Great Beings Leaving A Global Legacy…

When great beings reach their time of passing nearly the whole world comes to know. Such men and women of great stature and influence touch lives they have never even met and possibly could ever know. Their previous messages and deeds transform whole societies and their lasting images become indelible in the minds of billions around the world. Their character becomes a new standard and their countenance leaves monuments and statues as reminders for other future beings to know themselves authentically and dare to be true and share.

There are those that leave their mark

In every century there are those that leave their mark, and those who up the world’s ante. In every decade there are those who blaze new trails of possibility for others in societies to grasp and mold.

Nelson Mandela was one such man who socially, politically, and culturally shined his great light upon the world.  He stood for endurance and fairness in his principles. He changed the course of history with his dignity and mild manners. The great missions, the great visions and great messages that beings such as he has displayed can’t help but initiate great respect and honor from those touched and transformed. His grandness is not to be mourned, but his everlasting presence to be recognized, respected and appreciated for centuries to come. For it is wise for his very essence to simply keep living on within all of us.

Share the immortal messages of such a great beings

As a new dawn emerges and we place our next foot forward though time, may we continue to boldly share the immortal messages of such a great being with our own newly inspired and brilliant radiance combined. And may we exemplify such grandness of living for those who come tomorrow.

May we raise the bar of equity and honor and move forward with wisdom and strength as many such great beings intended and displayed at length. As our nations come together and new grander structures are born, may the messages of these great beings, such as Nelson Mandela, be eternally heard. It is a day of remembrance, one that will be known, so may we live it in with assemblance of order and birth a new era untorn.

From passive to activist and from prisoner to President one man became a legend in his lifetime though stationed in simplicity and limited in residence he moved the world. Nearly a century of living, but ultimately millenniums of presence, Nelson was contributive through the very core of his essence. It is time to reflect on his great accomplishments and revere his message.

Let us all dig deeper into our own nature and find grace and poise since this one man’s direction was the purpose of freedom and presence not race.

Our time has come to carry on the inspiration of this great being so we can marry all polarities and liberate our constraints. It is not about color or gender or creed, it is about power and presence and internal voids that must be freed. It is about vision and purpose now that the world can begin to see and be free, for inspirations and meaning give us our lives with pure deeds.

May we be thankful and ready to take on the new mission now. May we all go inside and draw out our own genius renown. Thank you Nelson Mandela for your courage and knowing I just sense that you would want us to give gratitude and honor your new presence and keep growing.

As I look into the future and can see what lays ahead, a new way of viewing the world and living now that your message is spread. May the great beings before you and those that will eventually come to pass continue to guide us into the new millenniums as you and they have done in the past.

Thank you Nelson Mandela for a vision so vast may we now all have the wisdom to transcend the past.

Share below how great leaders have inspired you and what actions you intend to take to share your inspired vision with the world.

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Great Beings Leaving a Global Legacy
Great Beings Leaving a Global Legacy

Dr John Demartini, Founder of the Demartini Institute, International bestselling author, educator and consultant

7 Replies to “Great Beings Leaving A Global Legacy…”

  1. Beautifully said John.
    I met Nelson Mandela once in a dream. His big beautiful face and shining, smiling eyes met my own and he spoke one thing. A question… He asked me “what do you care about?”

    I “scanned” my being and came to the single most powerful reason for my existence….
    “The Soul” I answered…but it was more than that. The answer came in a non-linear form, more like a word-ball or sphere with full meaning being known all at once. “I care about creating a safe world for the Soul within all of us to be manifest. That gentle, tender, loving and pure expression of light that is within us to shine, beyond the ego, into Being.”

    Mandela smiled…a smile that reached deeply into my heart with such a love that it woke me up. In more ways than one. Thank you Nelson Mandela. Your Soul shined forth in the gentle grace and humility of your Being. May this become the new power on Earth.

    My vision and my work is now and will continue to be, the express more and more from the gentle light of my Soul and to create a deeper partnership with this powerful guiding presence within me. I know that others too, some…..feel safe enough then, to reach in and find their own guiding presence, their own Soul and seek a new relationship to power.

  2. Well written Dr Demartini. I was privileged to have interacted with this Giant on some seven to eight occasions, whilst he visited as at the Laudium Mental Health Society, and whilst I served on the National Religious Leaders Forum. What was indelibly etched in my memory was his great humility and his simplicity and honesty. At a meeting observing the first Freedom Day gathering, he came to me after the function and asked me to bless him! I was more humbled (being 30 years his junior) by the greatness of this man…May his spirit ever dwell in our hearts to guide us in our own everyday lives…

  3. Great article John. Thank you for sharing. I remember just before my 11 birthday when Mandela became president. I learnd about his resilience and the struggle he and many other freedom fights had to endure. From a very young age I have appreciated the freedom theses leaders paved for me and the rest of upcoming generations. My biggest inspiration from Mandela is what he stood for, the idea that we could live in harmony and have equal opportunities. (Non-racial and non-violence) Last Saturday I was hosting the Mandela Day Celebrations here in Melbourne and we had hundreds of people join in and someone asked who Nelson Mandela was? How can we move forward as a society if our young people don’t know who paid the price for them to be free? Nkandu

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