily accomplishments with opportunities of greater freedom and adventure

4. Educate them on all possible + and – consequences of their expanded freedom and adventure


Here are some downsides of not giving children freedom to explore unattended:

1. They could remain more dependent and become less confident and competitive

2. They could trust their own decisions less and others more as a follower not a leader

3. They could play a smaller game in life by being less ambitious and confident

4. They could expect the world or others to take care of them – instead of doing it themselves

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