New Year Message

Dears Students,

The beginning of each new year provides us with a few moments to deeply and quietly reflect on our previous 12 months and on our many accomplishments and gives us meaningful time to plan out an even more extraordinary year to come.

I love this brief interlude, for it gives me a chance to get even clearer on exactly how I would love my life to play out – what I would love to be, do and have, how I would love to serve and for what I would love to be remembered.

Already this new year I have updated my state of the mission and master plan books, expanded my post humus biography, envisioned my inspired destiny and desired legacy and with tears of inspiration in my eyes saw even greater opportunities upon my life horizon.

Whether you have been highly reflective and contemplative during this brief interlude, or simply been relaxing and chilling out for a few days, may you now become inspired and awakened to the true potential you have within to create a great masterpiece of your life.

May you envision the possibilities of your dreams and potentialities of your actions. May you give yourself permission to do something even more extraordinary, something more amazing, something more outstanding than ever before in this new year – 2014.

Few if any will ever get up in the morning and dedicate their lives to you, so it is up to you to create your masterfully planned life and inspired destiny. It is up to you to breakthrough whatever challenges you face in order to leave your mark in the world.

May 2014 be the most remarkable and legend building year yet. I look forward to seeing you in this amazing new year and hearing about your most fulfilling accomplishments.

Love and wisdom,
Dr John Demartini

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New Year Message
New Year Message

Dr John Demartini, Founder of the Demartini Institute, International bestselling author, educator and consultant

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