How to Overcome Depression? Demartini It!

It is perfectly normal to feel down at times. We all experience periods of so called depression in varying degrees.

Whenever we set unrealistic expectations on ourselves or others and our reality does not live up to these unrealistic beliefs, we experience disappointment and feelings of depression.

However, depression does not have to be perceived as a terrible affliction. It could be perceived as a feedback mechanism to our conscious mind to guide or initiate us to go back and set more realistic goals and expectations or clarify realistic strategies to achieve our desires.

What exactly is depression?

Depression results from an addiction to one or more fantasies or delusions about how things are supposed to be. It’s the comparison and resultant tension between real indicatives and ideal imperatives. Indicatives are real factual statements about how things really are. Imperatives are ideal fictional statements about how things ‘should’ be.

Whenever our current reality does not match our fantasies, we feel sad or depressed. This depressed feeling lets us know we are being unrealistic. A fantasy has a ratio of more positives than negatives in the mind. However, in comparison, reality becomes the polar opposite, which is more negatives than positives. These negatives lead us to feelings of depression.

For each elating fantasy/delusion, there is an accompanying, correlating and depressing nightmare.

When we take command of our perceptions and balance out our mental equations, we lead ourselves to true fulfilment. Being addicted to only support and kindness (which makes us juvenile, dependent and obligated) will attract to us challenge and unkindness (which makes us independent and free) to break our addiction.

Our desire for that which is unattainable is the source of our suffering. As soon as you balance the ratio of positives to negatives in the fantasy, it becomes a reality and the feelings of depression dissolve.

Following are eight primary fantasies / delusions that give rise to the ABCDs of negativity which are: anger/aggression, blame/betrayal, criticism/challenge, despondency/despair and depression.

1. Unrealistic expectation on others to live outside universal law
2. Unrealistic expectation on others to live outside their own individual values
3. Unrealistic expectation on yourself to live outside universal laws
4. Unrealistic expectation on yourself to live outside your own values
5. Unrealistic expectation on God to live outside universal laws
6. Unrealistic expectation on God to live inside your own values
7. Unrealistic expectation on mechanical objects to live outside universal laws
8. Unrealistic expectation upon mechanical objects to live inside your own values


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  1. No one is safe when it comes to depression. Even the most joyful person could also experience such situation when the time comes. What matters most is that we have to deal with it the positive way and peers and loved ones should be there during such crucial times.

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